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  1. 10 minutes ago, DabigRG said:

    So a mouse, like a jerboa or desert rat. Gotcha.


    No, that concept was specifically removed by the end. The "animal" literally is just meant to be "wooden doll", it's like asking what animal an Eggrobo or Cubot is. You see remnants of the early mouse concept in stuff like the tail, but it's not meant to be a wooden mouse in any way. Just wooden doll.

  2. "What animal is Belle supposed to be? I assumed she was either a dog or a generic kritter, but she has a specific tail as well."


    A wooden doll. Not a specific animal, just a wooden doll. Earlier in concept she was more based on a mouse, but that's been removed since. Check Evan's tumblr, she talks about this stuff sometimes

  3. The difference is, Nite and Don, like Starline, Whisper, etc, were created to be recurring comic characters outright- they were pitched to Sega, sketches sent in, Sega gave feedback on the designs, etc etc etc.


    Lanolin was a random background character ABT drew without approval (since obviously Sega doesn't do approval for every single background design) who he then named on twitter and kept drawing, and other artists kept drawing her too.

    Nite and Don are actual, official, characters, Lanolin is basically a recurring fancharacter that's lucky that the people drawing her can sneak her into official products. Hence, if they tried to actually pitch a Lanolin story, Sega might outright say no, or they might have to effectively reboot her since now Sega will have a say on the design, characterisation, etc to make her an actual official character.

  4. 21 hours ago, DabigRG said:

    ...Truth be told, Jewel is the only main one besides Whisper not occupied by a miniseries right now. That leaves Lanolin, Scruffy, Ron, Nite, and Dawn, all of whom are more civilian in nature.



    Lanolin isn't a character, not sure Ron or Dawn are either, I don't remember who those are.

    What I mean by this is they're not Sega-approved, they're not anything, they're just recurring background designs that keep being slipped by. The authors then going to twitter and saying "this is the character and their name and so on" doesn't make them an official character, and thus that means something like an actual Lanolin story is a hurdle. It's not impossible, but basically they'll have to bring the idea to sega, meaning reintroducing the character, potential design changes, etc etc.

  5. Most of you are overthinking this.


    Ages are irrelevant in Sonic. They just serve to say "this character is older than that one", the specific number doesn't matter. Rouge didn't use an alias because of her age, and I thought the issue made that pretty obvious- it's because she didn't want to immediately blare out WORLD FAMOUS THIEF ROUGE THE BAT IS HERE by using her own name. Tails is 8 but isn't treated as a child any more than Amy or most anyone else for it. Amy, for that matter, is 12, which is pretty much just as much as a child, but like everyone else that isn't used as an element of her character.

    Cream is a child not because she's 6, but because her character is child. Her archetype is "sweet naïve polite young child". She's specifically designed to be a young child, act like one, and look like one. If you don't look at gameplay specifically, her motivation in her intro game is literally "I want my mommy", her motivation in her second game is "I want my poor pet", and after that she mostly serves as a secondary character to go "Miss Amy, please be more polite" because she's a prim and proper polite young child. In Sonic X her role by and large is entirely "the polite child who leans back from the action because she's a child". The only exception to any of this is Battle, where every character had their motivations heightened in order to justify the constant fighting. I see people here all the time decry Amy in Battle as exaggerated, why wouldn't Cream be too?

    I mean, come on guys. They literally gave her a mother. The only character to have a mother. Because they're meant to make a pair of mother and child. Charmy's also 6 and doesn't have a mother, no questions are raised about him, because his role is brat, not polite and proper innocent child.


    You may disagree with her being used like this, but the motivation is pretty obvious and clear, and has been so since 2003.

  6. 24 minutes ago, PublicEnemy1 said:

    That'd be great, if, y'know, SEGA would actually let the game cast actually EXPAND more, but due to status quo, they can't. Unlike Archie, they don't have the Freedom Fighters or whatever was left from the previous continuity to back them up, as well as having more original characters like Eclipse, Gold, and Relic to help back up the game cast since they don't have much room for growth, and IDW doesn't have enough original characters to do that. Therefore, in IDW Sonic's current state, I don't see how a second monthly book would be sustained for very long.

    By doing what they're already doing. What's the functional difference between Sonic Universe and multiple minisseries one after the other?

    The only thing holding them back is probably wanting to warm up sales and gain momentum. TMNT also took a while to start doing minisseries, and eventually ended up with multiple minisseries in constant print.

  7. 16 minutes ago, Sega DogTagz said:
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    Belle is a super cleaver way of carrying on the Tinker legacy. Like 1000IQ big brain move. Her just being around lets you stuff all that drama into a tactical can and be preserved to be deployed at a later date.

    Will Eggman have a hate-boner for her? Will he find himself hesitant to raise a hand against her? At some point, Eggy's going to have to confront his feelings about that phase again. He could double down on his convictions, or he could show off more of his complicated nature. Its a win-win either way and a fantastic way of capitalizing on past story-lines.

    Between This and Jewel, Evan is showing a knack for maximizing the impact of non-primary characters.




    ... Evan's not done anything with Jewel yet? You sure you're not thinking of some other character?


  8. 3 hours ago, SBR2 said:
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    That's a fair point but Ian isn't technically leaving the book. He's just not the head writer anymore. He's said on Twitter and on his portfolio on Bumbleking that he will still be contributing stories but that the over all plot of Season 3 is Evan's.


    Like I said, "for a year" :P He's not writing the book for a year, unless they suddenly decide Seasons are no longer a year lol. He might not write the main book for longer than that, or just 12 issues certain, we don't know, but that year should be guaranteed from how they've explained it.

  9. On 9/23/2020 at 11:09 PM, PublicEnemy1 said:
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    Fucking knew SEGA wouldn't let Ian be ballsy enough to change the status quo. A potentially interesting set-piece came and then ended in the span of 2 issues. It's like it shouldn't have happened at all.



    Is it really down to "SEGA wouldn't let" or "Evan's getting to tell her stories now, don't want to force her to have to deal with an amnesia plot I introduced two issues before she took over"? It's easy to just think of it from the perspective of wasted plot but you gotta remember Ian's leaving the main book for at least a year, now. Evan deserves to have her as-close-to-clean-slate to work from without endless baggage from Ian, and "Sonic's amnesiac" would definitely count as unnecessary and unwanted baggage to throw at someone else getting to head the comic for the first time in 14 or so years.


    EDIT: point being, ending the amnesia right now is the right thing to do; if you want to complain, I'd complain about it being started this late despite having to end by 32, or it getting started at all.


  10. Surely the video was trying to convey an idea and thus can be criticised? I feel if anything, the guy who likes the character enough he shoved her in multiple of the actual games probably isn't coming from a bad faith position when arguing why he feels Sally often doesn't work, and thus the repeated bad faith responses are a bit surreal.


    Mine's just "keep her out keep her out keep her out keep her fans out keep anything from that branch out go go go gone go away out out out", a bit less nuanced, but just one post. Apparently preferrable.

  11. 16 hours ago, batson said:

    I never played the game, but didn't Amy once threatened Cream with violence in Sonic Battle? Because if so, then that's definitely going way to far with the whole psycho-angle.

    Being a fighting game, EVERYONE's hyper-aggressive in it. Faulting the characters for it feels to me a bit like faulting characters in a racing game for wanting to solve everything with racing.


    EDIT: Really, these arguments are really sort of bizarre to me because it feels like everyone's coming from an alien world with alien versions of these games where context doesn't exist. Like, she didn't corner Sonic to make her marry him in SA2, she bantered a bit before rescuing him regardless. She wanted to beat him in Heroes, but as it turns out cutscenes exist to facilitate gameplay and EVERYONE wanted to beat everyone so we could have those bossfights.

    Yet it feels it's only with Amy that people insist in not taking things like that in context, ignoring stuff like Espio wanting to steal Cheese instead of asking "is that your Chao, little girl, because we're rescuing Chao and if you just found that one that might be one of the Chao we're rescuing" but making sure every single little exaggerated-for-gameplay Amy moment or comedic short-tempered moment sticks around and is never forgotten, overshadowing everything else she was doing.

    And now here's the result. She's been turned into Minnie Mouse but responsible. She spends Lost World just going "oh me oh my", she spends Forces and IDW doing leadership stuff, she's made into the bossy almost-"Karen" of the group in Sonic Boom for laughs. As usual, Sega overcorrecting things, and then patting themselves for it (you seen that Sega guy say how proud they were of how Amy now isn't a damsel in distress? Despite her not having been so for like 20 years?). But I can't help but be frustrated because their overcorrections are addressing complaints that by and large shouldn't exist in the first place.

    Hope we can eventually get a fun energetic optimistic lovable Amy back.

  12. While there can be a point made that the references for reference's sake aren't adding anything beyond "I clapped when I saw thing" and aren't funny for kids who won't get it, they're not really the intended audience here. Nor, probably, is a lot of this forum tbh. This is very clearly a bunch of people who were kids and hardcore into the Sonic fandom online circa 2002, the Archie stuff, etc, and are taking the chance to just rave endlessly about it. Hence AoSTH references, Sonic Adventure references, a cover from the Death Egg minisseries from Archie, etc. It's Ian JQ and friends reminiscing about when they'd go and draw Shadow on dA in 2002 while wondering if the Shadow in the screenshots for Sonic Heroes is real or not and wondering when Knuckles will stop being green in the comics while posting on Penders' forums and making fancomics on Team Artail.

  13. 1 hour ago, Kuzu the Boloedge said:

    In a vacuum, it was an interesting moral dilemma. But in the bigger picture, it has just started to lead to more narrative problems.

    Eggman is never going to be killed off, he's one of the faces of the franchise and Sega probably mandates that he's always the main villain no matter what.

    So by calling into question the moral compunctions of killing him, the series has to acknowledge something it's never going to ever give a satisfying conclusion to.


    Yea, it is kind of a mess.

    gotta say it feels grand to stop by after a few years and see people realise what I was saying years ago when saying the freedom fighters format and evil eggman writing was unsustainable for the book

  14. I can get people wanting Eggman to win and whatever


    What I don't understand is why want this now

    It's a zombie story

    Eggman pretty specifically has to lose unless you want year 3 to be 12 issues of zombots going "uuugh" endlessly

    In this specific story Eggman very obviously has to lose and I'm not sure how this isn't pretty clear

  15. You get what I mean though :P


    EDIT: Harder to tell due to the quality and also the fact it's sketchy kid drawing, but that pink apartment building next to the Tails house might be meant to be the pink building Amy lives in in Battle, too

  16. at the risk of ruining a streak of jokes since the last few pages show what people'd think are jokes being taken as seriously as possible so there's an excuse to be unhappy, the blob feet are an art style. common in both 1920s cartoons and old cartoony anime. they're not literal blob feet, they're depicted with as many toes as needed- normally that's none, but if wearing a slipper, then one toe, etc.

  17. 1 hour ago, Swing said:

    O boy. Just say already what is canon. And what's not. Sonic is as complicated in it's lore as a series just as mush as Kingdom Hearts with its. 

    If we tell you a third time, will you just ignore it a third time to complain a third time that this cartoon hedgehog's status quo is too complicated and ask a fourth time for someone to explain to you a fourth time how it works so you can ignore it a fourth time and complain a fourth time and ask for a fifth time?

  18. Jesus christ you people are grabbing a tangled wire and then tangling thirty more wires into it and complaining it doesn't make sense.


    There's two worlds. Neither are realistic. They are separate but contact between the two is relatively easy. Games that happen in places with mostly humans, happen in Human World. Games that happen with mostly animal people, happen in Sonic's World. Rouge works for GUN in human world. Echidnas lived in human world in the past. Floating Island goes anywhere it wants. Chaos Emeralds go anywhere it wants.

    Classic Sonic is different timeline.

    Again, I get thinking the setup is superfluous. But each and every question is answered in like, five words. It's really not that complicated.

    As for why it happened at all in the first place, thank some 15 years of western communities loudly complaining "bluuh humans suck get them out where's Mobius".

  19. I can get not liking it, but the setup of the two worlds is really not confusing or inconsistent. Hell, Sonic X has taught you how it works for over a decade now, just the games' version has it be easier to go between worlds. There's a human world, and a cartoon animals world. It's not timelines, it's different planets/dimensions, just like Blaze's world. And there's a Modern Sonic timeline, and since Generations, a Classic Sonic timeline.

  20. 1 minute ago, QuantumEdge said:

    Can we finally concern ourselves with the elephant in the room here?  Damn near all of the Archie art team are confirmed to contribute in some capacity, except for Spaz and Skelly.  I mean I know there's the old saying "Save the best till last", but IDW's starting to make me a little worried :wacko:

    There's not enough jobs to confirm literally everyone already. Four pencillers, one per issue, plus a colourist and a writer, and the guy who made the first teasers. That's what's been confirmed. Maybe issue five is Skelly, maybe not.

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