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  1. uh oh, looks like you've been hax0red

  2. Guest

    I forgot I was registered here.


  3. A Character from Frankenstein JR and The Impossibles that i made into a Youtube Poop fad for a SHORT time While at that precise moment Miles Away in Washington, we are witnessed to a curious bit of villiany taking place in the pentagon building, by a most unusual theif THE IMFAMOUS PAPER DOLL MAN
  4. KNOW YOUR MEME IS A BULLSHIT SITE As a Youtube Pooper I've seen memes and fads come and go and I know for a fact that KYM can NEVER get their facts straight. EXAMPLE WEEGEE Popular GIMP made Luigi Sprite from the PC Game "Mario is Missing" - Made in 4chan in late 07 or early 08 i dont remember. - Popularized by YTP'er Dopply in 08. - TERRIBLY OVERUSED by what we call "Dinner Spaghetti Poopers" (poopers that use the same overused jokes over and over hoping to get a laugh. UGH.) Then Know Your Meme makes a full on episode about WEEGEE YEARS after hes been overused and DE-lol'd to death. And they'll probably do the same to poor I.M. Meen. ANYWAYS. BACK ON TOPIC. I personally think after a fad earns the status of a MEME, all the fun gets sucked out of it pretty quick. Cause kids go so far to turn it into one. AND THATS THE FUN. TRYING TO MAKE IT A MEME. (INB4 some one says Forced Meme is Forced) And when it finally gets that status. ITS RERNT. Ironic isn't it? But what normally KILLS it and puts a nail on the coffin, is when a bunch of kids with MSpaint try to incorporate OTHER memes that are LONG dead and add them too the mix. That could very well be how Gumball Eyes died
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  7. He would never live down marrying a DS and it taking half his shit

  9. YAY! Metal Gear! Cause ya'll need a topic and I need a boredom killer. NOW THEN, Whats your thoughts on the series? Your favorite game, stuff you like, don't like, and you can mention good old metal gear awesome or other parody funnies. For me, I got started on the series with MGS1. My cousin bought it and we played it at his place a lot then later in life I bought it from him. I played and beat that game COUNTLESS times. I tried MGS2 and was satisfied as well even though through half the game I was "missing our solid snake" I also liked 3 as well though it was quite different from the other 2. I never played 4 I also got my hands on The Gameboy MGS. Its not that bad. And the NES one (WHICH IS HORRIBLE) NOW THEN. SPEAK I NEED SCISSORS! 61!
  10. LOL haven't been here in a while. Well, I reckon AOSTH had some of the best damn lines ever brought forth upon this great nation. ALL from robotnik. If you don't take better care of your body parts I'm not going to replace them next time For Grrrrrrounder's sake, that better had been a wrrong numbah! Thats the way EVERYONE will spell it! Worst: Snoopingas usual Got used and abused than WAY OVERused quick
  11. Dokken for the fuckin WIN cuz!

  12. Sonic + Hank Williams Jr. = YEEHAW! I would LOOOOOVE to hear COuntry music on a Sonic game. Though I'm sure it aint gonna happen. O Well, at least I have my Xbox 360 Playlist. *puts in Sonic Unleashed. and turns on Smokey And The Bandit Theme*
  13. I've got Dr Rabbit. Colgate's evil mascot. Why? Cause he kicks ass
  14. On the left, rather. My bad.

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