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  1. While I understand Evening Star may not have Sonic Mania 2 at the very top of their wishlist of things to work on...money talks. SEGA should be making them an offer too good to refuse. If they haven't, that's a shame.
  2. I think they're talking about the game itself. The interview is all about going from a downloadable title to retail packaged title as the Mania Plus expansion. In that sense, they have done everything they can do with Sonic Mania.
  3. S4E1's plastic graphics have aged better than S4E2.

    I think S4E2 looks like shit these days.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      S4E2 looks much better in screenshots than in motion. When things are moving, it's much more obvious that many of the background graphics are just flat, low res textures , like the trees in Sylvania Castle. It's also got a strange mix between smooth and vibrants textures, and parts that look a bit too gritty. Oil Desert is incredibly boring visually.

      E2 is still leagues beyond E1 in terms of looks though. Everything about E1 just looks bad.

    2. JezMM


      Hard disagree here tbh. Ep 1 looked awful to begin with and hasn't improved with age at all. I find Ep 2 much more aesthetically pleasing.

      I like Ep 1's backgrounds I guess (at least for the first three zones), but everything in the foreground is no good at all.

    3. Thigolf


      I agree that E2 aged worse than E1 strictly because E2 looked alright and now looks worse while E1 looked like crap and still looked like crap

      Hard to age when you look like that from the get-go

    4. TheOcelot


      Nah. Ep1's plastic grass still looks like the most disgusting turd.

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      - Plastic Graphics

      - Age Better


      Next you'll tell me that NSMB's graphics are better than MK8s.

    6. Milo


      The only advantage Ep1 has over Ep2 is that the artstyle actually follows the Genesis games (even if it's purely due to it rehashing older stages), compared to Ep2's far less inspired art direction.

      Otherwise, nah. Ep2 doesn't look fantastic, but it at least doesn't look like a cheaply thrown-together mobile game that Ep1 did from the jump. That was an absolute mess of clashing aesthetics (pre-rendered characters and enemies vs. 3D objects vs. shiny/saturated stage assets) that makes Forces' hodgepodge mix of Lost World assets and Generations assets look artistically tasteful in comparison.

    7. Tarnish


      Is this what they call "hot take" nowadays?

      Can't wait for people to claim Sonic 2006 was better than any of the Adventure games.

    8. JezMM


      I will say aesthetically I find Ep 2 on par with the other modern games - the execution is a bit simpler to run on mobile devices - plenty of billboarding in the scenery as mentioned - but the aesthetic is fine, it just looks like a modern Sonic game, which makes sense considering it's a modern Sonic platformer, not a classic one, despite the very confused identity of Ep 1 (seriously why did they have to make it Sonic 4).

      Anyway, the one thing I will say that I'll always love about Ep 2's art is the views of Little Planet being slowly and ominously encased by the Death Egg Mk. II on those night time stages in the first half of the game.  That's such a fanastic narrative aesthetic.

    9. Spooky Mulder

      Spooky Mulder

      @Tarnish This was definitely intended as a hot take or #unpopularopinion.

      Splash Hill may look like plastic but I'd much rather look at the vibrant colors of it or Lost Labyrinth than look at the drab PS2-looking 3D graphics and flat repeating background textures of Sylvania Castle or Oil Desert. Bleh.

      White Park is such a cool stage in concept but I still think it looks pretty awful today despite enjoying it at the time.

  4. Had a nightmare that the new Sonic game was released and the first three stages were Speed Highway, City Escape, and Seaside Hill (all with reused assets).

    1. Bowbowis


      Well, if you're going to reuse any three stages from Generations...

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Oh that's no dream, you're just recived a prophecy.

  5. Tried watching a Sonic Forces mod video and I can't get over how bad the soundtrack to this game is. Grating.

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      As a fan of Neptunia, the Forces soundtrack is a normal thing to me and I like it all just fine aside from the Classic tracks, but I like their melodies and know they sound much better with different instrumentation thanks to remixes. THough, all of the vocal Avatar themes are my favorites of the game aside from the Episode Shadow remixes and both Network Terminal themes, but particularly the interior them.

      Oh, and of course, the 3rd phase of Mega Death Egg Robot.

    2. JezMM


      It's weird how divisive it is.  The melodies more than make up for the samey instrumentation to me, it's one of my favourites in the franchise (although yeah the classic stage music is mostly garbo).

    3. Won't Stop, Just Go

      Won't Stop, Just Go

      I figured the pop influence wasn't gonna be a big hit with Sonic fans. I thought it was okay at first but I like it more the more I go back to it

    4. Soniman


      It's the weakest mainline soundtrack we've had alongside SLW.

      That said like eith SLW there's plenty of songs I like from it and it's certainly not a bad soundtrack 

    5. Sean


      I liked the Avatar music from the start, and modern Sonic's themes grew on me after a while. Classic mostly sucks but Ghost Town and the casino level are pretty good tracks.

    6. Soniman


      I liked Death Egg Classic' first three seconds before it devolved into screechy circus music 

    7. JezMM


      Yeah it's bizarre to me how Ohtani so absolutely nailed making a cool sounding royalty-free Chemical Plant and yet screwed up Green Hill and Death Egg so very badly.

      But yeah, Ghost Town, Casino Forest and aforementioned Chemical Plant are good.

      Iron Fortress is bizarre because I can't believe how lame it is considering it was 1. written for the penultimate stage of the game, 2. by the composer for Sonic CD JP of all people.

    8. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      @Soniman I know what you mean. I love the first few seconds of Classic's Death Egg. I do like what the melody after wanted to go for, but the instrumentation didn't pull it off at all in the game. If there was any track I was waiting feverently for a remix of, it was that one.


      Luckily, I got just what I wanted.

  6. I don't have high hopes for the film itself, but at least Sonic looks fantastic now. At least it will be watchable. I'll see it just to get a glimpse at Green Hill on the big screen.
  7. I'd say Lost World to the present. We had one broken attempt to revitalize the franchise followed by a years-long break ended by one of the worst produced games in the series. Oh plus a failed spinoff! Sonic Forces has really spooked me about the franchise. After that long, there's no excuses for why SF reused so many assets from the previous two games while having even lazier level design. Mania has been a great silver lining in this dark age, but it's not apparent yet whether it will actually change the direction of the main series. Even if it does, I'll still probably look back on the 2013-2019 period as the worst for the franchise in my life. Yeah Heroes-Secret Rings was bad but hey at least they were releasing games back then.
  8. Unification. That doesn't mean all games need to be the same! But the identity of the characters can be more consistent, even if the art style changes to suit the game. Look at Mario! Mario is always essentially the same. There is no "Classic Mario" and "Modern Mario." Each game's art style varies slightly and gameplay often varies dramatically but Mario remains Mario. I don't think having Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic, Boom Sonic, Movie Sonic, and whatever the heck is next Sonic is a good approach for a franchise that already suffers from identity confusion. Sonic Team should figure out who and what they want Sonic to be and go from there. He shouldn't be a completely different character in 2D and 3D.
  9. It's not a big investment for SEGA though, is it? They licensed the use of Sonic in a Paramount-produced film. SEGA didn't invest in this — they got paid to let someone make it.
  10. I know SEGA has essentially no control over the film, but I wonder if they might have stepped in with some sort of proposal to get Paramount to redo the design. Before this week, I thought the movie would suck quietly. Now given how much discussion I've seen in the mainstream, I think there's a chance this film could have been legitimately damaging to the brand because of Sonic's appearance. Sonic is an iconic character and this really screwed up his (literal) image.
  11. Is his speed new? Please tell me his speed isn't going to be the result of his travel to Earth... Can't wait for the movie to suggest Sonic isn't actually fast — he's just slowing time down.
  12. I think it won't be a Boost Game. Something different. I suspect Mania's reception has had an effect on the direction of the overall series. If I'm wrong....lol
  13. Not yet. We might be between eras at the moment. It depends what the next game brings, but the series is still pretty much the same now as it's been since Unleashed/Colors. Generations' arbitrary groupings aside, I would consider Sonic 06 to be part of the Dreamcast/Adventure Era. The failure of that game ended the era and Unleashed in 2008 set the stage for everything we've seen since.
  14. Yeah one of the weird things about this design is how naked it makes Sonic look. I almost want them to give him some Boom Sonic sports tape and a scarf. Maybe that will make him look less naked. Or maybe it will make it worse.
  15. I wonder if I would be more excited if I was 10 and still really wanted Sonic to be real. Sort of reminds me of the old live-action Scooby Doo movies. That wasn't the easiest translation to live action either, but they were hilarious movies. Far from critically acclaimed, but still pretty great in their own right. That said, I'll heat my hat if this thing is anywhere near as funny as the 2002 Scooby Doo movie.
  16. Maybe it's the angle but his head really does look huge. It's a strange design, but I won't nitpick it right now because I'm sure there's plenty of that. Instead I will point out how childlike Sonic looks! I wonder what age he is supposed to be? I don't think this is the ~16 year old Modern Sonic we've seen in the 3D games. I'm thinking he's more like 10.
  17. Oh God it just gets worse.

  18. A four-pillar approach to a struggling franchise of an iconic character, each with radically different designs and approaches? what could possibly go wrong
  19. Do you think Sonic 06 will ever be re-released?

    1. Badnik Mechanic
    2. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon
    3. Blacklightning


      They were so ashamed of it that they delisted it entirely in an effort to save their brand image.

      Not that it actually worked, but I think it says a lot about how much they'd rather not revisit it verbatim.

    4. Lord-Dreamerz


      Nope. Thankfully SEGA seems to be smart enough to not do it.

    5. Polkadi~☆


      I can fly, Jova. If my grandfather's flight simulators are to go by, anyways.

      ...but i can't land


      Also, nope. You can't even find the digital download of the game on Xbox Live and PSN. SEGA really don't want to talk about the game.

    6. Won't Stop, Just Go

      Won't Stop, Just Go

      Probably not, sadly.

    7. Harkofthewaa


      ...Xbox One BC when?

    8. Spooky Mulder

      Spooky Mulder

      It makes me sort of sad that this hilariously bad game won't be playable on future consoles.

    9. Milo



      (apparently used copies aren't too difficult to find, from what i've read)

      e: besides, at least there's people busy making a faithful remake/port of the game (and with the bugs fixed); the sonic 2006 project

  20. Just finished Sonic Forces. That was horrible. Not even "so bad its good" like 06.

    Every single aspect of this game feels unfinished and I'm pretty sure whole levels are missing/cut. Null Space???

    1. Spooky Mulder

      Spooky Mulder

      Plus so many reused assets from Generations/Lost World? WTF happened during development that resulted in this hot mess?

  21. Why does Sonic drop like a rock in Sonic Forces? I don't remember Generations having these S4E1-like physics problems.

    I know I'm late but I got sonic forces for Christmas and really hate this game.

    1. Ferno


      I died so many times with Modern, Classic, and the Avatar because the physics for all 3 sucked

    2. Strickerx5


      They don't use the same gameplay engine from Gens for starters. A lot of it is actually from LW from what I recall. Though, why Classic specifically feels so awful is beyond me.

    3. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      That game's mechanics are a dumpster fire.

    4. Ferno


      Not only is it the LW engine, but the game seems to try to take cues from Colors as well in places, which only further ruins things

    5. Spooky Mulder

      Spooky Mulder

      The level design is obviously atrocious but I can't get over these physics. I've died many times in the same places but have yet to find a section that is challenging instead of just broken. Plus, the levels are so short that I feel like I never got a handle on any of the characters controls because I was always bouncing back and forth between them.

      This is such a weird game.

  22. I wonder if we will get a proper Sonic game in 2019 or if we have to wait until 2020.

    1. Kiah


      The later the better. I just want to skip 2019 as far as Sonic is concerned due to this movie alone. TSR and whatever else they have up their sleeve I fear wouldn’t be enough to balance out that travesty. 

    2. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      Sonic 2020 is gonna be a weird time. I can feel it. Everything is probably gonna be chrome in the future, just like Spongebob predicted.

  23. Finally playing Forces...personally i find it worse than 06 so far. It's got less ambition and personality. And it seems even more unfinished.

    1. Spooky Mulder

      Spooky Mulder

      Why is everything so scripted? I remember Generations Classic portions having odd scripted sections in loops and other spots but this is soooooo much worse and less disguised.

    2. Kiah


      At least I find some parts of Sonic ‘06 enjoyable. I legit struggle to do the same with Forces. 

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