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  1. It still blows my mind how much Konami is supporting Super Bomberman R. Updating the framerate from 30 to 60 is so nice! Plus new characters from other Konami franchises are being added.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The game was co-funded/developed by Nintendo. I have to wonder if the game only exists because Nintendo wanted an established multiplayer game at launch that would show off the out-of-the-box multiplayer capabilities of the Switch, and so it was put together in a very short amount of time to make it for launch day. It's such a small game, even by Bomberman standards and is hugely lacking the basic functionality of many games of the series. The 60fps update is definitely a good one, but the updates altogether feel a lot more like they're finishing the game because it was released in an incomplete state. 

      Honestly, can you imagine this game getting nearly the amount of media attention and sales that it's enjoyed if it was released on any other system or when there were more Switch games available, particularly at retail? Konami has been able to capitalise on the lack of competition on the Switch, and continued improvements are needed so that neither this game nor future instalments fade into obscurity again. I was absolutely ready to trade-in the game yesterday after owning it for only 24 hours, but this update has made me reconsider for now. Hopefully they keep it up.

      (Still think the visuals suck and the whole game should be styles like the artwork)


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