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  1. so why do people insist on calling shows that are made (in the sense of written, designed, planned) in the west anime when they're not

    1. Autosaver


      A show doesn't need to be Japanese to be anime. If it mimics the Japanese look, it's still considered Anime.

    2. Nepenthe


      tbf, all animation is anime considering that's the original definition.

    3. #AR


      ed edd n eddy is best anime

    4. Ferno


      cartoons with stories are awesome regardless of origin

    5. The KKM

      The KKM

      Ferno's got the right point here. Nep, that's an argument if you're speaking Japanese, but that's not what the word means in English; Auto, the definition of anime kinda NEEDS the "it's Japanese" part. You don't say that PSG is a cartoon just because it looks like a cartoon :V

    6. The KKM

      The KKM

      it's not like saying RWBY isn't an anime is an insult, it affects in nothing the show's quality. But it does bother me that people are just outright breaking definition like this, and it does feel like it's because of an inflated sense of "anime = good"

    7. Nepenthe


      Definitions change often as usage of colloquial language shifts, as evidenced by the fact that you're restricting this to the English definition. =P Anime in general has come to mean a stylistic choice that emulates Japanese art and animation and isn't really an indicator of quality.

    8. The KKM

      The KKM

      But that's anime as the style, not anime as the thing. It's two different concepts, differentiated more easily if we add a word in front- anime art!=anime show. An anime show, well, the oxford dictionary has it, wikipedia has it, it's Japanese animation. As you say, it's not an indicator of quality, so where's the lie, the wrong, in saying Avatar isn't an anime?

    9. Nepenthe


      It literally depends upon the context you mean. The only thing stopping Avatar from technically being an anime (in an English context), honestly, is that it wasn't produced in Japan. The format, character designs, animation style, comedy, and fantasy elements are taken straight from Japanese and other Asian cultures. Really, I don't feel anyone is objectively right or wrong on this.

    10. The KKM

      The KKM

      I just don't understand the reason this confusion in the first place. When you had shows like Teen Titans or Ben 10, no-one tried arguing it was anime. No-one tries to argue Spongebob is anime. Then all of a sudden just because it's better animated, Avatar is anime? Or worse still, RWBY which doesn't even get that advantage?

      I can get that no-one is objectively right or wrong since there are things that blur the lines, like most Euro-Japanese creations like Maya the Bee or Do...

    11. The KKM

      The KKM

      ...Dogtanian, but the context is again different- those were co-produced between Japanese teams and European ones, but things like Avatar and RWBY feel like they just get people insisting it's anime because "don't you dare say this isn't anime that's insulting to the show"

    12. Ferno


      We need a more badass name for our action cartoons over here. Something that doesn't sound as goofy so that we aren't ashamed to call our story driven actiony stuff by what we generally call tv animation over here.


    13. Nepenthe


      There's really no reason to only constraining the argument down to people who qualify "anime" as a term of endearment versus a style or Japanese-produced product, especially since I've seen people argue that the original Teen Titans is indeed an "anime."

    14. The KKM

      The KKM

      At that point why not just start calling everything a cartoon, though?

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