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  1. So the general consensus for Batman: Hush (the movie) from what I'm seeing on IMDB is "mixed to negative."  Is this a fair assessment?

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Absolutely fair, it’s a decent movie for the majority of it, but they kill the story in the last half by making tons of utterly baffling stupid changes, including changing Hush’s actual identity.

    2. Tara


      I finished watching it.

      My poor  brain.

      Make it stop.

      Make the bad thing stop.

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      riddler is hush

      tommy is a non character

      it takes place in the new 52 continuity 

      Nightwing gets dicked over

    4. Tara


      The annoying part is that like... there's a lot that I actually LIKE about it.  In terms of production value, it's a huge step up from DC's other DTV outings.  The animation is quite good and even excellent in places, and the music is fantastic.  The voice acting is pretty good with some exceptions.  I usually don't like Jason O'Mara's Batman but he was really good here.  And I even thought the first hour of the movie was decent.  Not great, but was a decently okay adaptation.  I legit thought I was going to have the unpopular opinion and actually like this movie.

      THEN THE RIDDLER IS HUSH PART CAME IN.  And in less than 30 minutes, they managed to undo all the good the entire first hour of the movie had.  Like, just that revelation alone completely killed the entire rest of the movie for me.

    5. Ryannumber1gamer


      Basically my thought. It’s like reverse Killing Joke where the first half hour kills the good will that the last hour has, only here, the last half hour kills the first hour’s good will.

    6. Tara


      On that note, I was really hoping it would take the bad taste of The Killing Joke out of my mouth but instead it made it worse.

    7. Ryannumber1gamer



      Hush was my Killing Joke. Like, I love KJ as a story, but Hush is my all time favourite. I’ve wanted this film for years, especially after Under the Red Hood. I hate what they did with it.

    8. dbzfan7


      Man those changes were quite the riddle.

      (Wait how was Nightwing dicked over? Haven't seen it, heard it was trash)

    9. Tara


      I'm assuming he means the part where Nightwing is poisoned by Scarecrow's venom and then unceremoniously disappears from the movie entirely.

    10. dbzfan7


      The DCAM really hates Nightwing for some reason.

    11. Ryannumber1gamer


      Exactly that part.

    12. Milo


      lol so they pulled a killing joke on this adaptation?

    13. Tara


      I would at least say that Hush is better than The Killing Joke.  Like, as bad as the last thirty minutes are, and as bad as the stupid plot reveal is, the animation is still better, the music is still better, and it's still probably the best animated interpretation of Bruce and Selena's relationship.  Like I've never been a big fan of Batman and Catwoman as a couple (bar their forced separation at the end).  More specifically, I never saw them as a "settle down and get married" type couple and always saw them more like Scrooge McDuck and Goldie.  Two people who love or at least lust after each other, but constantly screw each other over because of how selfish they are.  And even if Nightwing gets the short end of the stick again, I really like his snarky but supportive attitude here.  Like, the way he's so happy about Bruce getting a girlfriend is so pure and I love it.  It's just that all those good things are undone in the last half hour by that god damn stupid plot twist.

      The Killing Joke's main problem (the Bat sex problem) is a very big one and I would honestly consider it more offensive in terms of like... how they disrespect a legacy character by painting her as hormonal and incompetent.  But while I did enjoy the second half of The Killing Joke when it first came out, my views on it have sort of shifted in subsequent watches, because it's just such a bleak, bland movie lacking in personality or inspiration.  Especially when you compare it to the comic and see all the tiny little details that make up the emotional core of the narrative that the movie just completely skims over.

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