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  1. I can get people wanting Eggman to win and whatever What I don't understand is why want this now It's a zombie story Eggman pretty specifically has to lose unless you want year 3 to be 12 issues of zombots going "uuugh" endlessly In this specific story Eggman very obviously has to lose and I'm not sure how this isn't pretty clear
  2. You get what I mean though EDIT: Harder to tell due to the quality and also the fact it's sketchy kid drawing, but that pink apartment building next to the Tails house might be meant to be the pink building Amy lives in in Battle, too
  3. Yes, but neither game had Tails' Tails-shaped House like Battle did- and check what's in that Central City drawing
  4. That map's already got more lore than visible at first- pretty sure "Central City" there means Sonic Battle.
  5. drr drr drr drr


    1. Tracker_TD


      This is the only Sonic Movie fanart so far to make me think "yeah I want this" 

    2. SupahBerry


      I doubt that robots will even be in the movie at this point.

    3. Osmium


      The movie design would be really cool (if a bit more stylized) in my eyes if it was meant to be in some really nightmarish awful universe where stuff like the above illustration happened all the time. 

  7. (isn't there a SAGE thread?)

    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Yeah, right here:


    2. The KKM

      The KKM

      ace, want to see if there was anything posted on kyle and lucy

    3. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Even if there isn't, there's no harm in pimping up your own work. Azoo's already done it with that Sonic Isle.

  8. at the risk of ruining a streak of jokes since the last few pages show what people'd think are jokes being taken as seriously as possible so there's an excuse to be unhappy, the blob feet are an art style. common in both 1920s cartoons and old cartoony anime. they're not literal blob feet, they're depicted with as many toes as needed- normally that's none, but if wearing a slipper, then one toe, etc.
  9. If we tell you a third time, will you just ignore it a third time to complain a third time that this cartoon hedgehog's status quo is too complicated and ask a fourth time for someone to explain to you a fourth time how it works so you can ignore it a fourth time and complain a fourth time and ask for a fifth time?
  10. Jesus christ you people are grabbing a tangled wire and then tangling thirty more wires into it and complaining it doesn't make sense. There's two worlds. Neither are realistic. They are separate but contact between the two is relatively easy. Games that happen in places with mostly humans, happen in Human World. Games that happen with mostly animal people, happen in Sonic's World. Rouge works for GUN in human world. Echidnas lived in human world in the past. Floating Island goes anywhere it wants. Chaos Emeralds go anywhere it wants. Classic Sonic is different timeline. Again, I get thinking the setup is superfluous. But each and every question is answered in like, five words. It's really not that complicated. As for why it happened at all in the first place, thank some 15 years of western communities loudly complaining "bluuh humans suck get them out where's Mobius".
  11. I can get not liking it, but the setup of the two worlds is really not confusing or inconsistent. Hell, Sonic X has taught you how it works for over a decade now, just the games' version has it be easier to go between worlds. There's a human world, and a cartoon animals world. It's not timelines, it's different planets/dimensions, just like Blaze's world. And there's a Modern Sonic timeline, and since Generations, a Classic Sonic timeline.
  12. There's not enough jobs to confirm literally everyone already. Four pencillers, one per issue, plus a colourist and a writer, and the guy who made the first teasers. That's what's been confirmed. Maybe issue five is Skelly, maybe not.
  13. She has a punching tail bruv she'd just stick it on the shotgun like bugs bunny and you'd get blasted, bad tactic
  14. They're not giving you answers because there aren't answers to give. Sega owns the characters but probably isn't interested in using them right now. But they may allow IDW to use them in the future. Or they may not. IDW can't come and say "we're not using these characters now but maybe some day" any more than they have already. If they start going on specifics, it won't calm people, it'll just get more rabble rabble "why are you saying you're not using Sally now if you say you can use her maybe in the future? Use her now!!!"
  15. "IDW defenders/Archie-forever-fans" stop stop it I know it's inevitable there'll be more idiotic labelling and factions but have some self-esteem and honour and don't start it yourself As for "IDW was misguiding people to make them think it was Sally why else would they do this" have you considered that thanks to the mandate hysteria, a lot of people thought there wouldn't be new characters at all? Have you considered that doing a hype reveal for Tangle wasn't about tricking people into thinking it's Sally but confirming "yes, this is based on the games but we'll still have new characters" for all the people panicking about "THE MANDATES SAY SONIC ONLY!!!!!!"
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