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  1. 6fa4a5b6a02d65efdf5543ea0e44f9c5.png

    Ubisoft:  "We just straight up lock you out of your account."


    In case anyone is wondering, there was indeed no suspicious activity on my account.  This happened shortly after I reset my password last week.  I hate this service.

    1. The Holiday Drunk

      The Holiday Drunk

      That's Ubisoft for ya

  2. Is Sonic Boom finally dead?

    To my recollection, Sticks was only an NPC in Rise of Lyric. She had no bearing on the plot, aside from giving you a pointless fetch quest. I never completed said fetch quest though so maybe there's more that I haven't seen.
  3. So is it normal for shows to have separate dubs for the US and UK versions?  My nephew is over here watching Olivia and I was anticipating watching the show I was familiar with, but the voice actors are different (all British), but I remember this episode enough to notice that the script is word for word verbatim to the US version.  Just... different voices (and the theme song is in a slightly higher key for some reason)

    It's weird to me that there would be two separate versions for a show in the same language, and since the script is identical, there's no like "things that might make sense in the UK but not the US" and vice versa.  So... what fuck?

    1. RedFox99



    2. DantaJ86


      Wah? I'm a Brit and I've never noticed anything like that before. I'm kinda curious now, though.

    3. dwibs93


      It's mostly for the shows on like Nick Jr.

      Backyardigans had this, for example.

    4. Tara


      I didn't know Backyardigans had different dubs like that.  Is there a reason why, like they think kids will relate more to actors of their respective country?

      (A sort of weird mindset to have when Nick Jr. in the US has a lot of British programming completely unaltered)

    5. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      That's super weird, I've never heard of such a thing happening before now.

    6. dwibs93


      @Tara I have no idea.

    7. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      No, normally we just have the American dub. The lone exception is young children's shows (anything on Nick Jr or CBBeebies) where everything is localised. Sometimes the show will be recreated entirely rather than dubbed; I always get confused when people post things from Blues Clues with some skinny white guy and I'm like "what the fuck is that?".

      Also Luke in the Professor Layton games, cause the American voice for him is almost offensively bad.

    8. dwibs93


      @Blue Blood Which was weird in the prequel games, since the same VA who did American Luke also did Emmy, and she was much better there.

    9. Tara


      The thought of Blue's Clues with anyone but Steve (or reluctantly Joe) sounds hilarious in an unexplainable way.

    10. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @dwibs93 Lani Minella is an experienced VA with lots of impressive credits (and Sonic fans will know her as the original Rouge and Omochao). Her attempt at a young, English boy is simply terrible though.

    11. Adamabba


      The only other time I've heard of this happening is from the Gex series. The US and UK versions of the first game both had the same voice actor, but for some reason the sequel had a different voice for the UK version, and changed it again for the third game, yet the US version had the same voice for all three games.

    12. dwibs93


      @Blue Blood It doesn't even sound English or boy-like.

      It makes Luke sound like he has a cold.

    13. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      Dammit @Blue Blood you've sent me to the Blues Clues wiki (????) to investigate this


      This is surreal, I had no idea there were others


    14. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      It's very rare but it does happen, usually for a younger audience. Usually they remake the thing if it is live action or just use whatever dub is available, most of the time the American/Canadian dub is used but Asian dubs have been used in the past sometimes for licensing. There have been redubs of cartoons but they completely flopped like apparently The Powerpuff Girls was redubbed but I only heard the original voices even back in the day.

      It might be down to accents, at a younger age they are more likely to hear similar to what their parents or family talk rather than "different and funny accents" as well as pronouncination can be a bit different. Like say miltary, in American English it is Mil-lee-ter-ry while in British English it is Mili-tree.

      Even in games such as Ape Escape had different dubs and for the younger people, Spy Fox.

      Oh and that higher key in the intro would have been PAL speedup.

    15. Tara


      I figured accents probably had something to do with it.  I guess it's strange to me because, like I said, we air shows from the UK here for small children here all the time, largely unedited.  This might be because in urban America we have people with all kinds of different accents so we're used to hearing all different kinds of pronunciations from a pretty young age.  Don't know about the UK though.

  4. God, it's only December and there are already Christmas commercials!

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I've been seeing them since the beginning of November

      My mom has been watching a lot of Christmas movies since then too D:

    2. McGroose


      "It's only December"

      The month of Christmas.

    3. Zaysho



  5. Oh sorry! I thought that was private. I didn't know the message system was still public. 

    1. Tara


      Profile comments are public affairs, yes.  No biggy, though.  If you have any questions on forum features, please let me or another mod know!

  6. I don't believe I personally badmouthed. I avoided use of personal pronouns, but I don't really know what is PMed or not. Still getting used to the layout here. Some of it is similar to Kanzenshuu, and some is different. I was merely saying what I feared happened. Off topic discussions almost always lead to dragging on and a lot of the time (especially if a heated debate) it ends up locked/closed because of it. 

    I also thanked the person in question as they were kind to me, and the latter I said above. But you are right. I am sorry if this is public. I didn't realize since I haven't been around long enough. I will learn to use PM's now. Thank you for letting me know. I thought I received a PM since it looked different from other Status stuff.

    1. Tara


      Well, passive-aggressive shots at another member aren't exactly much better, especially when it's contextually obvious to anyone who's keeping up with events.

      That being said, it's fine.  You're not in trouble or anything.  For the record, status comments and PM's are very different things.  When receiving PM's, you will be directed to your mailbox (the envelope in the top right corner of the screen), as opposed to the bell icon.  If you have any questions about forum features, feel free to contact me or another mod!

    2. dbzfan7


      I mean I didn't mention them, but I get what you are saying. It still links somewhat to them, even if I didn't personally insult or mention them. I gotcha.

      Alright I'll mess around and figure it out :)

  7. Could Eggman truly kill Sonic if he wished

    Unless you fall off a cliff, in which case, you simply get your character falling, with a balloon popping to indicate their apparent demise, but that's being pedantic. =P
  8. Could Eggman truly kill Sonic if he wished

    To me, player deaths can symbolize the capacity to lose, rather than Eggman's willingness to kill him. Not that I think Eggman WOULDN'T kill Sonic, so much as I don't think player deaths are necessarily indicative of it considering how purely ludic they are as a mechanic. As a counter example, I have no doubt that King K. Rool would prefer Donkey Kong and friends dead, but after losing all your lives in Donkey Kong Country, you're treated to a screen of the characters battered and bruised rather than killed. I also wouldn't put it past Team Rocket to want to kill their opponent's Pokémon (moment of silence for Cubone's mom), but your Pokémon nevertheless always "faint" instead. I realize that neither of those examples are Sonic, but while the implication of death is obviously there, I feel it's so ludic that the element of death could be more symbolic than literal.
  9. Call out post to @Celestia

    They had to look up the name of the protagonist from Home Alone.  They are a fake Home Alone fan.  Not fit to moderate a Sonic forum!

    1. Celestia


      I trusted you with this information and this is what you do. Unbelievable.

    2. Tara


      you deceived us all with your fake qualifications

    3. Yeow


      *sips empty cup*

      this is great ssmb drama

    4. JovahexeonXMAS Tron Bonne

      JovahexeonXMAS Tron Bonne

      Aren't they......he?

  10. I'm not big on Elsworlds stories, so I'll probably be skipping this as well as the Gotham By Gaslight adaptation. But I am interested in how two different movies based on an alternate time/location are being released in relatively close proximity. I find Ninja Batman slightly more interesting, due to its (in my opinion only) superior animation and the actual setting being more interesting to me, but because I don't really care for the type of plot too much, I'll still probably give it a pass. Gotham Knight was a Japanese-made Batman film, though unlike this one, it was very much made with the English dub as its primary selling point (to the point where it's kind of dissonant with the art style at times). Just saying it's not an entirely new concept.
  11. Telltale Batman Season 2: The Enemy Within

    "As Batman, the choices you make determine Gordon's commitment to a smoke-free life, or a troublesome future of miserable lung cancer!" That should be on the back of the box.
  12. Hyuck hyuck hyuck!

    Noooooooooo spriiiiiiiiings!

    1. VEDJ-F


      wee woo!

    2. Froste-the-SnowMetallix


      Sounds like Rango fell off the deep end after Mario Odyssey.

  13. >begins to download a game. "Only 100 MB?  That's great!"

    >launches game

    >"Installing update: 1/26,781"


    1. StrickerXmas


      back in my day you put the disk into the box and it just worked automatically

    2. Blacklightning


      It's even worse when it's a boxed copy.

      I'm scared to buy anything AAA anymore because of extortionately huge day one patches wrecking my data cap.

  14. Nickelodeon Animation Discussion

    So the Hey Arnold! movie aired here over Thanksgiving weekend, and I sat down to watch it. I'm happy to say that despite some glaring problems with the narrative, I did enjoy the movie overall and found it to be a nice conclusion to a much-loved series. Spoilers here so don't read if you don't want the spoilers! Starting with the presentation, it's more or less fantastic. The digital animation does a wonderful job at preserving the style of the original show while prettying it up for modern standards. The characters all look like their 90's counterparts with some minor tweaks that are mostly attire-related. The backgrounds are all familiar but seem to have a fresh coat of paint. Lots of throwbacks to old episodes that are noticeable but not thrown in your face Sonic Generations-style serve as a really nice treat to long time fans of the show while still making it (relatively) approachable to newcomers. But as beautiful as the animation is, there are moments where the digital animation becomes... obvious. Sometimes a scene will appear very under-developed, using only a base coat for coloring or having a really stiff animation cycle. Other times, a character will look just a little too detailed by comparison to the rest of the cast. The music follows a similar trend of hitting all the right notes. The funky jazz fusion style of the original show makes a return, giving a sense that almost no time has passed. It's actually a relief to know they didn't try to incorporate things like modern pop in to the mix, even when there are characters whose personality it would probably fit. From beginning to end, it remains stylistically in tune with what the series was, updating only what was necessary and deviating only to establish a mood. Then there's the voice acting, which is for the most part fantastic. They clearly went out of their way to get as many of the original voice actors to reprise their roles, and even now they still fit into those roles like a glove. Hearing Arnold''s grandparents again after so long is so satisfying. Even now, they probably have the best delivery, offering a performance that manages to be both hilarious when it needs to be as well as heartfelt during the softer moments. The flipside to this is that when a VA is either replaced or doesn't quite fit into their role as they used to, it's extremely obvious. For the most part, though, they did a good job finding replacement actors that sound very similar, and even the ones that are a little more noticeable still do their characters justice. It's just that long-time fans will definitely miss the old cast. But the writing, at least far as dialogue and characterization, are concerned, is where the film really shines. The style of comedy is exactly as you'd expect from a Hey Arnold episode. Very dialogue-driven with a pinch of physical humor thrown in sparingly for good measure. The characters are all who they were in the original. Arnold is still the stoic, but kind and emotionally troubled, boy we know and love, Gerald is still the cocky, wise-cracking best friend, Helga is still the lovestruck yet abrasive fangirl that we all remember. I don't really recall anyone being particularly out of character, except maybe Phoebe's "genius" levels are stretched to absolutely ridiculous levels at times. In the original, she was certainly bright and definitely what you would call book smart, but they really give her a little too much power in this. The plot, unfortunately, is where I think things take a bit of a downward turn. Don't get me wrong; most of it is perfectly fine. And maybe if I were younger, I'd probably not even be paying attention to many of these little problems. But as an adult, there were a few things that just fell short for me. For example, I thought the elements of mysticism and prophecies was a little much for a show of this scope. For the most part, it's handled all right, but it still comes across as jarring. Also, for a Hey Arnold movie, it gets... surprisingly violent in places. Like, there's no blood or anything, don't get me wrong. But towards the latter half of the film, we see... I'm not saying it's a bloodbath or anything. But is this the kind of action I expect coming from a Hey Arnold movie? Not necessarily. I mean, the show is certainly no stranger to dark humor or implying that a character may have met a grim fate, but as far as I remember, it's never been this direct. And it's usually not the result of a violent action sequence or something like that. It just feels... off. I guess you can forgive it if you look at it from this angle: It's a movie. The stakes are up. They need to keep it exciting to justify the added runtime. And that's all well and good, but there's a big problem with this. The movie is very tonally dissonant. At some points, it's a down to earth film that's not afraid to acknowledge the inevitability of death. Heck, the movie teases us for half the film about Arnold's parents possibly being dead. Not sent to the Shadow Realm or whatever, but just plain dead. At various points, Arnold is preparing himself for the worst. But then towards the tail end of the movie, it becomes extremely saccharine, giving everyone (who wasn't a villain) an indisputably happy end. And this happy end comes at the expense of actual plot focus. The film treats finding Arnold's parents as the ultimate goal. Who they were as people, playing catch up after ten years of absence, just giving us a solid reason to care about their well-being aside from the simple fact that they are Arnold's parents is tossed aside in favor of the final end goal of actually finding them. Once they are found, that's... pretty much it. Movie's over. I mean, yeah, there's a little more to it than that, but in terms of impact on the status quo, it's pretty minimal. Which is why I'm sad to say that the mystery of Arnold's parents is very unsatisfying. Disappointing, because that was the entire point of the film. The film's focus on Arnold's relationships with his friends and family was actually the more interesting part of the story, and for the most part they're pretty strong. But it shares perhaps a few too many similarities with 1999's The Rugrats Movie, I think? In general, you can't help but draw parallels between this movie and other Nick movies, considering Nick had such a fixation on the idea of stranding the characters in the jungle and eventually turning on each other in the late 90's and early 2000's. Don't get me wrong; this movie still stands well on its own. It's just something you notice more if you grew up with the other Nick movies. On that note, while I praise the actual characterization, I hope you really like Arnold, Helga, and Gerald, because the film pretty much forgets about everyone else towards the tail end of the film (and I mean outright forgets that they exist). So basically, if you were hoping this would be a fond farewell to the entire cast... well, you'll be feeling just a little disappointed. There are times when the film really pushes my suspension of disbelief. Again, might just be adult me thinking a little too hard, and to the film's credit, the writing is pretty tongue-in-cheek about it without being obnoxiously self-aware. Basically, in short, I think the plot is honestly a bit of a confused mess that has its priorities slightly skewed. But it's still highly enjoyable, because of its top-notch characterization and humor. The film does a great job updating Hey Arnold and bringing it into the 21st century without pandering. Seeing smart phones and other modern technology feels natural, like the writers er... actually knew what social media was instead of using the fact that it exists as some kind of selling point. It's written from an informed point of view that has a foot firmly in both the 90's and the modern times. And the film is brilliantly delivered because of it. Almost all the jokes are a hit, the sad parts are really sad, and the cute moments are really cute. As a summary, this is a great film, and I think anyone who grew up with the original series should find something to appreciate here. Unfortunately, I feel like with the sloppy pacing and ill-focused plot, it's not something I would use to introduce people to Hey Arnold. This kind of movie might have worked better if it had been released in the late 90's and early 2000's as intended, but even with all the updates, it still feels a little too much like a relic of its time to really entice new people into it. I'd definitely be curious to see what someone who has never watched Hey Arnold would have to say about it. tl;dr, good movie, but not without its share of problems.
  15. Just finished the Hey Arnold movie.  Will give my full thoughts later, but despite some plot threads (or lack thereof) that bugged me, I enjoyed it.  It was a nice little conclusion to a show I loved as a kid and love just as much if not more as an adult.  Definitely recommend it to anyone who grew up with the show!

    1. Speederino


      I started watching that one again recently. I never thought I'd revisit Hey Arnold, but I'm surprised to see how well it holds up.

    2. Tara


      Indeed.  I think of all the Nicktoons, it's probably the best aged.

    3. Ferno


      show aged like a fine wine