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  1. Happy Birthday! =D

  2. The adventuring aspect still stays in treasure hunting levels, and Sonic/Shadow levels and Tails/Eggman ones. When you able to slow down a little bit to find a secret, a powerup, or a diffirent way.
  3. You're totally missing the point. Please, no sarcasm. There are a lot of details making the Adventure design and the current design different. They also were created by diffeten designers. I could mark all the details, but I guess nobody cares here and all think that all green-eyed Sonics are the same. ------------- And no, none of you have rights to call somebody "fanboys", in the case when they just have different opinions.
  4. Like chao-gardens, character development, SA design and so on. Those are pretty meaningful. Let me correct you, no one here in this topic.
  5. The main idea of the topic is to prove that the existence of Sonic '06 doesn't make it impossible to have SA3 created, as many people say, because '06 doesn't have enough in common with SA and SA2. Not only the title is missing.
  6. Well, not much to say.
  7. Happy birthday!!!

  8. "I'm fighting for the gamers!" This is amazing, honestly! I lol'd hard)
  9. Guys, don’t be stupid. Of course the title SA3 doesn’t mean that the game will be good. Seriously, isn’t this obvious that those who are saying that they want SA3, just want GOOD SA3? Do they really need to say it? Everyone wants his game of dreams to be nice. Who the hell would wish for a bad game? Why can't you just understand it?
  10. I know that you don't care (only ArtFenix does D':), but I'm gonna post it anyway.
  11. They can be emotional even when he says it pretty quiety. I would write many words about it, but unfortunaly English is not my native language and I can't. Sorry, I'm gonna sleep. We will continue this interesting discussion tomorrow.
  12. I don't get the point of these words. Knuckles' trustfulness is a trait of his character. He lives alone on the floating island for 16 years, of course he is trustful. And those lines were pretty emotional, the way they should be. Or you wanted to see him on his knees with a dramatic scream "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! MASTER EMERALD IS GONE!!!"?
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