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  1. Considering all the crying I still see mostly American fans do that "StC Sonic is too mean!", absolutely. The world and cultural values don't just divide between Japan and US, people.
  2. I'm imagining it was just luck, per se- they pitched the design to sega only now, as if it were a new character, and lucked that sega didn't really feel the need to have the design changed
  3. Evan's confirmed it in the IDW News discord server. (the "not for now" regarding someone asking if she'd ever be explicitly named in-comic)
  4. She is an official character, that's why he posted the reference sheet. She's been pitched at Sega, approved, and will futurely be used in the recurring role of "resistance member". A secondary character to Jewel, who's already a secondary character. Still a background character, just now an officially approved one rather than a design sneaked in.
  5. Look at the palms of the hands.
  6. Obviously, it's Sonic, Gerald's perfected Ultimate Lifeform. :^)
  7. What's being asked? If the question is which is the better SONIC Comic, it's IDW. It's the best representation of the franchise at the moment it was made. Second place is Sonic the Comic, third is Sonic Adventures Dans Les Griffes de Robotnik, fourth is those 2000s gag manga, fifth is Archie. Maybe StC in third and Adventures in second? Regardless yeah. Don't think this is very debatable, in terms of sheer "which is keeping truest to the games at the time it's being made". StC veered off in weird directions but always tried to keep true to the games (as shown in Western manuals at least) and while towards the end it was starting to take a liberal approach with adaptations, it got canned before it could divert too much. IDW of course has Sega directly involved so it's the "truest" Sonic comic. Now, if the question is which is the better Sonic COMIC, as in, forget the Sonic, how good is it as a comic in and of itself, then that'll depend on what you want from a comic. My answer is Sonic the Comic; I think a lot of the criticism nowadays comes from people without the context of how comics can be distributed outside the US Capes-Japanese Manga formats, so the idea of a magazine with 5-page stories that some're serial and some are just short fun bits is too alien, together with the tone and humour being perhaps too British. I think it succeeds with flying colours at what it set out to be, which is "2000AD for six year olds". Archie's too much of a mixed bag. While it improved with Ian and had good moments before too, it's just got too much melodrama, too much outright bad stuff, and too many narrative checks that can't get paid. If someone asked me for "funny animal action comic" I'd recommend Archie's Ian run, sure, but I don't think it's as good at what it set out to be as StC was. IDW is Archie but further neutered. Growing pains of it trying to find its own footing have made it an awkward read, and I've genuine hope it'll improve with time, but so far it's just been a condensed version of the worst parts of latter-day Archie- awkward pacing, narrative checks that can't get paid, etc etc etc. While consistent in quality, compared to the first 50 or so issues of Archie, I think Archie gets the advantage too. Dans Les Grifffes de Robotnik is really fun and got great art but in terms of being a self-contained album it's meandering and goes nowhere fast imo, nothing compared to the best action stuff in the format like a good Valerian et Laureline or Spirou. None of the manga have been particularly remarkable or high quality as manga. tl;dr- best comic at being a Sonic comic- IDW 1st place, StC 2nd place, French comic 3rd place; but best comic at being a comic- StC 1st place, Archie 2nd place, IDW 3rd place.
  8. IDW Sonic's meant to be once a month, as usual for an ongoing comic; when there's a minisseries going on, they try to make it so it's one issue of the main comic, two weeks later one minisseries issue, two weeks later main comic, etc. But delays happen often.
  9. Bit of both. It's IDW-wide at least, don't worry about it being something specific to Sonic.
  10. Then the complaint should be the subs need to be better and more visible, which Kittea edited to. This isn't a subs vs dubs thing, because there ISN'T an original dub. There's fake language being acted. In terms of accessibility, it's literally the same as if everyone were mute. Whether American or Japanese or Senegalese, you're meant to read the subtitles and use the audio as just intention cues. It's literally the same as Banjo Kazooie or Undertale. My complaint is in the latter since it's obvious it's not a real language, no one would make this complaint; but because here it sounds closer to Japanese, immediately you get people going "ew foreign language replace please" even when it's not a language at all. It's the suggestion of it being a legitimate foreign language that makes it go from "random noise with subtitles that need to be better" to "if you're going to speak speak English". What does that say of how English-speaking people view foreign languages in these cases?
  11. You guys are aware the audio is in a fake language, right? Complaining about this is like complaining Klonoa isn't dubbed in English. No need to reel back in panic at hearing people talk in a fake foreign language.
  12. Is it really? Because "yeah because I see more people say so" is a very big bit of confirmation bias. Do you regularly talk with people about Sonic who weren't the audience for Archie (American, teenager or diehard dedicated fan, able to buy the comics or willing to pirate them)? Does that represent the popularity of that interpretation in Japan? Or the UK? Or Russia? Amongst kids who only play the games?
  13. Doesn't matter (it's not a good issue regardless), the cover itself alone is enough. That's what the "mandates" (which again don't work like a lot of people here seem to think they do) are there to do- to make sure Sonic is actually written like Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog, the character who while emotive does not emote like "curling up in the corner bawling out with droopy spines", because not every character needs to be written like a Mexican soap opera character.
  14. Watched in a voice chat a mate go through the balan wonderworld demo and am intrigued, it does get better as it goes along Demo should've just been levels 4-1 and 6-1, 1-1 and 1-2 are just too basic and give a bad first impression (not only that you need 10 collectables to even get the other two better levels, and without any indication on the hub that they'll be available) Lesson to learn here to be careful how you structure your demo (also how you market your game, should've made it abundantly clear it's a puzzle platformer, and how you port your game, the switch version is a disgrace)
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