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    doodle et al

    1. Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      Ducktor Naldush Repulsa

      mmm...you modeled Bunnie and Sally after Pocky and Ricky, right?

    2. The KKM

      The KKM

      my sally design's modelled openly on ricky, yeah, but bunnie's more on a mix of spaz' designs in the archives covers and the rabbit character concept for sonic 1

      for what's worth it antoine's also based on archives covers, and on OVA knuckles

      rotor's based on drawloverlala's take on rotor

  2. that is the best-looking 2002 flash-animated western mega man fanart by a 14 year old on newgrounds I've seen
  3. If your "I really want this to be released!" wasn't meant to be sarcastic then sorry, let me rephrase: You did literally just dumbingly paise someone's work based on someone unrelated's fan translation to a language that wasn't even their mother tongue, and all.
  4. You did literally just diss someone's work with some badly-applied sarcasm based on someone unrelated's fan translation to a language that wasn't even their mother tongue, and all.
  5. Are you not aware of the notion of "fan translation" or something? Why do I keep encountering people not realising the manga didn't actually have cussing in a children's comic, it was a dubious translation?
  6. It got taken down by internal issues as far as I know, not SEGA or anyone else. Adamis' Pencil Hill Zone blog has them uploaded. I'd imagine there just isn't enough demand. We only get manga in the West, officially, that's notable enough to catch enough attention to be brought over. Are you aware of the quantity of manga that come out every week? Maybe if there'd been a manga specifically tied to a popular show, say, an ongoing Sonic X manga, it'd have been brought over, but otherwise, they're just novelty stuff that probably wouldn't see much success west-wise. Same with a lot of Mega Man stuff like Ikehara's manga, which is so important to the franchise.
  7. ... I don't see how the "no family" mandate would forbid anyone from appearing? SEGA never gave indication of wanting characters gone, just specific elements. Introduce Warpnik as not being Robotnik's cousin, and as far as we know, that's fine and dandy.
  8. The problem with internet memetics and any kind of grasping attention by pandering to youth culture is that it's not sustainable. It's a good kickstart, yeah. Give it a few months, as it has, and you start seeing more and more everywhere "so, uh. Is this all you do? Grab whatever's popular in black twitter and give it a corporate coat of paint?" The memes and internet jokes and self deprecation and pandering to e-celebs can't be the point to themselves.
  9. Good, now have MORE of that instead of it being a rough exception in the vaster scheme of how they've been running the PR.
  10. Does it need to be a dichotomy, though? Is it really that much more effort to post nice fanart and for once go "hey cool stuff" instead of going "HEY GAME GRUMPS MEME MEME SAAAAAAAAAAANIC QUALITY 2008 4CHAN CONTENT" as with anything, there's a balance needed. this stuff by itself isn't bad (much as I groan with every Game Grumps reference which just feels ridiculous and kinda disrespectful), but it's not being balanced by anything else.
  11. ... more than half of that is just Unleashed. Emphasis on "Sonic the Comic-Online! is a fancomic and really needs to stop being brought up on these discussions because it's entirely fucking irrelevant".
  12. I'd already come to suspect, but seeing him draw them side to side just confirms it to me- Uekawa's been stretching the proportions of the characters vertically, to the point where Boom!Sonic is supposed to be noticeably taller, but if you notice, Modern!Sonic's p.much the same size as Boom here- he's just leaning forwards more!
  13. So because of previous events, it's acceptable and permissible for them to do what they're doing to Rolfe? You say no, but then also say "oh they're not getting away with it anyways". I want accountability for dragging a youtube guy randomly and slandering him about. I don't care about the movie, its controversy, its response. I'm talking about this specific event, specifically happening on the last few days, by these specific people. Trying to refocus this on the movie is diverting attention. The movie's irrelevant. It could be any movie, it wouldn't excuse people with power in the industry attacking one guy for making a video for his fans explaining why he won't watch a movie. THAT's what I'm mad about, THAT's what I'm not forgiving. THAT's what I'm going to consider as "they got away with it" until I see Oswalt, Faraci, and the like doing a public apology about siccing their audiences on people.
  14. No, I'm sorry, I'm disagreeing entirely here. You don't get to have established pros attacking what's comparatively effectively a random joe and go "well he was dumb to start it anyways and it's the fans fault". If you've made for years effectively a career of talking about a specific thing, and then won't talk about it, it certainly deserves explaining why. No-one should be forced to relate to their audience in a way that's "convenient and short", either, especially considering that he wanted to say more than just "I won't watch it". And what martyrdom is it required to say "eh that's enough"? If he'd done this video about Robocop, would it be martyrdom still? Can't it have taken more films, with more polemic, for his glass to be filled and him to go "I'm dropping this"? There is martyrdom here, yes, but not initiated by him. He, as far as I can see, is dealing amazingly with this by not even reacting to it. Doesn't excuse the actions others are taking. Both on the side "defending him", but ALSO ON THE SIDE ATTACKING HIM. The one that on this stuff is always given carte blanche. It's always the anonymous masses attacked, but the people pinpointable as big individuals with influence calling others "limp dicks" and "golddiggers", oh those get a free pass because hey, they're part of the clique, they're friends with friends and people like them! No, bullshit. I don't give much of a fuck about the film (the ghosts seem interesting, I don't like McCarthy, don't know Leslie Jones but I liked her response to the racism accusations, don't really know anyone else in the main cast), but I'm not going to forgive this shit regardless because it gets to happen over and over and over again. No-one is a winner, but you're also refusing to accept agency by more people who're poisoning the well than the ever eternal easy to attack "manchildren".
  15. Oh come on. James's career right now is specifically about making videos about movies and games, especially related to old times and nostalgia. Doing the video isn't stupid, it's basic costumer service considering what he does. It's no martyrdom, and for this specific, it IS worth pointing out the sexism part is bullshit when he's being attacked for it when his argument is instead purely about remakes. So he did a video that's meant to 1- Explain to an audience expecting him to do something why he won't do it 2- Explaining why he'll be taking the "don't pay to see what you don't like" attitude more often 3- Setting up the additional video explaining the history of Ghostbusters 3 he posted next day And for this got Hollywood people hounding him. Fuck's sake. I disagree with you entirely here. As far as I'm concerned, he didn't do anything dumb, he's got no blame here, he didn't do any overreaction (fuck's sake he's calm as all hell, he's James Rolfe not a character, his shtick about suffering through crap is a character-specific thing otherwise his shtick is just "talk about movies and games") considering the context of what he usually does and how the film's reception was already exaggerated anyways. But no, I guess from now on just do tweets or shut up, although obviously even that's not going to save you from being the next person for all these people who campaign for good things and are assholes to drag around as an example of how bad the demographics they're targetting actually are!
  16. That's what's disgusting me here, yeah. You know these are the same people who'll turn around and accuse others of sexism, lying, etc., but don't mind grabbing a video of a guy calmly explaining he doesn't want to see a reboot and spread it around as "look at this sexist misogyinist mra FAN RAGE women-hating etc etc video". And not just random people, like. Fucking Patton Oswalt. Devin Faraci. Dane Cook. Graham Lineham. These aren't random schmoes, they're writers for influential websites, for hollywood movies, for popular tv shows. Crucifying this one guy for daring to go against the grain, and not even in a way that really fits their attacks. Fucking hell. I wish I could make it a point of support to refuse to go see the movie now because of this, but tbh, I already wasn't going to see it since I'd rather not give my money to this kind of easy Hollywood moneygrubbing anyways, so eh. All this attitude certainly isn't convincing me to give the film a chance, mind.
  17. Bean and the Rogues being part of the Armada was one of Ian's ideas pre-reboot, doubt they'd change it now.
  18. Right you are, sorry, mixed the sentences together
  19. Well, I DID mention I'd rather MegaDrive. But don't see how Team Dark are limited in any way. I imagine it'd skewer to a more political tone, maybe, but it writes itself- stuff about GUN operations, the secret missions of Team Dark, etc. Probably similar (although obviously kid-friendly) to comics like X-Force.
  20. It was by invite only. Espio hacked the system to introduce himself and Knuckles, and she allowed it since it made for an interesting roster.
  21. "Right. Let's see where we are"
    "Oh look! Rocks! Hah"

  22. I wouldn't mind a separate Team Dark comic, actually. Especially if it freed Universe a bit. Just not as prioritary as making MegaDrive ongoing.
  23. I wasn't going to, but if you're going to be provocative about it, sure :V although allow me to alter the chime, since I don't know what he does or not understand with certainty, so I'll instead just chime, with a wink and a smile, in response to " It's just the neat little things. ", that "shame about the neat big ones like the arching themes and character interactions" and next time you complain about people complaining, remember this time when you were the one enticing people on EDIT: anyone wanting to salt their fries from my post, go ahead :V
  24. Or the stories he's been in post-reboot just haven't lent themselves to that. The SatAM cast is considered the same as Archie originals for all effects, and he certainly wasn't forbidden from interacting with Eclipse or Black Death, was he?
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