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  1. jesus fucking christ my new cat is cute but I'm really, really, really out of patience for it. three days of full on, once per second, nonstop, squeaky, MEOW. MEOW. MEOW. on my ears, as if I was killing it, she's got food, she's got fresh water, she's got everything, won't shut up, jesus christ, I'm mentally exhausted

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Maybe she wants attention?

    2. Tatters


      She just wants love. 

    3. DBZHedgy


      but that's the best paaaaaaart x3

    4. The KKM

      The KKM

      it's the best part when it's an occasional thing, not when it's a neverending screeching in your ears.

    5. Amomynous


      If they're new they'll probably calm down in a little while. Possibly they jsut feel a bit anxious in a new place and wants reassurance.

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