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  1. Kotaku https://kotaku.com/sonic-forces-the-kotaku-review-1820261612/ tldr it's very stupid but fun
  2. Is there any gameplay of Metropolis? (Full stage)
  3. He didn't really lie, the instruments improved a bit in some parts But it still sounds like shit because the core melody is shit
  4. Yeah weirdly enough I like Infinite's edge, might be because of his voice
  5. One thing I don't really like is how they're going back and forth in the world Level 1 - Green Hill Level 4 - In space Level 20 - Green Hill again
  6. Apparently some people are snitching on the leaker lol, so for people looking for the link i'll say this: start from google
  7. Found it Infinite: and those eyes....I feel like we've met before
  8. Any chance of knowing where you're getting those infos from...? :U
  9. Yeah, I'm a bit more positive about the game now but still damn four years for Colors 2 lol
  10. Wait wait The game doesn't explain how Eggman takes over?
  11. Guess we gotta wait for someone else to break the street date...
  12. Yeah But I think we can still DM him on reddit for infos
  13. I don't like doing the "other game did it too" excuse, but didn't Generations also explain stuff like stomp/light dash in later stages?
  14. I have a bit of doubts, but maybe this is what Nakamura meant by this tweet
  15. Didn't wanna make a topic 'cuz it's not really a big deal, but here's Forces' launch trailer
  16. So IGN and Gamespot gave their impression https://www.gamespot.com/amp-articles/watch-sonic-forces-new-chemical-plant-zone-level-i/1100-6454108/ http://m.ign.com/articles/2017/10/17/sonic-forces-lightning-whip-is-super-satisfying Overall I think Sonic Forces is gonna be in between Lost World and Generations regarding reviews (something like lots of 7/10)
  17. I think this one of those passive trophys. Like, 16 hours will feel long for the player that's going out of his way to get this specific trophy, but by replaying the game, collecting red rings, doing the daily challenges, or overall just replaying the game for the sake of speedrunning or something you'll get the trophy and not "feel" like you did 16 hours just for it.
  18. I didn't say that. In fact Colors is one of my favorite Sonic games. But Generations improved on Colors which is why I think it's fairly reasonable to expect that a 2017 Sonic game improve on a 2011 game. But for Forces it's not the case which is a shame. If I play the game I'll probably find it alright, but it's a real shame that my feelings for this game are probably just gonna be "eh it's fine".
  19. I think fair standards for Sonic in 2017 (and after being allegedly developped for 4 years) is atleast Sonic Generations' level design. Why did they revert back to Colors' level design?
  20. Nothing impressive but not bad. I think it's alright but him grunting without doing any animation while being hit is awkward to look at.
  21. Yeah. Generations 2. Not Generations 0.5
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