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  1. happy late birthday! 

  2. Happy birthday, boss!

  3. S0L I'll ask again, will there be a stability update for the framerate?
  4. Wait what you found lobbies, haven't found one so far . And S0L will there be a stability update for the Vita since it does get pretty laggy at times?
  5. Wait does that mean that DD version might have a chance to get dlc for free?
  6. Just so you know guys I personally prefer this over the console version just because it's native res whereas the consoles have jaggies all over the place, of course graphically it's a lot better but still preferred that they went for res over graphics. There are many time were I just crush into walls in Most Wanted just because I can't see what's ahead of me. But I do think this comparison is kinda bull since you can't really compare an open world game to a linear game. In the end it's all about the game and it's all there(with native res ). Of course there still limits to how far you have to cut things, ie res in NFSMW since IT DOES affect on how I play(plus less cars which I actually like, hate crushing into cars...) at such high speed and precision cutting res should not be an option(but they did and I hate IT). Hopefully Sega won't stop porting over games to the PS Vita.
  7. Just noticed one thing, the game isn't available in store anymore... Which probably means that they gave us the wrong version (I hope anyways, since it's not the first time happening nor a second time :/).
  8. Sounds the me like it's Most Wanted all over again, except that even then they released a couple of pictures :/. My biggest concern is really the res everything else should be intact just like NFSMW(or atleast from the sound of it). Really dumb to to keep everything confidential, don't theywwant to hype their game rather than killing it like a fire in a glass since according to the dev it is one of the preferable versions(maybe I remember it wrong :/).
  9. Noooo, why God Why? Was really looking forward to it, wish it was all a mistake, oh well hope they won't be delaying it any more(like JSR) that would be horrible :/.
  10. Ok I'm going to ask this again to see if this has changed, if you go digital version on Vita first week will you get the DLC?
  11. *3 moths later* Hatsune Miku color palette DLC released.
  12. Sorry folks but this beats it all(skip to 0:35)
  13. What they should have done, make a PSP and a Vita(i.e God Eater 2) version available in Japan while in west it's only on the Vita, win win(and some lose for people not wanting to upgrade)
  14. Such a shame that you know that this is the only game series that makes you wanna buy the next console, but then you get reminded it's not really worth it for 1 game series when the rest of the exclusivity games are either timed or you literally can get the same experience on other platforms including PC .
  15. And that is why I have stopped jumping into vague conclusions, it just leads into unnecessary hate, and bad marketing for products that doesn't deserve it.
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