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  1. Next time someone says Wakanda is too unbelievable remind them that Gotham is literally cursed! There's demons sealed within the city, it was cursed by an evil tyrant shaman, there's ancient blood rituals taking place in Arkham, which also might be a seprate creature of chaos not unlike Dracula's castle from Castlevania, and Batmans dad might've been responsible for the massive surge of crazies plaging Gotham. Batman included.


    Yeah...Shit's fucked up.

    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Don’t forget that the curses causes villains the power level of the hero to appear, which is why veryBatman tries to keep the likes of supes and flash from operating in the city because it’d create even worse threats. Which is why there’s only ground level and supernatural heroes in Gotham 

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