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  1. BrainScratch had a problem like this as well, they got copyright striked for an actor's role in one of their previous playthroughs, Catherine. They couldn't upload that much for a week or so before YouTube finally lifted their strike. >.> And commentaries are protected under the Fair Use clause, aren't they? As long as advertisements are not really present, I mean.
  2. So I recently bought and downloaded the Android port of the original Crazy Taxi, which gave me the idea to make a topic about the series as a whole, how we were first exposed to it, you know. Standard discussion stuff. For those unaware of the series, Crazy Taxi was originally an arcade game released in 1999 as a launch title for the original NAOMI arcade board alongside The House of the Dead 2 and SEGA Rally 2, with a Dreamcast port arriving in early 2000. The game has you, in the shoes of a taxi driver, picking up passengers and getting them to their destination in the allotted time while performing crazy (hence the name Crazy Taxi) tricks and stunts in order to not only gain more points, but to gain more money from the passenger after you deposit them to their destination. The Dreamcast version had more features added to it, like the ability to change the difficulty of the ride and a new challenge mode titled the Crazy Box. The game was ported to various other systems aside from the Dreamcast version, like the GameCube in 2002 and the XBOX 360/PS3 in 2011. However, aside from the GameCube and Dreamcast versions, the soundtrack was completely changed for all subsequent ports due to licensing issues. Most people recommend the Dreamcast port, but I personally recommend both the Dreamcast AND GameCube versions since they keep the original NAOMI soundtrack. Then, in mid 2001.... Crazy Taxi 2 was released as a Dreamcast exclusive, further building on the success of the franchise. The gameplay, while nearly identical to the first game, had some new additions, like the ability to make your taxi jump. Aside from a new locale and new drivers (with the original four as unlockable), the game stayed on the same formula. It was a smash hit, and of course, SEGA wasn't backing down now, especially with the XBOX (and subsequently their new XBOX-based Chihiro hardware) on the market. And of course, the sequel I'm referring to is the XBOX/Windows exclusive... Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller, which was released on the XBOX and Chihiro arcade hardware in 2002, and in European and Japanese markets for the PC in 2003. Sort of the same fare with the other sequel, except now you're in a Vegas-styled locale and the original four are the main focus again. I don't know what all was changed off the top of my head due to my not owning an XBOX and just getting the PC version last night, which doesn't use the original game's soundtrack. As with Crazy Taxi 1, the original XBOX release is the one to get. I'm not going to even bring up Catch a Ride on the GBA, because that game is more or less a bad port of the Dreamcast version on a portable system. Fare Wars on the PSP wasn't really a departure at all either, but more or less combined Crazy Taxi 1 and 2 with new features, so I see it as a port. But anyways, that just about does it. What are you guys' experiences with the series?
  3. If you have Auto Camera set up you can use the second analog stick to move the camera in its first person orientation. I use an Xinput mod made by SF94 due to me having a XBOX 360 controller, but it works in the same exact way. You can also access it by how the others have described.
  4. I totally agree. I think the Japanese voice cast was consistent across every game if I recall correctly. And with the anime-esque look the first game employs, the game really benefits from the anime-style voices in the Japanese version imo.
  5. Yeah, but I wish the first game would come to the US PSN or EU PSN. Being available only in Japan sucks. Although I guess you could use a Japanese PSN account since the PS3 isn't region-locked. But anyways, I also enjoy the Ape Escape series, albeit only having played the first game. It's weird, but I can't play the the American version of the game due to my tendency to favor Japanese voices in some games that were developed in Japan. I don't know why. I hear the British dub is a good one, but emulators tend to freeze on the European version after the title screen shows up. As a side note, the name of the series in Japan is Saru! Get Chu!, pronounced Saru! Gecchu!.
  6. Does someone know how you unlock Amy in Sonic Runners?

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      You pay roughly around 200 RSR for her in the character choice screen.

  7. I've only been playing the game for a while now and I like it. It's got me hooked beyond belief, and for someone who usually games on console or PC, that's definitely saying something. There are some gripes I have with the game though. Sometimes the game will throw a character on the daily spin wheel, and it's all a matter of chance whether the spinner lands on it or not. Right now, for example, Tails is on my spinner, but no matter HOW many times I spin it, it's never landed on it. It was close a couple times but never dead on. I guess I'm one of those people that dislikes random chance in a game. ^^' The other thing I dislike about it is that the game spawns little to no red rings unless you're really far into a run, which I feel in and of itself just makes people think they need to buy the red rings with their own money just to get a character or another revive. -cough- Tails. -cough-
  8. Blaze is more or less Sonic from an alternate dimension, but in 06 she's from the future, so she'd definitely be a speed type. Has anyone also noticed that it's REALLY hard to unlock characters in the game? I mean, I only unlocked Tails today because the game gave him to me because of Chapter 11-1 being tailored for Flight characters. But what about Amy? I STILL haven't figured out how to unlock her. And I mean Amy herself, not Gothic Amy or Amitie Amy.
  9. I'm regretting doing the rest of the driving stage missions in SA2 for some weird reason. o3o'

  10. I love how I get a game over in Seaside Hill Modern on Generations, yet after having troubles on the final Shadow fight in Adventure 2 Dreamcast for so long I finally beat him by a narrow margin.

  11. I think we've ALL had that time where a game does something unintended or bugs out. I just thought I'd post a topic about some notable examples of glitches I've experienced in my time as a gamer, whether good or bad, and make a discussion out of it. I was playing LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 on my Wii one day, and I got to the part in Year 2 (Chamber of Secrets) where you're in the diary sequence following Tom Riddle to young Hagrid. Well, there's a section where you have to build a bridge out of LEGO blocks you free move to areas in the level, and a few pieces are held by Cornish Pixies. I got to the point where you release the Pixies holding these pieces, and one of them flew in front of the camera in its T-Pose, with a blank expression on its face, and then the game continued as normal. This startled me so I went to where the pixie should have been, but the block it was holding just floated there, in mid air. I went looking for the pixie, and found it in its piece holding animation, while not holding anything, near the exit of the current area. I've never been able to replicate it, and it's never happened to me in the Windows release either. Now for an entirely different, frustrating glitch. I have the unfortunate pleasure of owning Dragon Ball Z: Sagas on the GameCube, and during the fight with Ginyu after he took over Goku's body, as Vegeta I was about to finish the fight, but right at the end Ginyu clipped through the stage after I knocked him into the level boundaries, forcing me into a limbo-esque state where the fight was still active, but I couldn't end the fight at all. What's worse, Jeice was still active as well, so I couldn't attack him to end the fight either because of how he's programmed in the Ginyu as Goku fight. So I ended up having to restart the ENTIRE mission.
  12. I don't know if there was already a Dreamcast console topic already made in the past, but I thought I'd make another and start fresh. In 2014, I finally amassed enough money to buy a Sega Dreamcast. Being a fan of older video games, especially from the 6th generation (nostalgia woo), it made me want to get Sega's last ditch effort to win back the video game market. When it finally arrived in the mail one day, I had the weird opportunity to find that the console's internal clock battery was dead, AND the language was set to Spanish, of all things. But the console still worked (and works to this day). I will say that I truly enjoy my Dreamcast, especially now that I have Sonic Adventure 2. I just thought I'd make a discussion about how we first got introduced to the console and what our favorite games on the system was. To keep this as short as possible, my favorites are Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Crazy Taxi, and Space Channel 5.
  13. While I'm not that big a fan of Earthbound, I do like the sound of this because there are a lot of games that were only released in Japan that should have gotten an international release and it's great that companies are starting to translate them for international shores.
  14. It's weird but I've been feeling stress for about the past month or so, and I don't really know why. e3e' Is senior year of high school really a stress train no matter how much homework you get?

  15. I won't be surprised if a lot of people know about this, albeit kinda useless seeing as how more people are going to own the HD port or GameCube version of Battle over the Dreamcast version, especially since the SegaNet servers were taken down a long time ago, but according to graphic files leftover in the data for Sonic Adventure 2, there were going to be more character menu themes that would have been available besides Eggman, Rouge, Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles. Amy, Omochao, Maria, Shadow, and the President's secretary were all going to be usable themes at one point but the save files that would have unlocked them are really hard to come by and never were officially released through SegaNet or via the Japanese release's Chao Black Market. Later on in Battle, the themes would be added into the retail game but it's nice to see they at least thought of those themes at that point, even if the Dreamcast was on its way out.
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