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  1. Maybe now people are talking about it, but at the time of the announcement of Sonic 4, and before it, personally, I do not remember such a moments. And this still does not compare with talks about SA3, where at least one user will leave the post with cover of S06 in any case.
  2. One thing. Why then many retro fans don't consider Sonic Advance as a part of the retro series in that case? And then why retro fans often say "We've been waiting a game with retro gameplay for 16 years"? What is the difference between these retro fans and SA fans who don't perceive S06 as SA3? And why no one ever spoke to retro fans something like "We already have a Sonic 4, and it's Sonic Advance" when they talked about it?
  3. I do not agree with a statement like "We don't need SA3 'cause we got STH2006". Lets start with that if Sonic 4 is possible then SA3 is also possible. Moreover, if we have games that are similar to SA3 that doesn't mean that we don't need SA3 itself. The same case with Sonic 4 that is not the first attempt to create game with "classic" gameplay. Haters say that SA3 has no future because Sonic 06 already created. I might as well say that SONIC 4 already out on GameBoy Advance, and it is called Sonic Advance 1. Retro fans: "OMGWTF how dare you speak such a nonsense!" Retro fans can disagree with that point of view, saying that Sonic Advance never reaches level of Retro Sonic games, but truth is that SEGA never intended to return to the roots of Sonic exactly after 16 years, even though Sonic 4 PR does imply vise versa. They tried to create a game of old style gameplay long ago, and Sonic Advance 1 is exactly one of those tries, but they didn't use it as a sweet candy for Retro fans, the way they use Sonic 4 and SG now. Sonic Advance 1 can be calles Sonic 4 and to prove that just look at gameplay, game mechanics close to the classics, Green Hill, classic badniks, capsules with animals, music from Retro games, old classic Eggmobile. Tell me, aside those things what else makes official Sonic 4 the "Great return to classics which Fans were looking for 16 years?". It is just PR that is different. Games similar to Sonic 4 came out long before Sonic 4. So what? How did that stoped release of real Sonic 4, which titled exactly "Sonic 4", and thats why everyone considers this game exactly as Sonic 4 and not any other game? Retro fans can say that Sonic Advance 1 have no rights to be called Sonic 4, and they will have some arguments that I may agree. But I might as well say that Sonic 06 have no rights to be called SA3, because maybe it has some elements that relevant to Adventure series games, but except for this is a game of same type, neither its quality nor its game process cannot compete with game, that fans wait for and refer to as "Sonic Adventure 3". Adventure series for many people as well as retro games is an ethalon of quality and completeability, thats why like in case of Sonic 4, SA fans talk about the game that is not just similar, but will be a proper continue to previous game with a great gameplay, storyline and atmosphere when they talk about SA3. I doubt that many of Retro fans will accept that Sonic Advance is Sonic 4, but in the end this games have as many things in common as Sonic 06 and SA3. Why Sonic Advance is not accepted as it is Sonic 4? I think because even though this game tried to use concepts of classic games, in the end it came out unsatisfying for those who waited for real return of classics, which Sonic 4 has. And Adventure series fans want exactly the same - return to their favorite series with same high quality like the original. Thats why Sonic 06 maybe look alike Adventures, but still be the game that JUST LOOKS LIKE Adventures, but not the same level, that is hopefully aplied to SA3.
  4. I'd like it to be Knuckles, but whom I kid. Blue Blur and Black Angst out of competition in this fandom. "With the power of these emeralds, now I can build my Eggman Empire! THIS IS WHO I AM!1" ...Sorry, couldn't resist. (:
  5. Don't worry crush40rocks, you're not alone, I share your point here. )
  6. Speak for yourself, I see a lot more differences from the classic in SA2 Sonic than in Unleashed Sonic. In fact, the design from 2008 is a mix of designs from retro-nineties and the modern era as SU designer said in an interview. Thanks Captain, but what's the point in telling this?
  7. Yes, I'm probably exaggerating, but I mean that after the modern Sonic, classic seems to be less original in design. If Sonic would not changed his design in 1998, then I would have preferred classic design, but now, when there is a version that is more unique in appearance, I prefer only current one. And in general, I do not like Unleashed Sonic too. I am a supporter of design from 2001. The most original and badass in my opinion.
  8. Yes, that's why I prefer the modern Sonic. Because his design is more original and independent. This is a separate character with his own style, not a copypaste of another famous character.
  9. Modern Sonic of course. Classic Sonic is fuckin Mickey Mouse.
  10. I have the PS2 version, and I can say only one thing - this is the best Sonic racing game ever created. If I want to play a race, I run this game, and multiplayer is just the perfect pastime. Not to mention the fact that this game have one of the best stories in entire series, in my opinion. Recently tested the All-Star Racing - sheer boredom in comparison with this game.
  11. YESH, I am SO glad to see the excellent work of good old Uekawa, those ugly Unleashed-style CGs are fed up already. Oh, I wish that Yuji would return to the role of chief designer for game art, not only for these wallpapers.
  12. Just return Shiro Maekawa as writer, and Knux will be cool and charismatic character. Retrieved on Zero Gravity. Other writers do not take the character seriously, and Shiro loves and appreciates him, it can be seen in all plots, which he had wrote (episode about Knuckles in China from Sonic X written by him too).
  13. While reading last pages of the topic the only thing that comes to my mind is "double standarts". Some of you say that "SA fans are bunch of fanatics and fanboys, cause they think that SA is greater than any game, and think that everything else sucks". You are right at some point, and in some cases. But you say this like if only SA fans behave themselves in a such way. Why don't you say so about retro fans, whos point of view can be described as an highly overrated towards their favourite games and contempt for everything that unlike it? You ever though that SA fans just likes SA series more than other games? What is so bad that we love SA more than the games that you like more? Why is that SA fans are victims of a such misjudgement like being described as the completed fanatics, while others are not? For example I am personally annoyed by statements like "If that game is not 100% running platformer then it is not true Sonic and it is shit" and I am as much disapointed of it as much as you guys disapointed of SA fans. Why then I do not call those people a fanatics that do not want anything else but their precious classics gameplay, just like you did with SA fans? Your attitude to the SA fans, as a major fanatics in fandom are nothing but a double standards, because if you look at things objectively, all your claims can be applied to all the fans, to SA fans, to Retro fans, to Colors fans - to all. In each part there are adequate users and fanatics, do not expose us, SA fans, as the worst and most annoying example.
  14. Recently I watched SA1 cutscenes once again. At first I was afraid that they will disapoint me, cause I knew that their visual quality was really outdated than the first time I saw them, same goes to animation and voice acting. But surprisingly it was all good to me. I did not mind animation or voice acting at all and my impressions were good. So I figured out that if there is a place for a great storyline, real characters development and if that is the Sonic I love, then it does not matter how good direction of cutscenes is. Colors have it vice versa. It has got awfull storyline but it's cutscenes are directed really good. Now after that I've watched SA1 cutscenes once again I can surely tell that I do not understand people who say that SA1 and Unleashed storylines are same level. Gamma's storyline itself has much more than whole Unleashed story. Anyways I am convinced that you cannot fix awfull story with good cutscenes, and really good story cannot be spoiled by poor cutscenes. And one more thing about SA level structures. Sure thing SA1 has more different routes and ways to complete the level than SA2, but SA2 levels are more of an action level. The whole thing in completing Sonic/Shadow SA2 levels is to get an A rang in the end, and to do that you'll have to remember each rail, each spring, each ring line, each possible shortcut and use all this wisely. So the levels don't represent a set of routes, but a clearly paved way with lots of action and thoughtful interaction with the terrain. Thats where SA2 "line" structure plays in. Thats why they are not bad, they just different. And I like them more than SA1 ones. I still DO think that SA Series is a games that people can really enjoy. Same goes even to Treasure hunting. All you have to do is to decline stereotypes of a "True gameplay".
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