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  1. Omg. Flere norske. =3 Koselig. Hei hei!

  2. Can't say I'm too happy about this, It took time but I've gotten used to the 4kids cast and I don't want to see them go. I've never heard of the guy, he's probably good what's with all those Anime roles and whatnot, but still..
  3. I can't believe i haven't heard about this one! such great and cheesy old school manga godness, yes! I must say i love this Eggman and his obsession with Eggs, yes. Also, Sonic looks awesome with fangs... yes.
  4. I like all the different voices Sonic has had over the years. Sure most of them may not be "Great", but they all did a good job in their own rights.
  5. I'm sure that we can all agree on that many of Sonic's recent adventures has gotten a rather unfair treatment in the media, but what do you think is the game that offered the best, yet got completely ignored over the less-than-good aspects. I think Sonic and The Black Knight is the game that was in my eyes the best game the Blue Blur has starred in for years, yet the media seem to think otherwise. In terms of fun, it was probably the Sonic game I've had the most fun playing since SA2. the swordplay, while basic works very well, doesn't slow you down at all, and gives you the reach you lacked in Secret Rings, and they also removed the annoying side missions you had to do and instead makes them an extra, which they should have been in the first place. Not to mention Knight of The Wind is in my opinion the best Crush 40 has done since What I'm Made Of! So it really is just an improvement upon Secret Rings, but what an improvement!
  6. WHOA! that was nothing short of amazing! the beginning kinda dragged on, but still!
  7. 10? That's a bit difficult, but here's one: Classic Knuckles: the guy destroys walls and shit simply by walking into them! if that isn't manly, i don't know what is!
  8. Now that Unleashed is well out and done, what do you think of the Werehog? I bet we all where pretty skeptical when we first got a look at it, but what about now compared to then? I personally always had a very positive outlook on the Werehog, being a big fan of Werewolf movies (I'm not a fan of the wolf-man remake though), the first irk i had with it was naturally its name, manhog, really? and the fact that it looks to much like a gorilla. Still, i love beat 'em ups too so i was sure i was in for a great deal of fun. Then along came the game. I already knew the gameplay would probably be very button-mashing oriented, and it is. Still, plowing through waves of enemies felt really great and was a great deal of fun. I also was pleasantly surprised at how much platforming the Werehog sections had, something Sonic's games has been missing recently. Unfortunately, the Werehog kinda overstayed its welcome as the levels where just too long for that kind of gameplay and too plenty in comparison to Sonic's levels, which completely stole the spotlight. The stretchy arm thing sorta threw me off, but it was a good way to allow players to control crowds of enemies. So when all is said and done, i like the Werehog, i really do. But i'd like it to stay as a Unleashed exclusive thing even if i know that great things could come from this eventually if they keep improving on the engine.
  9. It's good that they took the goods from Unleashed and is improving on them, I was a bit nervous that they would just ignore Unleashed due to its less than popular reputation. I must say i love how colorful this looks.
  10. Seriously, you could blame anyone or anything. You can blame the kids for being stupid! You can blame the bread because it catched on fire! You can blame the toaster for making the bread catch on fire! You can blame the TV for displaying the game! You can blame the Console for allowing the kids to play the game! You can blame the game for being the thing the kids was occupied with! You can blame Sonic for being the game they where playing! You can blame SEGA for being the people who made the console and the game! Or you can blame the parents for leaving those kind of kids alone! Blaming Sonic and SEGA for her kids' absentmindedness is just stupid.
  11. "Do you ever what to play a serious FPS with a Sonic Theme?" No, no i won't. Shadow was fine for me since it was, well.. Shadow, and it still played like a Sonic game. But a standard FPS bearing the Sonic name? No.
  12. Oh god, i can't stop laughing at that first one! And that third one is more of a badass moment than anything else.
  13. If everything else fails, at least they got a cool poster.
  14. I think people give Sonic games too little credit nowadays. Unleashed was clearly a step up as far as the daytime stages are concerned, and i loved both of the Storybook spinoffs. Most people want Sonic to go back to the old 2D style, but I'd rather want to see them improve on the 3D formula.
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