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  1. I know exactly how it feels to feel "powerful" thanks to one song, so a big congrats from me man!
  2. You're. Ontopic, there are some really amazing mods in here. That hub remix of Sky Troops is outstanding!!
  3. I'd like to make a few remixes... Live And Learn (acoustic interlude) FeelGood Battery (Flying Battery - Sonic&Knuckles. Melodic remix) Final iPad (Final Zone - Sonic 1. iPad only remix) Edit - I'd like to make an original too, if possible. Moonlight Park Zone.
  4. Game runs fine for my iPad 2. Sometimes lags before hitting a checkpost, but overall it's pretty smooth.
  5. I have the Sonic 4 ep 2 BETA on PC without stream!! PM me if interested!!

    1. Komodin


      Well, um... wait a sec, are you trying to cheat me again?

  6. Thanks for your kind words everyone! I have a nice little surprise in my new remix that will be for the next remix album, whenever it is.
  7. Unfortunately I am unable to complete my boss remix. Is it good enough to be in the final cut?
  8. First place! BlastedPinata - congratulations!! Congratulations to our three runner-ups! Dopply foreversonic Legendary Pine Tree And congratulations to fourth place who won Amir's guitar pick! dirupti I will be PM'ing you guys within the next few days.
  9. That's not a 14 string bass, it's a 7 string guitar molded with a 7 string bass. Debate finished?
  10. So people, here are the answers: [1] For Sonic Heroes, Julien-K provided the song THIS MACHINE. To what team was this theme assigned to? Of course, it was Team Dark. [2] Julien-K's debut album, Death To Analog, credited Chester Bennington from Linkin Park as executive producer. Chester also has a side band with every member of Julien-K. What is the name of this band? The band is Dead By Sunrise. It originally featured EVERY member that has been a part of Julien-K with Chester, but since Brandon left Julien-K, he has also left Dead By Sunrise. [3] Along with Julien-K and Chester, who was credited as the main producer of Death To Analog? Answer is Tim Palmer. [4] Who wrote the lyrics to THIS MACHINE? Ryan Shuck wrote the lyrics. Ryan and Amir were presented with artwork telling the general story of Team Dark, and Ryan wrote lyrics based off this. [5] In 2010, keyboard player Brandon Belsky left the band. Who replaced him immediately after his departure? Anthony "Fu" Valcic replaced Belsky. Even though Fu was credited in many songs from Death To Analog, it was only when Belsky left that Fu became a ful-time member. [6] In January 2012, Julien-K will release their second studio album. What is the title confirmed to be? We're Here With You. 3 weeks until release! [7] In late 2010, artist Sam Vandal released a song featuring Ryan Shuck on vocals. Julien-K decided to add this to their 2011 setlist. What song is this? The song was indeed Fail With Grace. [8] Ryan and Amir were in a band together before Julien-K. What is the name of the lead singer of this previous band? The lead singer was Jay Gordon from the band Orgy. [9] Julien-K released a bonus CD with the limited edition of Death To Analog. This was called Death To Digital. It contained 11 remixes of DTA songs, and featured the likes of Deadmau5 and Paul Oakenfold. Which song was remixed by Mike Shinoda? The song Death To Analog was remixed by Mr. Shinoda. [10] What song was featured as the B-side for the first single release, Kick The Bass? Everyone got this one right - it was Dreamland. Winners will be announced tomorrow. There is also a special 4th place prize - a guitar pick used briefly by Amir during the final Dead By Sunrise show in Hamburg. Congratulations to everyone who got every answer to this quiz correctly: Legendary Pine Tree Rabid-Noodles JaySinkie foreversonic xSinisterStrike BlastedPinata Darkness545454 dirupti BlitzChris Dopply edge.
  11. Season 3 of Ed, Edd n Eddy marathon!

    1. Stritix


      Great show :) Brings back childhood memories.

    2. -Robin-



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