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  1. No, it probably won't, and I'm going to ask you to take a step back, calm down, and stop spamming the thread by repeating these same sentiments over and over.
  2. I personally don't like to take like/dislike ratio on YouTube TOO seriously as a metric of audience reaction. Giving it a like doesn't always necessarily mean it's good content so much as it is authentic, i.e. not a screamer or hoax. Not saying that anyone who liked this video was doing so for those reasons, but that there are more reasons to give a video a like than because you actually liked it, or that there's not every like or dislike for that matter was a conscious, well thought decision.
  3. Every time I see that shot of Sonic's surprised face, I'm reminded of that animation style where they'll record live footage of a pair of lips in the process of talking and then superimpose it onto a 2D image. It's that level of uncanny to me.
  4. A moderator has already handled this post. Please do not pile on. "It looks... like it will please a marketing team." That's an eloquent way of putting it, I guess.
  5. c3ffa471dc237c3c6e9053b0e1e4af19.png

    Good news, Classic Sonic fans.  Sonic doesn't have green eyes in the movie.

    1. Lord-Dreamerz


      I know you are joking. But his eyes are green outside of that shot. =p

    2. Tara


      How can you see his eyes if your own eyes are too focused on the gaping hole stitched into his face where his mouth is supposed to go?

    3. NegaMetallix


      ...Why does Sonic look like he wants to kill me?

      Seriously, that shot is scary.

  6. I'm already beginning to miss the innocent times of December 2018.

    1. SonicWind


      Good luck to you and all the mods.

      Y'all are gonna need it.

    2. Polkadi~☆


      I miss the days of Forces...

  7. I had pretty low expectations and was still blown away by how bad it looks. Everything about the trailer is at its best generic, at worst absolutely groan-inducing. Nothing about the trailer, not the animation that is somehow WORSE than the leak, not the wretched jokes made worse by absolutely dreadful execution that even Jim Carey couldn't save, not ONE thing struck me as "good." I did at least thing the rings in the Paramount logo were creative, but that's about all I can say. If there's anything this movie reminds me of it's.. er... Not even kidding. Reminder we have a BABY version of this coming soon, if that merch listing is anything to go by. As if we NEEDED more nightmare fuel.
  8. Plus, while it does heavily borrow from the comics and the Burton films, the characterization in BTAS is very different. And even within the comics there's a lot of BASIC principles (like "is Bruce a good father?") that are often variable depending on the writer. Comics are notoriously hard to get into both because they are extremely strict in continuity and because they tend to noticeably differ from their counterparts in other media.
  9. Big name actors are so busy in their day to day lives that I'd be surprised if they had time to play ANY game in detail. Throwaway statements like "I'm a big Sonic fan" are mainly just PR. Doesn't mean they're wrong, just that they likely have no bearing on how the film is being made so much as it hopes to convey the enthusiasm the actors have when taking part in it.
  10. 5bzogl.jpg

    Looks like the Sonic movie might have some redeeming factors after all.

  11. A reminder that we generally frown upon posts of this nature. Like, just once isn't really a huge deal, but let's not make this a running gag please, thanks.
  12. Isn't it slated for a November release? And we got the images in like... late January? Early February? That's not really a year before it comes out. I do agree nonetheless that this isn't an abnormal silence, though. By "more hush hush than we would like them to be" I mean, not constantly spilling information/having information accidentally leaked out on a near constant basis. Being slightly facetious in my wording.
  13. Wow, that Joker trailer... was certainly a thing.  I guess.

    1. Dejimon11


      I honestly don't know how to feel about it. 

    2. Heckboy


      it says a lot about our society

  14. Admittedly, I'm not TOO acquainted with how the toy industry works in regards to movie tie ins, but I'm thinking the companies that make them are commissioned. Meaning that even if the movie doesn't get made, they already have the money of whomever commissioned them. Granted, it's also possible that proceeds of the movie go towards paying that commission, but in either case, neither company are by any stretch in financial despair so I don't think they'll have a problem with that. I just don't think it will be cancelled or go to Netflix because we have no reason to believe it yet. Just because they're currently being a lot more hush hush about it than we would like them to be doesn't even entail a troubled development. Just that they're marketing strategy may not be particularly aligned with us in mind.
  15. I wouldn't even put it past them either. On the subject of trailers, I have my doubts about it being cancelled or shoved to Netflix. Too much time and money have been spent for that. But promoting may not be the studio's biggest priority when they have several other movies releasing this year that will be a stronger marketing point. Basically we'll get it when we get it.
  16. Important question: If Cory in the House is an anime, does that mean Neon Genesis Evangelion is a Disney Channel original series?

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      No its a Lifetime documentary 

    2. Wraith


      "I'm so fucked up"


    3. Tara


      "It makes me sick.  Like hell I'll bathe in the water that Misato and stupid Shinji used.  Like hell I'll use the washer that Misato and stupid Shinji use to wash their underwear.  Like hell I'll sit on a toilet that Misato and stupid Shinji used.  Like hell I'll breathe the same air as Misato and stupid Shinji.  I hate Misato!  I hate Shinji!  And I hate the First Child even more!  I hate Dad!  I hate Mom!  And I hate myself the most!  I can't stand it anymore!"

      "Hi, I'm Asuka Langley and you're watching Disney Channel!" -draws mouse ears with that glow stick thing as cheesy music plays-

  17. Plus, it's not really a bad thing to be "critical." When we point out the flaws of our favorite things, it's not because we genuinely hate it, just that we can have conversations about the strengths and weaknesses of media without crying every time it's brought up. That's called... having a conversation. You know, not too different from when you exit the movie theater and ask your friend "So what did you think of the movie?" Like... come on. Anyway, it would be naive of me to say that Shantae having sex appeal isn't an integral part of her character, but it doesn't really bother me in this case. The fan servicey aspects are all (as far as I can remember) completely consensual. It's not like anime upskirt shots where it's intended to appeal to creepy guys sneaking shots at something a girl might not want others to see. While there is innuendo in the games, characters don't remark on each other's anatomy, make allusions to gross sex acts, or anything like that. The sexy outfits are secondary to the actual happenings of the plot, which in itself could be a criticism but I don't really feel like it's a weakpoint for Shantae since the scope of the series doesn't necessarily lend its way to NEED an in-depth explanation for the clothes they wear. I don't think bad of people who don't like the sexual aspects of it. That's fine. You can call it pandering, but I... I guess I just don't see it that way? I don't really have too much of a defense for it, but compared to things like Kill la Kill or any entry of the Dead or Alive series, it doesn't feel nearly as grossly childish and gratuitous to me.
  18. While I generally agree with the approach, I don't feel like those are necessarily compatible examples, where the Sonic Boom examples are both throwaway gags, but the Captain America one (presumably; I don't know I've never seen the movie) is a pivotal plot point and as a result I don't really feel is so much fanservice as it is an actual element within the plot. I don't really feel like accessibility and appealing to existing fans need to be intrinsically separate things. Even movies which adhere to strict continuity need to be somewhat self-contained, particularly since these movies aren't written with the intent that audiences will watch them one right after the other, but one, and then the other a year or more later. So going back to the BvS example, I know that Superman can't see through lead. I knew that before I watched the movie, because I've read enough comics and, as Tarnish reminded me, watched the animated series, and I've seen the Christopher Reeve movie. And yet, when it was brought up in BvS, it still felt absolutely out of place because prior to that point, it was never explored within the movie. It might have been explored in Man of Steel; I don't recall because I try to forget about that movie whenever possible, but it's irrelevant because its seemingly random inclusion in BvS creates an inherent incongruity in terms of progression. If this part of the movie was examined before it became important, like say, have a moment where Clark is attempting to peak under Lois Lane's clothes only to find that her lingerie is made of lead*, then it would be an informative scene that clues both the audience and long-time fans on this facet of Superman's powers, so it's not some random fact that comes up later. If you handle basic film premises like exposition and setup/pay off right, the audience should naturally come to understand its narrative significance regardless of how acquainted they are with the source material. It's not so much an act of balancing one with the other, so much as it is a matter of good writing will inevitably lead to both. That's not to say that the paratext surrounding how much previous knowledge you have of the characters won't invariably shape your perception of various elements of the film, but that it doesn't have to be a hindrance to its overall quality. * I'm just kidding; please do not make Clark Kent a creepy pervert, DC.
  19. That is generally how it is done, but I don't feel it necessarily needs to be the case, especially as these characters rapidly become more and more mainstream. At the core of these characters is a central status quo that is contextualized by a hefty amount of backstory and lore, but theoretically shouldn't be restricted by it. At its core, Batman is a story about a rich man dressed as a bat who takes down various super villains with the aid of his butler. There are details that contextualize this status quo, but they need not be mentioned or brought up just for the sake of being brought up, as the death of Bruce's parents often times is. But all that said, I don't think the condensed summary as you put it is necessarily a problem, or at least not the biggest problem that plagues a lot of superhero movies and particularly the DC cinematic universe. There are many reasons that as a fan of DC comics I'm not big on DC's live action movies, including tonality, aesthetics, acting, and editing. Basically, when people in this thread defend Sonic's redesign on the basis of DC and Marvel making alterations in their own live action movies, it does nothing for me, because I'm often not a big fan of those changes, either. The example I gave isn't really a definitive reason as to why BvS is bad, just a piece of clumsy writing that stood out to me, which could have been avoided if they had looked at the film with a wider lens. At the very least, even assuming it's what Zack Snyder intended all along, Superman not detecting Jesse Eisenberg's bomb because it was encased in lead, as a result of its haphazard exposition, feels like a retroactive justification for a plot contrivance, rather than natural narrative progression. It's the extent to which I agree with the notion that a film should be aimed at an audience wider than the core fanbase, and why I think the stance holds water, even if the particulars of it (such as "because it will make the studio money") do not.
  20. The narrative of Shantae is probably the aspect I'm most critical over. Not because it's bad, but because the characters have beautiful designs and extremely fun personalities punctuated with charmingly-written character interactions, but actual instances of character development are few and narrative progression is extremely unfocused. So I'm critical of it not because it's bad--it's perfectly serviceable for the individual games in question--but because it has the potential to be so much more, and I really want Shantae to reach its full potential both in terms of gameplay and narrative.
  21. I don't actually disagree with the logic that the film should be made for a broader audience than the core fanbase, but perhaps for different reasons. No matter what medium you choose, any installment can and will be someone's first exposure to the series. So making something that is accessible to newcomers, particularly if you're trying to reach a large audience, is extremely important. In addition, I think looking at films under the scope of "would someone who knows nothing about the characters understand what's going on?" is a good way to analyze the story and keep it in on a consistent track. One thing I both (faintly) praise and criticize Batman v. Superman for (among many, many other things) is that it simultaneously assumes that the audience knows who the characters are, but in doing so creates a disjointed plot. Superman's inability to see through lead, for example, is something that most people who read the comics probably know well, but despite being an important plot point it's not something that comes up until it's absolutely necessary and so the writers compensate for this by info-dumping it on us after the fact rather than letting the audience naturally come to that conclusion on their own. That's clumsy writing, and not the kind of traps I would want the Sonic movie to fall into. But that doesn't mean the two goals have to be mutually exclusive. Into the Spiderverse is one that has been cited numerous times as being accessible to both, though I've yet to watch that. TMNT 2007 had some pacing issues, but I don't feel like someone who had never watched TMNT in their life would be lost, even though it also assumes that anyone who watched it was probably a fan. It's not a matter of appealing to one or the other, or even MOSTLY to one over the other. In general, I think to a certain extent, doing one will inherently lend its way to the other. There are exceptions, of course, but the Sonic games that fans dislike tend to be bad games outside of the core fanbase, too, albeit for different reasons. Sonic Unleashed is the only example I can think of where certain sects of the fanbase love it even though the general reception for the game is mixed to awful. And even then, most fans generally agree that it's not a strong game on its standalone merits. Basically, I don't think the two goals are inherently contradictory. Just that the cynical mindset surrounding the development of this movie seems to be trying to make it that way.
  22. I think fans generally like it, but find it to be a step down. I enjoyed it, but the linearity and forced retreading of old areas really hinders it, I think. (Not to mention that earning the ultimate upgrade that essentially makes you invincible isn't particularly challenging to get) Basically, if you like previous Shantae games, you'll most likely not hate HGH, but it likely won't be your favorite. And if you've never played a Shantae game in your life, it can be a pretty bad first impression. Shantae GBC is a good game but hasn't aged terrifically well and isn't really important to understand the plot. I think Risky's Revenge is a good starting point. And if you like it enough, you can move on to Pirate's Curse which is fantastic. And if you like those games, THEN give Half Genie Hero a try.
  23. Probably best left to the General Nickelodeon thread until we get something concrete. Thanks.
  24. It also doesn't help that the Ultimate Edition is on Steam now, and it's actually cheaper to buy the Ultimate Edition than it is to buy the base version with all the DLC. In fact, just the DLC alone comes up to $26, while the Ultimate Edition goes for just a little bit more and has everything. At the very least, why not allow an upgrade to ultimate edition as DLC? As an owner of the regular edition, it just feels kind of like a slap in the face lol.
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