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  1. Mr. Clean fan theory: Mr. Clean is actually a bald guy who had a passion for cleanliness when he was put in a coma after accidentally inhaling toxic chemicals.  Every time the "Mr. Clean!  Mr. Clean!" jingle plays in a commercial, it's actually his loved ones calling out to him from the other side.

    1. Ferno
    2. Cyrus


      I don't even wanna know your thoughts on the Green Giant lore

    3. Ferno



      this bear probably has quite the backstory

    4. Tara


      Green Giant fan theory:  Towards the end of his time under the mantle of the Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner's powers become unstable and transform him into a giant too large to fit comfortably into a modern society.  Dejected, but not undeterred, Hulk decides move to an empty, rural plain in the middle of nowhere in particular, where he can still do good by farming green beans, peas, and other vegetation for consumer use.

      Basically think Oracle except with food.

      Snuggle bear headcanon: After the death of her only son, a suburban parent groes attached to her son's left behind material possessions, including his favorite bear, and the soft feeling of his clothes after being treated with fabric softener.  The bear is the only one who thinks it's normal, largely because it's a manifestation of her insanity.

    5. Ferno


      g-get the movie producers on the phone

    6. Cyrus


      When's your book coming out?

    7. Tara


      TBA 20XX

    8. Speederino


      Mr. Clean fan theory: Mr. Clean is actually Luigi.

    9. Tara


      Don't give away the ending, Speederino. >=(

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