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  1. The hedgehog ability is now "Dropped Rings will remain longer after taking damage". Yay? Anyway... yeah. My Switch copy turned up yesterday, already beaten the main story. The game is... uhh... certainly a thing.
  2. Got a game breaking bug today in Hydrocity Zone, Sonic & Tails mode. Beat the Act 1 boss, ran past the signpost and off screen. When Act 2 was meant to start, it didn't - instead everything froze up and Tails just kept banging his head against the invisible wall. Only way to fix this was to reboot the game and replay Hydrocity Act 1.
  3. Yep, this literally happened to me earlier today. I even took video evidence!
  4. Still no update whatsoever on mine. No payment taken, no change in status. How it can possibly still say "arriving today", I have no idea.
  5. *impatiently checks Mania CE order on Amazon to no avail* I'M WAAAAAAAITING

  6. Pre-ordered the Switch CE on Amazon UK, status is still saying "pre-ordered"/"dispatching soon"/"arriving tomorrow". No money taken out yet either. This is either going to be incredibly last-minute, or looks like I won't be receiving it on release day.
  7. I have such a love-hate relationship with this game, one minute I think it's a great return to form and the next it frustrates me beyond belief. Which is a shame when I actually stop to think about why. Technical hiccups aside, there's nothing inherently wrong with the Story or Battle modes. It's basic Bomberman, after all. But I think my main problem is just the sense of progression - everything in the shop is so friggin' expensive and earning gems is way too laborious. I hate how you get diddly squit for playing local multiplayer and only get a decent payout if you kick ass online or have the patience to replay the story mode a bajillion times. I'm either left with the pathetic 20 gem payout for coming last (inb4 "git gud") or the gamble between playing on a higher difficulty and risking losing what I've already worked hard to earn (seriously, why is the jump for continues on Beginner to Veteran so huge? 10 gems to 300 gems!). I want to get the most of this game by playing on some of the extra maps and unlockable characters, but as it stands I feel like I can barely even afford to buy one of the silly little accessories without setting me back a good few hours of playtime. I just feel like the game punishes you for not being a master Bomberman player and it totally kills my motivation to keep playing. Ugh.
  8. Not sure if this will actually amount to anything, but potential mini-scoop - I was at the MCM Birmingham Comic Con yesterday and saw a panel with voice actor Vic Mignogna (current voice of E-123 Omega). Towards the end he rattled off a list of all the projects he's currently working on and, to my surprise, he mentioned Sonic. As far as I'm aware the only Sonic title in the works which has voice acting is Sonic Forces, so... Omega confirmed for Sonic Forces in some shape or form... maybe? Would make sense seeing as he hates Eggman and the whole game looks to be about bringing down his empire. Failing that, it's probably safe to assume that Omega will appear in something in the near future. Unless Vic does any other Sonic characters I'm not aware of.
  9. Wish I could be celebrating Switchmas with y'all but the Nintendo UK Store totally dropped the ball and messed up pre-order deliveries :(

  10. > has no prior interest in this game > sees Rosalina is a playable character > GOD DAMMIT NINTENDO Y U DO DIS TO ME On a serious note, the game looks... ok? Releasing it after the Switch launch though is pretty much commercial suicide. If I'm not completely broke from getting the new console, maybe I'll check this out. If not, it might be a neat bargain bin or Christmas present sort of game down the line.
  11. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe trailer - "Play anytime, anywhere" It's official: the number one reason to buy a Switch is so you can play Mario Kart while you poo
  12. UK pre-order bonus time! If you opt for GAME, you get a keyring and poster: Alternatively, opt for the Nintendo UK Online Store and get the Sheikah t-shirt: Applies to both Standard and Limited Edition copies.
  13. If you want to hear my thoughts on the blue blur's LEGO Dimensions content... The TSS review for the Sonic Level Pack is here! It's a block-buster success!
  14. Rescue V Episode 6 is here. This time we're sailing off to Fortune Island... EDIT: Also, massive endgame spoilers, but I couldn't resist pointing this out:
  15. Reviews from Metacritic so far... Eurogamer Italy - 7/10 NintendoWorldReport - 7/10 IGN Italia - 69 FNintendo - 6/10 NintendoLife - 6/10 Multiplayer.it - 59 XGN - 55 Lazygamer - 39
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  18. Trailer for the Sonic Mania Collector's Edition: For all your stubborn stain handling needs!
  19. Sorry to double post, but... another episode of Rescue V is here, this time focusing on Green Squad! Confirms Lemmy is the boss of a creepy circus in the woods. Also Yoshis.
  20. New version exclusive Pokemon and features revealed in today's trailer:
  21. Pre-order the game at Nintendo UK Online Store and get a free sticker sheet and keyring Not a bad deal considering most sites are selling it for around the same price. It still irks me that they didn't localise "Color" to "Colour" for the UK though... even Sonic managed that! I guess SEGA really does do what Nintendon't. EDIT: GameXplain hands-on preview discussion
  22. We have a trailer at last! The red UB02 is called Absorption outside of Japan. Aside from that, nothing new.
  23. Yeah, that trailer looks legit good. I've definitely mellowed on the game since its initial reveal. It's pretty much the ultimate refinement to the Sticker Star formula, which is what the 3DS game really should have been like in the first place. Of course, the Sticker Star gameplay is inherently not as exciting as the PM64/TTYD formula, but it still looks like it's going to be a decent game in its own right. For all its flaws, Sticker Star was more disappointing than outright bad (although it did have lots of fundamental issues), and Color Splash looks to add the charm and character back in that it sorely missed. Anyway, new interesting things from the trailer. Here's that Super Paper Mario section that Adamabba mentioned, based on Super Mario Bros. 3: And if you want to see the untimely fate of Princess Peach... well... She's had all the colour drained out of her and her blank body is now on display being Bowser's throne! Which does make me question just whether this was really Bowser's doing. I mean, I know he's always out to kidnap her, but to actively hurt her like that? Something don't seem right...
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