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  1. IIRC, Ian's said he's figured out how to bring Katella in - which like the Nerbs is something he wasn't particularly interested in doing, but since people kept making Katella fanart, he just kept having her shoved into his attention, pretty much. Doesn't necessarily confirm she'll appear, just amuses me how these things go.
  2. I'm just saying. The cuts weren't bad enough THEN for Universe to need to be cut. But they were bad enough to cut everything else. If more cuts need to happen, which I won't be surprised when they do considering the investment into the Archie reboot and how Archie seems to so easily lose steam on these attempts, then, well... Sonic survived by having other comics throw themselves at the chopper. There's no-one else to sacrifice. Not saying it's that likely, just saying it's not that unlikely either.
  3. Or sword, or splash, or item. We'd need for starters the pronunciation, and ideally the specific hanzi.
  4. is the new issue done in a rush or something? peppers' pencils normally look stiff but this is ridiculous also meh on new dulcy. manages to both not really look like a sonic enough (why the fuck doesn't she have a separate colour muzzle, that's like a most basic cheat) and it's just boring that the solution to making her a sonic is "change her body type completely". If Eggman weren't a Sonic character the comics'd adapt him by making him look like his 06 design at this point. Thin him up and suck up any fun in the art style.
  5. Saying just "a large cast" by itself is such a vague notion I don't think it can genuinely be or not be an issue, because you need to take more into account. Disney Comics have a huge cast, but they've also got a format that allows for various stories focusing only on a few of the huge cast at once, for an example. I think the problem that's trying to be conveyed here is that by making so many characters part of the FF, they're not just a large cast but there's also an expectation of importance and relevancy that doesn't allow as easily to let some slide back for the purposes of focusing on others.
  6. correction:

    play pharaoh rebirth+

    it's good game

    that's my positive things quota for the month just negativity remains

  7. man, civil war might just be the most faithful comic adaption I've seen so far! just like the civil war comics, it does a perfect job of making tony stark an irredeemable, unlikeable, hipocritical, overemotional asshole!

    1. Strickerx5


      I think his reasons for being mad are completely justified. What he learns about Bucky towards the end coupled with how much shit he's put him through over the past couple of days would bring anyone to that point.

      Honestly, I came away hating Cap a lot more than anyone else. I mean, I know Bucky was his friend but the dude can do some damage. At some point he should have pondered if what he was doing was hurting more people than he would be saving... and it really was...

    2. The KKM

      The KKM

      His reasons made emotional sense, but it's still just infuriating and overall dumb. He's so caught up on his own guilt that he doesn't realise how much he's allowing others to fuck things up, and then when he does realise it, he immediately follows that with "fuck it anyways I'll kill this guy".

      Cap had no choice in how to do things. In every point, it's either the villain or Stark escalating shit. Not to mention, he wasn't doing it just for Bucky- for half the movie, including the important fight where Stark's being the most villainous, the objective is less Bucky and more stopping Zola from getting an army of Winter Soldiers. Cap tries to communicate that, Stark can't give a shit, he just wants Bucky and to obey his superiors so he can feel exempt from the guilt of his own actions. It's written better than the actual comics Civil War, but the result is the same- FUCK Tony Stark. Waiting now to see him sacrifice himself in the next Avengers, as it seems pretty well set-up for that- he fucked up everything for everyone like the asshole he is, so he kills himself to make up for it.

    3. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      To be fair, most of the movie Tony was MUCH better than in the comics, we can see him struggling with all this shit, he clearly points out that him going after Caps is the better option, because or else the entire world will go after him, and never uses lethal force until the end of the movie.

      And I think that's what the movie is all about anyways, two very flawed men, idolized by many, struggling to live up to their own names, but letting their emotions get the better of them, trying to balance their emotional and logical side the entire movie, only for the climax of the movie to be nothing but them letting their emotions get the better of them and throwing away everything they've built together in the process.

    4. The KKM

      The KKM

      I get that's the idea, the problem is, it's nearly always Stark doing the first fuck up, over and over again. Everyone else is just having to respond to either his shit or Daniel Brühl. Just overall made for a tiringly downer of a movie, which is accentuated by the fact Ultron was already kinda like that, and there was no chance for a movie showing the Avengers be decently light-toned and not hating each other after Ultron and all.

    5. Strickerx5


      For most of the movie Tony did nothing but try and reason with Cap. Cap just refused to compromise over some misguided sentiment that the government was just going to fuck it all up. Yes, those kinds of organizations haven't been that reliable in the past but what was the alternative? Fight them and risk more lives? Yeah no, Tony clearly had the greater good in mind. Also, I have to wonder why any of them even had the thought that the government would be able to stop them. We clearly see that Cap alone is able to overpower an entire team of those guys (without his shield or anything) so who the hell was going to stop them if they had decided to intervene in a situation? It was all about attempting to work together and that's something Cap didn't do at all.

    6. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Plus, for all Tony knew, Caps was making shit up about the other Winter Soldiers, at that point it was clear he'd do anything to prevent Bucky from being arrested, both were too lost in their own emotions to allow themselves to trust the other, the HYDRA coding just proved how dangerous Bucky was, but Caps couldn't let his best friend get arrested, because he's DESPERATELY trying to hold into any bits of his old life before being frozen, heck at the end he's clearly going AGAINST Bucky's idea of freezing himself until they can figure a way to, you know, prevent him from snapping into a murder monster when someone says a bunch of random words. Meanwhile, Tony himself is guilty of that at the end, yes, he also let his emotions get the better of him in a horrible way, but holy shit wouldn't you after seeing the shit he saw, doesn't make him any right, but just like Caps, you can see where he's coming from, and in the end, it's not Cap, who wants Bucky to remain free, or Tony, who flat out wants to murder Bucky at the end, who has the right idea, but Bucky himself: To freeze himself until they can figure out a way to undo the programming. Honestly, if after all that shit, both just surrendered with all the proof, the government would've come to the same solution as Bucky did, and they'd still be a team, but because BOTH fucked up hard, the team is either broken or on the run, and, even if they're still open to work together, they're far from being on good terms.

    7. The KKM

      The KKM

      See, thing is, we're clearly not meant to see the "sentiment the government was going to fuck it all up" as misguided. For one, because it's represented through fucking Thunderbolt Ross. Secondly, because we see that the Avengers didn't really do anything wrong in Nigeria- if they hadn't intervened there'd have been a lot more deaths; so Wakanda's demands just come across as political posturing. Thirdly, because we later see what that government supervision looks like- why, it's a inhumane prison in the ocean! As far as that side goes, the film makes it clear from the start, especially considering this is the sequel to Winter "The big government organization was actually the villains" Soldier.

      So what's actually happening is that Tony is feeling guilty over Ultron's actions, and thus is just open to being treated as a guilty person and being taken into control. What would've been the alternative? We don't even know, since Stark happily jumps into it!

      Stark isn't really "attempting to work together", he's forcing everyone under his position. Which again, the film openly shows with things like Wanda being effectively made prisoner by him.

      It's how T'Challa points out in the end, everyone's consumed by revenge. Zemo is, and Stark, in a way, is as well- revenge on himself for previous film, revenge on Cap for not obeying him, effectively, and later revenge on Barnes when the film wanted to make sure he just had no positive light at all. Zemo wins, because Stark lets himself be controlled perfectly.

      Had Cap not acted as he did overall? Barnes would've been captured or killed. Zemo would've had access to an army of Winter Soldiers to use (nevermind they were all dead, that's not part of the plan).


      Stark is written in a way that makes sense emotionally and in the following of previous films. But any point he had is quickly gone and he's just overall wrong for the entirety of the film, pretty much. He let things go out of control, not just "things", but himself.

    8. Strickerx5


      But the thing is that he was trying to get along. He was trying to make the world feel safer. He was trying to make sure no one got hurt in the process. Cap didn't try at all.

      Tony had no idea where the other avengers were going to end up after that airport scene (though they did indeed act as criminals so I fail to see how that was his fault).  Yes, their living conditions weren't charming but they acted by their own will. Hawkeye didn't have to come back. Wanda could have stayed out of it. They all made choices to try and protect a criminal and try to play it like that the consequences of their actions are better than what could happen when we've seen over the past movies that they're not.

      Sorry man, but I just don't see how Stark is out of control when he did nothing but try and talk to Cap and work out a compromise. What he was doing wasn't just for the team but for people in general. Hell, he still gave Cap the benefit of the doubt even after what happened to War Machine. It was only after he finds out what Bucky did and that both him and Cap knew about it but still didn't tell him that he losses himself to his emotions; and can you blame him?

      Cap did absolutely nothing to try and work out a compromise and never thought of anyone besides his closed circle of friends. Tony, on the other hand, tried to connect with what he had. Was it because he felt guilty? Yes, of course, because he's responsible for some heavy stuff along with everyone else. He was trying to do right when Cap was simply trying to tune everything out.

  8. rich evans is DEAD


    1. Singapore Sling

      Singapore Sling



  9. Fair enough. I just honestly can't connect there- half the colours used in a screen doesn't strike me as a "finer detail", but as usual I present my thoughts with the admission I just place more importance on the visual side than most people seem to.
  10. As mentioned, I'm more irritated about the constant "stop caring about it" attitude than the actual mistake :V that said, while obviously not as bad as a red Sonic, I do think it is a pretty serious problem. Like, if it were, say, a level where you have a small fountain and someone uses the wrong shade of blue in the water in the fountain, that's fine, but Chun-Nan literally looks like this It's basically half the screen at any given moment that's not inside, I'd say it's a pretty relevant part to try and get right when portraying the location :V they also got the red of the dragon too bright, but THAT's the more kind of irrelevant detail you're making the water to me. I'd say getting this water right is as relevant as, say, getting the water is purple-pink when portraying Chemical Plant. Or getting the ice to be white-blue when portraying Holoska, considering half of what you see in the screen when being there is the colours white and blue. Or getting that the houses in Apotos are white, both since that's how the game portrays them and how they are in real life. wait that last one
  11. You know that Rick and Morty clip where someone tells Rick's father (or Morty's, I'm only passingly familiar with the show, which one's the kid again) to calm down and the father goes on a rant about how no-one calms down when told to calm down and being told to calm down only makes them more agitated? I wasn't wound over this until repeatedly being told not to be wound over it, now I'm actually pretty wound over the fact that not being happy with "good enough" as far as the comic's art goes is such an awful crime :V I mean, read back over it, I just said "this looks awful", because it does, and then kept being told "it's fine because it's fine", and being accused of caring too much for replying back each time with "I don't agree with that". So you barely noticed the textures, what's that to do with me? You do you, let me do me.
  12. That's why I mentioned "putting that aside", because my problem there is the amateur use of textures. The part I actually pasted images of. Collage is a visual look that can work, but when done intentionally for it and planned out for it- when you're instead just grabbing linework and shoving a photo of clouds or a photo of water so you don't have to do clouds or water, it just looks bad, especially, again, when the water was rocks anyways :V And I don't believe I said it's the end of the world. The opposite to "not caring" isn't "caring so much it's the end of the world". Cassata ranges from serviceable to bad, I've already said. That's the whole point of what I was talking with shdowhunt- to me, "serviceable" isn't enough. Not visually, at least. (also the point about the river isn't liking Unleashed, but respecting intentional colour choices that were well thought and had a reason to exist. You wouldn't accept Sonic being painted red, right? If the comic went visiting the literal real world, would painting the Statue of Liberty red be acceptable? Or a blue Lincoln Memorial? Unless you were JoJoing it out, I don't think it should. The fact Apotos is white and blue instead of yellow and brown, or that Chun-Nan is gray and green and red instead of blue and red, are big parts of the identity of the locales. You may not care about having the elements be represented as they were designed to be represented, doesn't mean I won't.) Like, again. Your arguments are basically "it's not shit so it's fine" and "I'm fine with it, why aren't you?". Can't really do more here than say "I disagree, I disagree" :V
  13. If to you all it takes is "it's not complete shit" to be contented, fine. I prefer things actually look good instead of just "passable" (or honestly in the case of this page, "bad")
  14. Sure. Pleb. Even ignoring it's just got the colours wrong for Chun-Nan (the water is green, come on, it's half the screen in the level at any given time), it's just an ugly cheap way of "colouring" to shove textures randomly with no more work put on them. Especially when it results in misreading the linework and painting "rocks" with a water texture.





    1. Milo








  16. I... don't know if it's literally based on Shade's blades. Sally's blades are clearly just based on Mecha Sally's (and considering how the design clearly wasn't thought for the blades, indicates that Sally wasn't planned to have then even during the redesign process, so someone just looked at the Mecha Sally design and went "use that"), so the question becomes if Mecha Sally's are based on Shade, and I don't know. Maybe, maybe not.
  17. Yeah, I don't know if we got to see enough of him at all to even understand what personality he was intended to have beyond "comically sadistic like a Monty Python sketch". I don't know if they altered anything at all, really- I'd imagine the plan was always to have him be a "why fight if I can avoid it" kind of guy, they just didn't quite get to show it before the reboot.
  18. this is a depressing post to read so much stuff that in any just world should be public domain by this point
  19. I'm really not sure what Marza hopes to achieve by pushing Unreal Engine 4 and Unity to give top-tier pre-rendered cgi animation, but they're achieving it

    1. Blacklightning


      Because it'd be a really cheap alternative to render farms?

    2. The KKM

      The KKM

      Makes sense.

    3. Blacklightning


      Also, having actually watched it now, you can tell Sonic's really rubbed off on Marza these days. That artstyle isn't really all that far removed from Unleashed's.

    4. The KKM

      The KKM

      That's more to do with them getting Gurihiru to do the character design for this short.


  20. as an artist most feedback I get is positive. no criticism. not blaming anyone for it- it's easier to just say "oh that looks nice", for most people. makes me despair though that I know there's places where people talk negatively about me and my art, but then instead of giving specific negative points I could maybe learn from, just go "lol he never takes criticism lol he doesn't know how to draw sonics". Very frustrating. Please actually say things.

    Posted here in hopes of cross-board between SSMB and /sthg/.

    1. Nepenthe


      I think an issue is that people who aren't necessarily artists might not understand how to go about giving constructive criticism or suggestions for improvement. Most people know how to say something is bad in art but not exactly why.

  21. romero is a madman and apparently the closest the industry has to jesus christ

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