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  1. *second sarcastic, angrier comment about how Sonic 1 is the worst Sonic game ever and why is SEGA always porting it and why do dumbfucks always buying it*

    1. The KKM

      The KKM

      *support post*

    2. The KKM

      The KKM

      *post defending sonic 1*

    3. The KKM

      The KKM

      *post complaining that its always sonic 1*

    4. The KKM

      The KKM

      *angrier post mocking both sides*

    5. The KKM
    6. The KKM

      The KKM


    7. The KKM

      The KKM


    8. The KKM

      The KKM


    9. Detective Shadzter

      Detective Shadzter


    10. Senator NinjaShark

      Senator NinjaShark

      welp, I don't need to browse the forum anymore, thanks Anime Captain Jack Sparrow

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