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  1. Sonic Forces - Rental Hero Gameplay

    The Green Hill boss looks leagues better than what was shown here. Whats up with that?
  2. R.I.P. Visceral - The EA Cycle Continues

    I know wishing that Dead Space would've come and dismissed 3 as some sort of prophetic dream and steer the series toward greatness was a long shot. But I had hope. Was it so wrong to hope. Fuck EA They're Galactus, Pyron, The Anti-Monitor and Unicron all rolled into a single entity devouring creativity, and jobs.
  3. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    Oh they are. They're trying
  4. So was CAC originally Boom Sonic?

    1. Operationgamer17


      People speculate that, but with nothing’s been confirmed, or proven.

    2. Night on Balding Mountain

      Night on Balding Mountain

      I just look at all the grapple hook play and can't help but think it.

    3. Diogenes


      The grapple hook is the only possible connection I can see, and I really don't think that's enough to jump to that conclusion.

    4. DanisWhite


      It's a stupid rumor because of the grappling hook thing which the boom cartoon only used like once

  5. Evil Within 2 is one of the best feeling moments in this gamer's life. Where a developer takes stuff you liked from the first game improves it, and brings in new atmosphere, enemy types, mechanics, and scale. And it all just works so well for me. :lol:

    Now if only Bethesda could deliver a game without jank.

  6. Sonic Forces - Space Port Gameplay

    It's time to retroactively remove Colors from the series. I mean I like the game, but look at what where it lead, LOOK AT WHERE IT LEAD!!!!
  7. Sonic Forces - Rental Hero Gameplay

    This is the big bad they're pushing for this game... A boss that has as much effort put into it's fight as Zor's and the Egg Carnival. They can't do shit right with this game.
  8. Jesus this game just hits the ground running.

  9. But the bullets in decided to buy Evil within 2. The local game stop only had 4 copies available that weren't preordered.

  10. Yeah, I think I agree with @ShroomZed I don't think Sonic Team is going to deliver with the story. At most I expect a couple of fun scenes that'll be referenced.

  11. So Fang was Infinite the whole time?! Why couldn't he just be Fang, why'd he have to Metal Overlord him?!?!



    If I was actually right and not just shit posting, I ain't apologizing.


  12. From the Alt-right comic:


    Remember, all mexicans are rapists and murderers


    In the eyes of bigots, that is.


    1. Polkadi


      Remember when this comic was made to be a traditional superhero comic without social justice topics?

      Who am I kidding.

      It never was.

    2. Night on Balding Mountain

      Night on Balding Mountain

      Keep your political statements out of my comics.... unless I agree with them!

    3. Maxtiis


      Don't forget the time when Superman had to save a group of undocumented workers from a crazed gunman:



      Obviously the Alt-right example was worse with its way more blatant and unabashedly political depiction of Mexicans as being rapists and murderers, but I'm also not too fond of how this one paints white Americans as being psychos that want to gun down people because "they took our jobs!"

      I wish comics could go back to being fun in a "Lex Luthor wants to rule the world!" sort of way instead of being a place for pundits of all ideologies to preach their messages, because these issues are never as black and white as they portray them. I'm probably going to get a lot of shit for this, but oh well, both examples are fucking dumb.

    4. Night on Balding Mountain

      Night on Balding Mountain

      @MaxtiisWell stuff like that was always shown in Comicbooks. It's kind of their blood. For example the whole reason Cap was made was that a bunch of jewish writers, artist, ect. wanted Hitler and his Nazi's to get fucked up

      Which is how we got this


      Then you have the X-men that was created with the intent to speak to outcasts that didn't fit the heavily influenced nuclear family values of the time.

    5. Maxtiis


      You're correct in that regard, but those were also released at a time when just about the entire audience for those comics were all in agreement about the stance those comics took. Despite Captain America being blatant propaganda when he was first created no sane person was going to dispute that him bringing the fight to Nazis in pursuit of freedom was a bad thing. Same thing with the X-Men, everyone with a rational thought could look at them and understand that discrimination was wrong.

      However these days it feels like everyone is at each other's throats and the people writing about these issues just don't seem to have the knack for accurately representing any stance because they're either not talented enough to do it in an intelligent way, are trying to push an agenda, or even both.

      I'm sure you've seen these panels before, but I feel that they are perfectly analogous for what we see these days and do a much better job at depicting the issue than anything else that's tried (and the sad part is they're pretty old):


      Go figure they'd be from Captain America






    6. Night on Balding Mountain

      Night on Balding Mountain

      You know what, I sort of agree with that. Though in this political climate with rascism on the rise I can't really fault the writers for going hard as they do. Now that you bring it up I'm having a hard time thinking of another issue that tackled issues similar to that recently.

  13. Something happening tomorrow

    Well at least they're keeping it consistent.
  14. Wow, Aunt Viv(2) has one hell of legacy, and did alot for black advancement.











    All this and yet all the Writers of Fresh Prince could give her was the typical family mom, not even on par with the original. SMDH.

    Much respect to Daphne Reid.


    1. Ryannumber1Scarer


      I mean, to be fair, while the writers didn't make her as good as the original Viv (Who acted like a spoiled egotistical diva behind the scenes), Reid got a ton of strong moments, especially stuff like when she confronted Will's father.