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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  3. There's absolutely nothing stopping you from sitting through that massive headache with some friends and working out what you'd need to make it work. A certain Dreadknux done that many years ago hehe. It's just a matter of working on it untill you get there, regardless of scenario or location!
  4. Not here either. It depends on the nature of the event and the organisation behind it. This is where the logistical issues of fans organising a convention based on a corporations specific Intellectual Property come into play. We fall into many different demographics, so we have to cover different ground.
  5. The point is it's a requirement for us as the event holder to contact someone in the case of an emergency, and we wouldn't have those details from someone just transferring a ticket away. Also; The ticket is your right of entry AND proof you've read and agreed to the terms and conditions. We can't prove someone who received a transfered ticket has read the T&C's...so therefore their ticket would be invalid. (As they too wouldn't be able to prove they read the T&C's).
  6. Hogfather made a point about selling, but I'll make another point - You give your ticket away? Okay...so who do we contact if there's a fire and the person who now has the ticket is stuck inside? --------------------------------------------------------------- There's many issues surrounding tickets, people are happy to sit and think about it as a "It would be fair to do it this way" which is the wrong way to go about thinking about it. You must put all legal problems and logistic/financial problems FIRST. Then work out the most fair way to do tickets with what we have available. The current system is the one we've found to work, and we've improved it year apon year. Example: This year you reserved how many tickets before filling out the ticket. This made it easier for people to know they've actually secured the ticket itself. Many people last year commented about being worried about tickets going while they were filling in the form. So that was a change we made to try and benefit the attendee's. Next point: Adding charges. Well, this then brings in an issue of "How do we charge" for it, there's many route's there, each with it's own set of problems of varying types. Summer of Sonic is run BY FANS For Fans with the aid and approval of SEGA Europe, that in itself already causes logistical and legal issues that we have to work through each year and to this end we've decided each year that keeping the event free is the best way to MINIMISE the issues for both us AND attendee's. I hope you can understand our reasons why we choose to run the event in such a way. (Sorry, been a long time since I posted on the SSMB, I thought I should make it on the lines of important-ish)
  7. More to the point - If England hadn't been trying to play defensively the whole match to aim to either win in the 88th/89th minute or penatlies - they wouldn't have went out. They played against a team they knew that were going to hammer them, and by trying to draw it into penalties where they were sure they'd win - they lost. As a team they need to step up and learn to play more than just the "carry the ball up the pitch, cross it and knock it in" They don't pass enough or effectively and leave open space where unnecessary. That said, the next few games should be interesting now there's not a team pussyfooting their way around the ball every match. (And no, I'm not and England supporter, but then I don't support any team in the Euro =P Just watch the games and hope they're interesting, sad to say a lot of the group stages were a disappointment)
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  9. SEN - one syllable. PSN - 3 syllables. I think I'll vote for SEN since i don't have a Playstation 3. Logic!
  10. Happy Birthday dude!

  11. JAY!!!!!!! Hi. :D

  12. I don't mind people doing it, so long as they're not being stupid about it. Like everything else it can be funny etc, as has been said before, people just need to be creative. No point putting yourself at risk just for a "look, i can lie down on a high thing" photo; I much prefer the one in the fridge myself On another note; When walking past Buckingham Palace on the way back to Victoria station yesterday, i saw people trying to plank (unsuccesfully) On the bollards outside of the gate. People were stopping to watch *facepalm* -.-
  13. Today was good. Me and BlitzChris hitting up Glasgow town. (With Onikage) Had some delicious lunch and then we bombarded the Glasgow Science Center :D

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