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  1. So I plugged Forces into my Switch to see if it was somehow better than I remembered...and shocker it's not. It's kind of shocking how much fun Generations was and this is so close...but it's just not it. I really hope that the "cyberspace" levels don't play like Forces does.
  2. Can't agree with this enough. I've replayed Sonic 06 too many times just for some fun and laughs. When I still had a Wii U, I'd pick up SLW occasionally to play around with the mechanics. Heck, I've even willingly replayed werehog stages just for some nostalgia then swore I'd never do this again only to find myself firing it up again anyway. I've never replayed Sonic Forces even though there's nothing really offensive about it.
  3. This is interesting. From the Sonic subreddit. Someone suggests the glyph pieces can be rearranged to spell Rangers. Maybe a leap but...https://m.imgur.com/a/gsPt8gh
  4. I don't think it's desperate. It looked pretty plainly like English to me just in a stylized logo when I saw it. I just assumed the game was called Sonic Zao until I got back on here and saw people calling it Zap? It never occurred to me that the image there isn't meant to be English text at all. Looking at it from your perspective...I still can't see it as anything other than English in a stylized rune script. If it's just meant to be some generic alien looking glyph, they should have just left it at the O/P-looking thing because the full glyph makes it look like an English title card.
  5. So if the game is called Sonic Rangers, WTF is Zao/Zap?
  6. Lending credence to the "going into cyberspace" idea, it looks like Sonic actually disappears partway through the "boost" looking effect. I think its safe to say either way that this isn't just some new stylized version of the boost. (I think. I welcome anyone else who wants to try to grab a screenshot showing Sonic's form after this point. I haven't been able to pull it off yet)
  7. I can live with that as long as they're fleshed out. My fear is that we end up with the worst of both worlds: an open world that's basically just a hub world to access flat, low poly level geometry with some easily reusable cyberspace-themed textures applied.
  8. I hope if the 4chan leak is real that the "cyberspace" stages are not basically just a tool to pad the game while minimizing the need to create fresh assets. I hope they're fully fledged out levels visually and not essentially the Sonic Simulator from SC.
  9. Thoughts on the name. Sonic Zao...Zao...Chao...Chaos? Is there a connection here? Could Zao be a reference to something involving the Chao or the Chaos Emeralds, hence the ancient ruin vibes from the title card?
  10. Prediction: It's an evolution of the Sonic Colors power-up based gameplay without actually being Sonic Colors. Wisps are replaced by Zao Runes. Sonic has a boost ability but it's not used as prominently as in the Boost games to date. Story is closer in tone to Sonic Adventure than Sonic Colors.
  11. On the surface, looks like another Boost style 3D/2.5D game but then again maybe not. Regardless I'm excited. This has me way more hyped than the Forces teaser did. The ancient-looking ruins have caught my attention. There's some Sonic Adventure vibes to this teaser even if the gameplay is more of the same from the last few years. Hope this also means we're stepping away from SLW/Forces reuse of very cartoonish assets. Actually reminds me a bit of the very first footage we saw from Sonic 06 back in the day.
  12. I gotta say that 30th Anniversary promo has me feeling optimistic because it seemed to signal a seriousness about Sonic that just wasn't present for the 25th Anniversary. It felt like SEGA was phoning it in from the day Forces was announced. The Mania hype helped distract from that for a while, but once Mania was out it seemed like SEGA wasn't invested in marketing their next big Sonic game and they had been equally uninvested in developing it. I hope this presentation means that SEGA is stepping up their investment both in marketing Sonic and in making Sonic because the game side of the franchise isn't going to sustain itself if all we get are games like Sonic Forces.
  13. That one second clip of Sonic running with the blue aura around him has me more hyped than anything since 2011. It was a little rush of excitement I haven't felt since Colors and Generations launched.

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