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  1. Make a controversial statement but make it sound like a 7 year old kid was saying it while not fully understanding it.

    1. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Sonic Forces is a well made game and Sonic Team are the best developers in the world better than Nintendo 

    2. Penny


      sonic mania will sucks cuz its graphics r bad and old

    3. Zorua & Flare

      Zorua & Flare

      Sonic Foreces is bad because the game looks dark. I only like  because the story might be more hardcore.


      And... Dark


    4. OcelotBot


      Classic Sonic in Generations has best gameplay ever because it's called "classic".

    5. Josh


      Boys who suck peepee are very bad

    6. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      We need to build a wall on the Mexican border to keep the Mexicans out.

  2. Even taking into account the division of labor, there's still the fact that the quality of a product is not inherently equivalent to the amount of time and effort put into it, but rather the quality of the time and effort. This is the same problem with Sonic 06 albeit to much smaller degree: Short of a miracle, you're not likely to see a huge increase in quality if the threshold for said quality (as it was in the time of SA1's development) is already at a set point, no matter how much time and energy you put into it. In other words, you're not likely to paint the Mona Lisa if the only thing you know how to draw is stick figures.
  3. To put this in other words, there is quite a difference between the implementation of multiple (and contradictory) gameplay styles and the natural, stylistic overlap between genres. I also wouldn't really call Tomb Raider a platformer just because a prominent aspect of the game happens to be traversing platforms any more than I would say that funk music is essentially rock music simply because they both make heavy use of the electric guitar. In our current conception of games, there's a lot of overlap between genres, because, in essence, the goal is the same for most conflict-driven games. Get from Point A. to Point B. while eliminating (and/or avoiding being eliminated by) obstacles. Meanwhile, Sonic actually DOES implement other, more alien gameplay styles. It would arguably more akin to the way EA's take on the James Bond games often had a genre roulette between first- (and later third-) person shooters, two or three driving segments per game, and multiple on-rail shooter segments. I'm at a loss for the proper words to explain why I think this form of genre roulette is actually acceptable in my opinion, compared to Sonic's clash between 2D and 3D platforming, so I'm not going to try to justify it. But I do think it works better in the aforementioned Bond titles than it does with Sonic, in any case.
  4. What specifically are we talking about when we say spin-offs? I don't look at spin-offs like Mario and Sonic or Sonic Drift (being vast departures in terms of gameplay and having stories that don't really interfere with the rest of the games) in the same way I do spin-offs like Shadow (being an expansion of the universe and actually being canon to the main series). For the former category, as much as of a cop-out as it might be, my answer is just... well-executed, I guess? I don't think any of the spin-offs like this were terrible ideas, just very clunky in execution, with the exception being the All-Stars Racing games. I guess if I had a specific preference, I would like to see more All-Stars Racing, as well as maybe a more polished Sonic Riders. In the latter category, while I'd be interested in experimenting with genre, I'd honestly rather the series stick to enhancing what it's already (somewhat) good at. That is, platforming. I'd rather they use spin-offs as a means to expand the universe and the characters. At their core, I believe they should still be platformers, but how they operate should be radically different based on the characters' abilities. Tails Adventure sort of falls into a grey area here, because even as a Metroidvania game, its mechanical basis is still rooted in platforming, so I'm okay with that. So basically, I'd like to see more platformers that experiment with different mechanics and expand upon different parts of the Sonic universe. Something similar to how Freedom Planet utilizes core Sonic gameplay while experimenting with differing move sets and level design principles. But with the way Sega currently operates, this is just a pipe dream, I know.
  5. 11891c59ed4532225a6bc210384d40d0.png

    I never want to know the context for this.

    1. Ferno



      why does his head look like a balloon

    2. Maxtiis


      Apparently the artist thought they were drawing a Yoshi for a Mario comic and realized their mistake after they were done, so the colorist tried to cover it up by applying Vector's color palette to it.

      It didn't work.

    3. Tara


      Oh, right.  That Mario comic where Yoshi REALLY lets himself go.

  6. I mean, as a comparison, I liked FLUDD in Super Mario Sunshine but that doesn't mean I'd like him to be super prominent in another 3D Mario platformer. I thought Turtles Forever was an okay spin-off but I wouldn't want to see the different TMNT incarnations crossing over on a regular basis. I thought A Pup Named Scooby-Doo was cute in the 90's but I wouldn't want another series dedicated to the cast being children. Ergo, Classic Sonic was cute in Generations, but I didn't particularly want him crossing over with modern Sonic a second time. Narrative and gameplay grievances aside, some things just have a one-time novelty, and Classic Sonic (in the context of a main series 3D platformer) is one of those things. I'd much rather they focus on the relationship between Sonic and his friends than Sonic and himself.
  7. I can't believe I almost forgot what day it is.  The anniversary of the one thing that has brought us all together!


    Happy birthday, Jesus!

    1. OcelotBot
    2. Kiah


      You need to be in Staff Timeout for the rest of the day for that one. 

  8. I never really liked the Chaotix as they were re-introduced in Heroes. They fell perhaps a little too hard under that stereotypical shonen anime comic relief characters archetype that I personally find to be sort of insufferable. But I would be interested in seeing what other writers could do to make them better.
  9. I'd argue that the discrepancies in design are probably not going to be nearly as big of a deal to the target demographic as they are with the older fans of the show. I grew up in the 90's, where it was even more confusing. Sonic looks and acts very different in the classic games than he did in SatAM and AoSTH (two shows that are by themselves completely different despite literally airing at the same time) or the comics, and SatAM and the comics had a whole catalog of characters that only appeared as cameos in one game (which a lot of people I know didn't even bother to get), meanwhile fan favorites like Amy and Knuckles were nowhere to be seen. Despite the obvious differences, no one I know ever questioned it, honestly. You accept a lot of stupid things as a kid, no matter how glaringly inconsistent or dumb it may be. By contrast, Sonic Boom looks different, but it still has a very similar approach in terms of storytelling and atmosphere to the main series Sonic games from Colors onward and, with the comics currently in "hiatus," it's the only series currently running that contradicts the main Sonic image. In other words, kids today have it a lot easier than we did, and I don't picture them being that much more inquisitive when it comes to things like that. It's never stopped TMNT fans, in any case. If there's any reason I would want Sonic Boom to be canceled, it's simply because I personally haven't enjoyed any of the games (though I've not played Fire & Ice, which I hear is quite "okay, I guess, kind of") and I've become sort of disillusioned with what I feel is lackluster quality from the TV show. In its current state, Sonic Boom is benign but ultimately pointless. At least, in regards to anything that is relevant to me as a fan. I see no intrinsic harm in continuing it, but won't be sad to see it quietly fade away, either, though I do empathize with those who may feel differently.
  10. Curiously, is there a reason Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is rated M despite the rest of the series being rated T, or is it just one of those Rated M for Money sort of scenarios?

    1. JaidynReiman


      Type-0 is insanely dark compared to most other games. You wouldn't know it just from the start of the game, but it becomes evident by the end. Its certainly not Rated M for Money.


      I haven't beaten it yet myself, but I do know it gets really bad by the end of the game.

  11. Edge up your favorite anime by adding profanity to the title.

    And try to put a little effort into it; don't just slap "fuck" on it somewhere and call it a day.

    1. Klinsy


      Dragon Dick Balls Z

    2. Boomer


      Cory in the Fucking House

    3. Tara


      Boomer, I'm not mad.  I'm just very disappointed.

      Mainly in myself.

    4. Boomer


      If it's for the language I didn't read the spoilers until afterwards.

      If it's because of my anime well then...

    5. Tara


      I thought you had impeccable taste in anime.  I see now I was mistaken.

      It's even better than I imagined.

    6. Forte-Metallix


      Kirby Right Up Ya Ass

    7. blueblur98


      spongefrick squarepants

      i chose the best anime and worst swear

    8. Celestia


      Kino's Fucked Up Journey

    9. Tara


      I can't hate this, Celestia, because it's too accurate of a description.

    10. Polkadi


      One-Shitty-Punch Man

      Saitama throws the worst punch ever, and calls it a day.

    11. Tornado


      Inuyasha... FUCK

    12. Celestia
    13. Adamabba


      One Piece of Sh*t

    14. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Motherfucking Sonic's OVA (On Viewer's Ass)

    15. Penny


      Fullmetal Ass-chemist

    16. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      My Asshole Little Sister Can't Be This Bitchy!

      Fuck Kirino.

      Also I just realized this said "favorite anime". I effed up. That's nowhere near it. lol

    17. Zorua & Flare
    18. Gabe


      Space Darndy

    19. PaulyBFromDa303


      Sonic XXX, or Sonic SeX

      A DeviantArt Production 

    20. Waveshocker Sigma
    21. Polkadi


      should i be ashamed that i know what that is?

    22. PaulyBFromDa303


      Meh.Not my thing but I don't judge. Unless it's Cream the Rabbit cause there is a fine line between furry and pedophilia

      Meh.Not my thing but I don't judge. Unless it's Cream the Rabbit cause there is a fine line between furry and pedophilia

    23. Tara


      This was a family status before you guys came along.

    24. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      A family status about profanity.

      Seems legit.

  12. It's probably a cookie issue. You might have to delete your cookies or something to reset them.
  13. I'd have to agree that online petitions have scarcely ever actually swayed a business in making a decision. As such, going to have to close this topic for now as, I'm sure, a thousand other people are going to repeat the same sentiment if past history serves.
  14. I quite like the opening. It's a nice, little updated version of the original that stays true to its roots while still firmly establishing its own identity. Basically, that's sort of the direction I hope the show goes in. Of course, nothing is going to top the nostalgic and sentimental value of the original, so I'd like it if the show (as it so far looks like it has been) to go in its direction, while not being afraid to call back to its origin. Can't wait to see more!
  15. Back from my trip and I am exhausted.  Please continue to redirect your complaints elsewhere as I neglect my responsibilities for just a little bit longer!

    1. Kiah



      Seriously though Tara take all the time you need as well as getting your rest!

    2. Zaysho


      For the record, please direct all inquiries/complaints to @Celestia

    3. Tara


      You don't get to take a break, Zaysho.

    4. Kiah


      Go easy on @Zaysho, Tara. Zay is already salty due to the fact that there's no way he can be banned. 

    5. Tara


      No rest for the wicked