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  1. "After contact has been lost with Omega" And it looks like something happened to him
  2. So, doesn't that also confirm that there's atleast 40 story stages? (classic, modern, avatar, tag x 10~)
  3. Okay now that was totally unexpected This is gonna be the first time since 06 that a character other then Sonic (not counting the Sanic the Lithog character I'm gonna make in Forces) is playable in a main game!
  4. Stream link: https://t.co/AU1Aqdchnp "Highscore Tournament" ?
  5. Sonic Forces - Japanese Story Trailer

    Wait, isn't it supposed to be lightning/burst capsules instead of drill and asteroid? The levels changes wisps based on wispons?
  6. Updated OP with gameplay. I think sounded gameplay is coming soon.
  7. New screenshot (Mania Spoilers again)
  8. Mania Spoilers So it's official.
  9. So we might get gameplay footage soon
  10. Wait....the goal....isn't that *the* gem that's on Infinite's chest?
  11. "No infos about an Android version at the moment" Update 1: Apparently the game showed up in the Philippines App Store Update 2: https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/sonic-forces-speed-battle/id1262362476?mt=8 Game description Screenshots: Update 3: Gameplay
  12. You know what's funny Forces is $40 and Mania is $20 So getting both games equal to paying a full price game The ultimate Infinite experience!