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  1. These extensions are usually edited by the person in question, so no they are not available on a consumer basis. (Like, I seriously doubt there's a licensed CD out there selling six hours of Green Hill Zone out there, lol)
  2. Didn't see this until now. All music on Spotify as well as Pandora and Amazon Prime are licensed and paid for, so yes, it's legal.
  3. Copyright laws have been iffy on if users listening to streams is actually a violation or not. Again, no clear answer here.
  4. That's for you to decide, not us? I don't believe you are complicit in stealing for listening to tracks. The mixed blessing of YouTube's open nature is that if the rights holders don't want them up, they can take them down. This is in contrast to downloading, which enables people to store copies on their devices that the rights holders have no control over, which is a bit more problematic. There are problems with this philosophy, though, when you consider the increasingly prolific use of apps and browser extensions that allow you to freely and easily download videos from YouTube, but I think that those questions are best targeted towards people who make those things than people who listen to streams, since they tend to work against YouTube rather than with. But anyway, we can't tell you how to feel about something morally because morality is subjective. There are people that will tell you that copyright laws in general are immoral, which isn't something I agree with (if only because most people only hold this belief towards things that benefit them and would gladly jump on the copyright bandwagon if they ever had a chance to profit off of it), but I respect their opinion as valid. tl;dr think for yourself.
  5. Where, might I ask, are these questions coming from? I don't understand your moral dilemma.
  6. That reminds me that I quite dislike people who do this. Like, for how often we complain about companies that misuse YouTube's copyright takedown system, there are people that also abuse the monetization system by doing things like that, and then claiming that it's "fair use." They're as much to blame for YouTube's copyright system being broken as the DMCA abusers are.
  7. No, it's not stealing. You are not legally responsible for what OTHER people upload. If you're really that hung up over it, though, buy the official OST if it's released or buy a copy of the game it's from so the composers and musicians can get their sweet, sweet royalties. Downloading is a different debate, though.
  8. The rights holders would love it if you didn't, but they're not going to do anything about it.
  9. Concepts/Things In Mania You Dislike

    This may seem petty to talk about now but one thing I don't like about Mania is its initial release period. We knock Sega for its inclusion of Denuvo DRM and that's perfectly fair, but that isn't even the only problem with the game. At launch the game was riddled with bugs that impacted core features of the game. Black screens, crashes, just painfully frustrating things. It took me three times just to clear Flying Battery as Tails because the game would fail when coming out of special stages. I've heard Denuvo causes performance issues in games, but afaik that is a result of memory usage, which lowers framerate and requests more resources for the game to operate, which I don't think is what's causing it. And many people when I talk about this will point out that the game was developed by independent, freelance devs and thus are more prone to problems. I don't think that's true, and I also don't believe in treating indie devs as different than big publishers when it comes to core functionality. Anyway, it's beyond the point because I'm not pointing fingers at anyone. I don't know why the game was released as it was, but I know that many of us, myself included, forgave it because the base game was solid. And I guess that is my problem. If we weren't already starved for good Sonic content, this would never be accepted. Even though I love Mania, I feel it validated the sort of "release first, patch later" strategy that games have been pulling for awhile now. Again, I'm not saying it's any one entity's fault. Nor am I saying this to undermine Sonic Mania as an achievement, but I don't personally feel it was ready for release when it was released, even after being delayed once. I could be mistaken in some of my claims, and if I am feel free to let me know. I'm just saying that it did succeed at bringing down what could have been a fantastic experience to me. Not entirely, but enough that I need a break from Flying Battery for another decade.
  10. I really hate how CN can't even finish a 10 minute episode without cutting to commercial lately.  Like, usually the break point is in a really obtrusive place, sometimes interrupting dialogue mid-sentence, even weirder when the bumpers advertise the three remaining minutes as separate episodes like... aaaagh

  11. bandai namco sega sonic fighting game?

    This is so poorly substantiated that I hardly even think it qualifies as a rumor, personally. Unless something really ground-breaking comes up, I'm going to go ahead and lock this. Especially since we're getting Sonic news in the near future anyway, so it's not like we need to speculate on anything anyway.
  12. *watches one (1) Jim Sterling video*


    YouTube stap

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Did you know about Jim Sterling? I think you might enjoy his content.

      No? Alright, how about Jim Sterling?

      or Jim Sterling?

    2. Polkadi


      and here i am watching one comedy sketch from one channel, now it won't stop recommending me to them

      i don't care for their other videos, just the one that someone shared to me, geez

      thanks, youtube

    3. Mayor D

      Mayor D

      May God help you if you accidentally watch one 'What Culture' video.

  13. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Just leaving a note that I added this content warning here. Jim warns of violent and disturbing content in the video but doesn't really go into specifics. So please be mindful of that.
  14. Are Sonic media better than the games?

    Recent non-game media, in my opinion, does succeed at being a better example of its own media than the games succeed at being games. So in that regard, yes, they are "better." Sonic Boom does a better job being a cartoon, for example. Generally speaking, it's not visually assaulting, is well paced, and isn't really offensive on a macro scale. It's not by any means perfect, but outside the core fandom, it's not derisive either. The comics are also generally well-made. The art in post-reboot Archie is visually pleasing, or at the very least anatomically correct in most cases, it has a somewhat unique style, and a decent grasp of characterization (regardless of whether or not that characterization aligns with your own personal conceptions of who Sonic et. al should be), and a consistent tonality. As a cartoon, Sonic Boom is a decent example of one. As far as comics go, post-reboot Archie is a decent example of a comic. Their problems lie in the fact that there's really nothing in them that I would use to win over new fans of the series. Just as there's nothing egregiously offensive about them (note: again, outside the core fandom), there's nowhere that they truly shine, either. While I like Ian Flynn's take on the characters, both series are simply, reasonably strong in what their respective mediums set out to do. Contrast this with the games, which for the longest time have had a variety of noted problems fundamentally ranging from easily fixable problems like level design to much more complex technical issues like faulty engines. The plot of Sonic games have also never really been particularly Shakespearean, but to be honest, game narratives with a few exceptions tend to be kind of on the clunky side anyway and it's not really what most people subscribe to games for usually. So because the gameplay for Sonic games has been generally weak in recent years, it falls short of doing what its medium was designed to do. This is in opposition with how it was in the 90's arguably up until the mid-2000's, where the shows and comics were pretty lackluster for their time, despite generally being liked within the fanbase, and only got worse over time. But the fact that the games at the time still had a positive reputation and were designed with an iota of competence made up for it. That, and even the shortcomings of the Sonic cartoons weren't particularly uncommon among licensed cartoons of the time, so it wasn't something you could really knock Sonic for specifically. The main difference is that the games are the "primary" medium. The comics and the cartoons all serve as advertisements for the games, not the other way around. So the fact that the games were still going strong strengthened the outlook on the comics and cartoons, even if those weren't particularly good on their own merits. Whereas today, Sonic is, rather deservedly, a bit of an easy target when it comes to his primary medium, so even if Boom has seen some success and the comics (prior to their cancellation) were much stronger than they were previously, the state of the games sort of paints those in a bad light, despite their quality. tl;dr sonic

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