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  1. Today was good. Me and BlitzChris hitting up Glasgow town. (With Onikage) Had some delicious lunch and then we bombarded the Glasgow Science Center :D

  2. Today was good. Me and BlitzChris hitting up Glasgow town. (With Onikage) Had some delicious lunch and then we bombarded the Glasgow Science Center :D

  3. Well if you're doing the overnight journey, it's easy enough if you will yourself to sleep with some form of entertainment (mobile/DS/PSP/Laptop) Once you're asleep it's fine though. Just the getting asleep that's the problem D:

  4. Well, it can't be as bad as I'm describing since I'm taking the bus again myself this year. But it's a case of the long journey has a mind-numbing effect XD

    (And yeah, same reason for me - cheapest option rather than best)

  5. Hmm, I'll have a look at my collection, see if i have that mag. I doubt it, but worth a look anyway.

    Awesome sauce! :D The more Scots the better :P You heading by train or the 8 hour...horrible...soul destroying...evil....heartless...bus...

  6. Urgh, so Jealous o: You must send me the pics when they're up. My STC's are all in second-grade condition, with a few in a bit of worse. But i'm happy with most only having a few nips here and there.

    Will you be heading down to SoS this year?

  7. Roareye's face is indeed sexual, especially with the sexual look he makes when he advances on you. Mmm. Tea? FECK?

    Whiskey then?

  8. Why yes, Deathwing is pretty smart looking thar, could he perhaps offer you tea?

    Also, your Reala is more...evil-ish than usual o:

  9. Pew Pew.

    That is all. *tips hat*

  10. "Don't be fallin' in love, as she's walkin' away. When you're heart won't tell your mind to tell your mouth what it should say. May have lost this battle live to fight another day, but don't be fallin' in love... as she's walkin' away"

    1. BlastedPinata
    2. Sapphire


      Loveeee this song! ♥

  11. ....I came to Dig, Dig, Dig, Dig...

  12. JayZeach starts a work placement on monday, how will it go? Nobody knows :D But perhaps it shall go....well

    1. Shaddix Leto Croft

      Shaddix Leto Croft

      Zeach will succeed =D ;)

    2. Glenn


      Seconded! Best of luck! :)

  13. Rawr nom.

    Ello. :3

  14. Uploading files....takes longer than I remember D: Still, at least it's maxing out my upload speed for a change.

  15. Re-reading a post I just typed, it doesn't...feel/look like it was written by me. Perhaps the bad mood alters my style of wording.

  16. The life and times of BlastedPanda; his rise to fame, fortune and glory, now showing at a pandaworld near you

  17. @Major Ziggy: Try not being able to play Colours for at least 2-3 months.

  18. *implodes from being tagged twice*

  19. My hallowe'en? Well.. I fell asleep at 3:30/4PM and woke up at 6AM this morning. It never happened :D

  20. o.o *implodes*


    You're it :D

  21. Declared War in mafia wars, get your ass on and help me kick some ass :D

  22. Loving the Sally Acorn signature haha. ^^

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