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  1. Ok no lie, she might be broken, but Kokonoe is so much fun to play in BBCP

    1. Vemus


      Granted, I'm being dedicated and I'll still play her a lot post nerf.

    2. Red


      I never really cared for Kokonoe. Still deciding if I want to pay $8 for her.

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Kokonoe is ok.

      Amane is where its at.

    4. Red


      Terumi is quite fun to play as. :3

    5. Vemus


      Amane is fun but he's not for me, I play Terumi too, but there's a whole army of Terumis

    6. Clades Jin

      Clades Jin

      Koko isn't neccesarily broken actually. She's as good as Valk, Haku, Hazama or, Jin. She's just banned for Black Hole Loops.

    7. Vemus


      She's also getting nerfed hard in the next patch. So her black hole loops won't work.

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