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  1. I don't really care too much about the Eggman dancing thing as a standalone concept. Namely, because when he does, it's usually pretty self-aware about it and the cringe is part of the joke. But in the context of numerous other by-the-books and cliche trailer fodder, it just comes across as even more cringey than it otherwise might have.
  2. At this point, I think it's best we move on from this particular post, since after a couple of days, it appears Splash is not interested in responding. Also, no need to further dogpile since I don't think there's anything anyone can say that hasn't already been said.
  3. It's... okay, I guess? I actually think there are some clever set pieces in the movie; namely the Green Hill Zone in the beginning. And the design looks better but I'm still not convinced on it. One thing I was concerned about which was thankfully worked on was the expressiveness of Sonic's face. Even while better than the old model, the promotional material for the new design always gave Sonic this sort of dead smile that made him look like a bootleg plush doll and I was sort of worried that the actual film would look like that. But the expressions are very vibrant and alive. The problem, again, comes down to the plot and the writing which... just looks kind of drab, and the rest of the plot just seems like a Wikipedia list of recycled tropes I've seen in other films. So basically it's gone from unwatchable garbage that is actually visually assaulting to... more than a little generic, I guess. I probably won't be lining up at the theater for it, but maybe if someone dared me and paid me five dollars I'd watch the movie when it comes to DVD or something. Probably not buying it or anything, because I don't want that design on my shelf.
  4. Nobody likes the Sonic fanbase.... because they don't like your fan character?
  5. They've been torturing him for months. This looks like it's coming out really good. Can't wait for more.
  6. The problem here is that people are just bumping the topic in order to express for the umpteen thousandth time how much they need a trailer. It's not a problem that they're excited, but when it gets to the level of repetitiveness that it's gotten in the past few weeks, it quickly becomes spammy.
  7. Honestly they could release the World games as a standalone collection on their own and that would be enough reason for me to want it. I never did play 3, though.
  8. Capcom Disney games that need a DuckTales Remastered treatment:

    -DuckTales 2 (though to be fair, last I played that game, it controlled so well and had a surprisingly solid visual presentation for a NES game, so it holds up extremely well today I think)

    -Goof Troop

    -The Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey and Minnie

    -Alladin (either SNES or Genesis version; and yes, I'm aware of the bundle that was released recently)

    -Darkwing Duck

    -Disney/Pixar's Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Symphony of the Night  3 & Knuckles featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series DS Live and Reloaded, No Lootboxes Edition*

    *contains lootboxes

    1. Zaysho


      hula hula

    2. Miragnarok


      Wayforward's take on Darkstalkers would be a nice fit, too.

    3. Miragnarok


      Wayforward's take on Darkstalkers would be a nice fit, too.

  9. Lol, I knew someone would bring this up when I saw the others had posted. None of us were "dunking" on him. We expressed our disagreement, just as anyone else is welcome to. While I do get that seeing four mods post in a row does give off a certain impression, I also think it's a bit silly that we should have to consider whether or not a mod has previously posted before we're allowed to use this thread to say what we were already planning on saying.
  10. A patronizing comment being read as patronizing shouldn't be an unexpected occurrence. As for the model, it's only as accurate to game Sonic as this is an accurate render of the Sonic Free Riders box art- Obviously, one was traced from the other, but you can also tell the artist (perhaps a young artist, so I'm not saying that with the intent of disrespecting them, and also it's not like I draw any better) does not have a grasp on line art, lighting, shading, or anatomy that makes Sonic's design work. It's an accurate model of Sonic, but I don't think too many people would argue that it's a good drawing. Obviously, I'm not saying the model looks like it was traced over and then colored in Microsoft Paint. But I'm saying, there's more to the quality of a model than how accurate looks at a surface level glance.
  11. I apparently missed this part in my last response. If you can't think of an actual response, you can go elsewhere with your strawman and bad faith arguments. Responses like these only clue me in that you're not interested in actually discussing the merits you may find in the design so much as are simply arguing from a contrarian standpoint for the sheer sake of contrarianism, made especially ridiculous when most of the things the fanbase is outspokenly bitter about aren't exactly much better received outside the fanbase, either. It's like dumping a cat's litterbox on someone's desk and then reminding the person that they have a cat of their own. Just no pleasing cat fans. And I'm not trying to defend the fanbase, either. I've gone on record before as saying I'm not exactly crazy about the Sonic fandom, but the only thing more eyeroll inducing than the Sonic fanbase itself is half-arsed remarks like this. To be honest, I'm not the biggest fan of how modern Sonic is rendered either, and I'm not quite into the level of photorealism on Mario's model in Super Mario Odyssey, either. The difference is that from a respectable distance (i.e. the angle from which you'll be viewing it for most of the game) it's not really noticeable. I think the classic Sonic render you posted would be my ideal 3D render of Sonic. The texturing is subtle, but visible enough that you can still visualize the materials they're made of. That and I quite like the shadows and light reflections play off of Sonic here.
  12. That's pretty much the problem. Sonic with fur is uncanny and overtly realistic to the point of being nauseating for me. It's the same reason I quite disliked Eddie LeBron's Sonic model. Aside from that, the fur texture and mouth placement (which to be fair, isn't something Sega has gotten right consistently, either) give Sonic the appearance of a bootleg Muppet, the eyes look glassy and lifeless, the proportions are a tad lanky, and the expression is pretty uninspiring. If this were rendered in another medium but otherwise 1:1 (meaning it can't be enhanced in that medium), it would still look like pretty trashy fan art.
  13. They both immediately illicit a fight or flight response in me. The former doesn't even look that out of place given the number of awkward Sonic renders that were popular in European media in the 90's. Though perhaps neither are quite as bad as-
  14. What exactly would be the difference in that case, then? It's the same general concept. That anthropomorphic creatures are still normal but are given different designs so that they blend more in the background still means that Sonic isn't an alien in his own world as is often posited. It just changes whose design is changed for the sake of the audience.
  15. The problem with this line of thinking is that we have no sense of scale to compare. Is being a 3-foot talking hedgehog normal in this world or not? For that matter, are those traits given to the character as part of the aforementioned stylization or a result of him being on a separate plain than the other animals? I agree that nothing about Sega's world-building and lore are consistent, so I don't think we can ever get a proper answer to that. But I tend to lean on the former. The animals that Sonic rescues are often referred to as his friends and companions, rather than mere woodland critters. The ending cutscene for 3D Blast even has them talking to Sonic, presumably with the same level of intellect as Sonic himself. To me, that indicates that Sonic's design was merely... well, a design choice, rather than something that makes him a different entity than the creatures he rescues altogether. As for the echidna tribe, the aforementioned Once Upon a Forest and The Secret of NIMH are both examples of regular animals forming societies outside of human reach. It is also not a trope unique to Sonic.
  16. That's what I was thinking of when I thought I had Sonic 1 GBA. I knew I had at least one more copy that I couldn't think of. Mystery solved.
  17. At least as far as the classic continuity goes, I feel that differentiating Sonic and friends as "anthropomorphic" animals as opposed to simply "animals" is where the interpretation goes awry. I've always felt that aside from their particular characteristics and special powers, i.e. Sonic's speed, there's nothing really that sets Sonic apart from a normal animal. His design being more human-like and detailed is to indicate his status to the player as an important character, but otherwise, the animal friends such as Flickies and those that appear in Eggman's robots are painted as being on an equal level to Sonic, rather than Sonic existing as an anthropomorphic, human-like animal in a world where these sort of things otherwise don't exist. Thinking about it this way, it becomes less a matter of Sonic being an alien in his own world, and simply becomes an old-as-time story about human and animals being able to talk to each other, no different from the number of fairy tales and folklore of equal premises. This does naturally create some contradictions, though, as does any work involving animals. At some point, it creates a Goofy and Pluto conundrum. But I feel that's not only unavoidable but also easy to ignore. For that reason, Sonic doesn't seem "disconnected" from humans to me. Just that there was never really any reason to show more humans aside from Eggman until Sonic Adventure. Sonic is a woodland critter, canonically no different than any other (again, barring his speed) but is stylized for the sake of the audience, trying to protect his home from destruction, Eggman is a human intruder that's causing such destruction. It's not a particularly new premise. The best comparison I can make is probably Once Upon a Forest. See the trailer below. You'll notice the characters are stylized to look, talk, and move more like humans, but the story revolves them fulfilling distinctly animal like roles with humans being... well, very human. Of course, again, I'm only referring to the classic continuity. From SA2 onward, it seems they sort of strayed from this type of world. So... whatever, I guess.
  18. Off the top of my head- Sonic 1 on the Genesis, Sonic 1 as part of Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic 1 as part of the Steam collection, Sonic 1 on Android, Sonic 1 on 3DS. Feel like I owned Sonic 1 GBA at some point but when I went to go look for it, I couldn't find it. It's not as many as some people here, but I still feel like too much somehow.
  19. Looks like the admins have finally decided to take my suggestion to ban all Sonic-related content seriously.
  20. The problem is that as glaringly bad as the previous design is, the design is only one problem with the movie so "better by comparison" is probably the best we can hope for at this point. Even if the design were perfect, it wouldn't fix the writing or the acting or any other factors that go into the movie's production. I can say that if this were the first thing I saw, I'd probably say I don't like it. I've never been a fan of Sonic having very textured fur, even when it's not as sickeningly designed as the original or even the model from Eddie Lebron's film. For all its faults, they made the right decision scrapping the furry Sonic that they were originally planning in Sonic '06, because they understandably saw that Sonic's design simply does not lend itself well to that level of realism and detail any more so than Homer Simpson's design does. At present, I'm pretty much also in the "I don't love it, but I don't hate it" camp He just looks like a bootleg plush toy. The obvious solution here is to have the movie be a marionette drama instead of a live action movie, that way the design is thoroughly consistent. I'm joking although I would be far more interested in a Sonic marionette drama than a live action movie.
  21. So they're finally here

    Performing for you

    If you know the words

    Then you can apply for a membership but honestly it's a very exclusive and elite club.

  22. This brought back some high school memories.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      The one thing that unites all Sonic fans

      nostalgic memories of this flash game

  23. A bit of a cop-out answer, but most of it simply boils down to taste. There are many words to describe the Chaotix, but "lively" isn't one that I would personally choose. I'm not really a fan of characters whose sole purpose is to be loud and annoying. But usually I can learn to appreciate them if the circumstances surrounding them are funny, if they actually have funny things to say, or if their interactions with other characters are interesting in some way. Sonic, being a series that has never really had a knack for comedic timing, means that a set of characters not only intended mostly for comedic relief but extremely exaggerated comic relief only emphasizes just how poorly written much of the dialogue in the series is. Charmy is probably the worst offender, especially in Shadow the Hedgehog. I don't remember if Charmy was actually aged down from 16 to 6 or if that was just Archie Sonic coloring my perception of the character, but I do find myself groaning whenever he opens his mouth in every game where he has a speaking role. I do like the Chaotix in terms of design and think that a band of comic relief detectives would be an extremely interesting fit for the series, but I don't think the Chaotix in their current incarnation do it for me.
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