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    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      why is splash woman angry

      if that is splash woman

    2. Klinsy


      You're on a roll with these drawings!

    3. gala
    4. Ruby Havoc
    5. The KKM

      The KKM

      @rosa- it's w waltz http://i.imgur.com/QIFL36D.png from obscure mega man art books

    6. The KKM

      The KKM

      and obscurer porn from official capcom artists

    7. RosaRosaRosalina


      wait obscure as in that brazilian comic obscure or something completely different...?

      also wat

    8. The KKM

      The KKM

      obscure as one illustration one of the main illustrators did showcasing his idea for an alternate universe mega man

      obscurer as the closest we have of a version of her obeying the design logic of the games instead of the more mechanical look she and roll had in said artwork was porn said illustrator later did under a pseudonym

    9. The KKM
    10. DBZHedgy


      whoa whoa whoa

      porn by official capcom artists???

    11. The KKM

      The KKM

      hideki ishikawa did some roll stuff

      toru nakayama, the mega man zero illustrator, has practically done more porn in his career than game illustration

    12. The KKM

      The KKM

      sadpanda has ishikawa's stuff if you search "p-head", nakayama's stuff is scattered throughout the internet it seems. it's mostly super sentai stuff

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