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  1. Wasn't meant as a mocking on you, sorry, more a lament that even if there were no legal issues, no way modern companies would bother to give shoutouts to StC lol
  2. You should know that wasn't gonna happen as soon as you said "Maybe also Fleetway" lol EDIT: By which I mean, even if Archie stuff were useable (it very much definitely and assuredly isn't, and even assuming a future where somehow laywers work it all out, it's years and years from now), the odds of a cartoon or comic company bothering to go "oh that's right there was a comic 20 years ago that a lot of the modern fanbase just knows as "wah sonic was mean", let's use that" are the cherry of implausibility on top lol
  3. The literal post you quoted, wherein I say "the latest Bumblekast".
  4. When saying "based on SatAM" it's moreso intended as "as opposed to Archie". IE, "SatAM is the starting point"- doesn't mean many changes can't be made (and in fact would have to be), just that it's all got to either be new or rooted in SatAM, nothing from Archie.
  5. Stop falling for bad youtuber bait videos. Just like, stop watching his videos. It's going to be a mix of rumour and bad faith speculations. For the record, no, Flynn can't "bring back the Freedom Fighters any time", because Sega won't let that happen, because it's not the direction they want for the brand. It's legally allowed (in that Sega owns the cartoons) and corporatively forbidden (in that they're just plain not interested in using this stuff, similarly to how, dunno, Capcom owns Street Fighter but wouldn't have Chun-Li in Archie Mega Man). When Ian says they might come back, it's because given enough time, there's always the chance for a change in who in Sega is giving orders and a new person popping in who'd allow it. Related, latest Bumblekast has this as the first question- "Is there any chance that the Archie Sonic characters might show up in idw sonic?" With the comically terse (kinda rare for Ian) answer of just plain "No." and moving on to the next question. Leaving mention of it here to underline what was talked here before of "if the Freedom Fighters DID return, they'd be based on SatAM, because anything Archie is gone".
  6. Quick easy and public three marks to point it's fake: - Hesse doesn't make music. - The MJ stuff wouldn't be cleared this easily. - Archie is also a legal pothole. Again, were the FF to return, they'd be based on SatAM. "Preboot + Postboot designs" = fake.
  7. Here's hoping there's no crossovers at all. In a world where Space Jam, Ready Player One, etc etc all exist, I think there's been more than enough crossovers to last us over a decade. Let a property or comic exist by itself.
  8. I do think the game was mismarketed, but not as a NiGHTS successor. The expectation they gave and that I saw everyone follow was "Plays like Sonic Adventure, looks like NiGHTS". They really needed to emphasise "it's a puzzle platformer collectathon" over "3d action platformer", and they didn't.
  9. A Doctor Robotnik Appreciation Tribe, even.
  10. You're overstating. What Ian said was there's been informal talks between staff with various ideas on how to do it. Ian himself probably has like two or three elevator pitches. All of these amount to just fans talking like in this thread, since Sega won't allow it. If Sega ever does, which I think they'll do but probably more towards the end of the 2030s or something, then all those pitch ideas will be discussed more seriously and workshopped into something cohesive, together with Sega. Just correcting you because you make it sound like he's got a full written plan and scripts and so on fully coordinated with the entire staff and is just ready to go any time (edit- which to be fair he probably does, my point's more that that's kinda useless- it'd still need to go through editorial, the other staff, Sega, etc. It's just a personal idea of his, and his, not Evan's), which I feel might cause a mismanagement of expectations. Again, no one is saying this is impossible to happen, I even think it's inevitable to a point, but you really shouldn't be holding your breath because it's not happening any time soon. EDIT EDIT: Sorry I keep rethinking how to phrase this lol. My point is, you seem to have the impression the whole thing's already planned out and coordinated and discussed amongst the creatives and editorial, and just needs Sega's go ahead. And no, it's much closer to this thread- "hm maybe we could do this? Eh, maybe we could do that. Oh you think we could do this other thing instead? Oh that's cool. Ah well I hope Sega lets it happen some time", and Ian's tried to make it clear that that's the point things are at so as to not have people wait with bated breath.
  11. The epilectic effect is in every possible indication a glitch. Everyone's latched to one gameplay video that shows it, and ignores the multiple other gameplay videos that show the same attack without the strobing effect happening. Be careful to not just willingly fall for anything negative said about the game in order to indulge in "haha fun to complain about this game". The game's got enough actual issues on its own.
  12. I mean, another minisseries WAS announced from the start, remember? The one everyone thought was Classic Sonic. Now you guys know it isn't, so you're free to speculate what it is (also consider that had Amazon not released their solicit last week, this would all be news.)
  13. Ok, I get it now, sorry. Was confused because I don't think I've ever seen the fact he's definitely not anti-authoritarian in House of Cards brought up without it being as a criticism even from fans of the comic.
  14. He's anti-authoritarian in that he disrespects authority, not that he actively acts against it, since he doesn't actively act against anything- he just chills, and if he sees something go wrong, he stops it, then goes back to chilling. He's a reactive character. Bringing up him fighting Tails in Archie, if CSS meant to reference House of Cards, feels a weird point to bring up here considering he was fighting Tails in that Tails and family were against the crown. It's one of the most "Archie Sonic isn't actually anti-authoritarian" moments; even if you want to argue the whole setup isn't overall anti-authoritarian (which is arguable in either way- the message is clearly not meant to be authoritarian, it's meant to be "when good king rule it's good", like with One Piece, but the way Penders took it further in Archie did definitely step into outright "no, Sonic wants a dictator in anyway, just has to be the one he grew up with"), that specific moment definitely is. EDIT: adding in of course that you have to willingly remove specific cultural and political contexts from the table- if you find monarchies in and of themselves to be tyrannical, SatAM's premise of course is utterly broken, and thus so is Archie's. There's also some nuance to be had in the difference between Archie minisseries setup (Sonic's a stranger stepping in to help fight Robotnik) vs the final Archie/SatAM setup (Sonic's trying to bring back the regime of his parents' generation). Either case, House of Cards is a low point in its entirety for Sonic's character.
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