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  1. I know you people don't like Retro, but don't just go badmouthing like that. One programmer isn't the entire Retro community, nor the entire Retro staff. In fact going around posts and comments, I'd say Retro's stance in the project is actually the same as yours: "the fuck are you doing guys, this was a fun community project now it's drm with wrong music"
  2. To be honest if I were in his position of directing a crashed film because lolexecutives I'd also have fun with idiocy like that.
  3. Yeah, when with content double posts are accepted. I like wereAmy, looks good, WereSally looks a bit too... boobies, to be honest.
  4. OOH OOH My name is crossed out, does it mean I'm free to choose a new character? 'cause I'm trying to decide between Gamma or Mod. Crabmeat, hmm.
  5. I'll need until monday because of internet issues. Otherwise, Red's done with his part, so feel free to let him draw something else.
  6. No, I meant that. I was only giving Dreamworks examples, so I added the whole Pixar library to it.
  7. Timberwolf, it sounds to me more you're letting rampant fanaticism cloud your ears, otherwise you'd have gotten the point by now. The character's origin has no bearing on whether the film would be good or not. How to Train Your Dragon is based on a series of books, though outside of the States they're virtually unknown. Kung-Fu Panda is based on nothing, and so is most of Pixar's work. Here's what would happen with a GOOD Sonic film with Archie elements. Many fans would cry like babies and refuse to see, BUT- 1- It would have Sonic as the main character and driving point. At this point, you can count thousands of kids and Sonic fans. 2- The fact Archie has a thousand and eight-hundred characters DOESN'T MEAN THEY ALL HAVE TO APPEAR. I mean seriously? Scar, Timberwolf, have you been hit with the silly disease? Were all the 23456 mutants from the MArvel Continuity on the X-Men films? 3- Therefore, all they'd need to do would be keep the focus on what's most recognizable- Sonic, Eggman, and the games' world, as it's what's most recognizable. To the eyes of the general audience- you know, the ones who'll buy the tickets, the ones who'll actually make or break the film in critical and financial terms- any character past Sonic and Eggman is an extra, be it from the games or comics; so at this point, as long as no character is made too obnoxious and spotlight-stealing, they're all fine to use.
  8. Me and Red will also perhaps need until Saturday, as we're doing it together. I can post the sketch we did here if you'd like?
  9. I find your whole talk of "I am old look at me" a bit hard to swallow when there wasn't a Sonic Retro before 2007. :/
  10. Drew a vampire. Also, I bought me a B&W Hulk Essentials book, so been sketching a tad.
  11. The KKM

    Voyant's Artwork!

    Really nice artwork. The first Sonic reminds me a bit of J. Axer's work, and this latest fancharacter is looking great.
  12. The early days and at least around issues 130s. When she was still a vaguely interesting character before becoming Bland McPerfect. Yeah, it's early instances, but it isn't the first time Ian Flynn calls back to that- take Sally cutting her hair, Bunnie's uncle being introduced, etc. Still waiting for Tails drawing again
  13. In a side-note, I also have thought for years there should be an option for an arcade mode. You start your game for the first time- "Do you wish to play the game with cutscenes and story, or just have fun with the levels? Choose an option. >STORY MODE >ARCADE MODE" And then Arcade Mode would have no cutscenes, no text, just level -> level -> level.
  14. I'll side myself with Mechano overall in the thread, while adding though that the games could do with a little more tension. Let's compare Adventure's plot with Colours. Adventure- Eggman attempts conquest of city, through various methods, from missiles to kidnapping Amy, while making an ancient water monster more and more powerful. At the end, a tsunami destroys downtown. Colours- Eggman outright conquers and alters the orbit of various planets, pollutes them, and kidnaps and potentially murders numerous alien specimens in an attempt to brainwash the universe. So what's the problem here? Adventure makes you feel the danger. You get to see various consequences to Eggman's actions- Amy is kindapped. Knuckles' Island crashes. Tails crashes two planes. Eggman's ship goes around menacingly, shadowing the city, having entire armies and lasers, and even shapeshifting. One of Eggman's robots, a kind soul, is made to murder and do bad stuff it don't want to do, and instead starts attacking its brothers. You see, you feel, all the crap going on. Colours? You're shown he's captured aliens and then... er, robots? Tails gets mind-controlled in one scene!... and it's solved as quickly, without even being playable. More robots! Wait, Yacker's gone? Didn't even notice. Oh no, the poor aliens! Everything explodes. It could've been solved with them being a bit more clever with what they show. Perhaps showing Yacker being captured, showing the planets be actively destroyed more on the lines of the concept art and Generations, etc. Because there's a lot of material here, it just needed a bit more shifting of focus.
  15. Derp-a-durr, dude, where is he bashing Sally? Go read the Tails Minisseries or the Sonic Adventure stories, that Sally always "babied-up" and never really liked to have Tails and Amy fight is an established fact ever since SatAM. And not a bad one, either, it's a flaw that makes her interesting- she's a good leader and whatnot but like her father she's still stuck on some traditions, such as "young 'uns don't fight".
  16. Got $40 bucks to use on Amazon.com. Planning already on ordering used copy of Stay Sonic and a preorder of the Sonic Encyclopedia, leaving around 20 dollars. Suggestions on what to buy?

    1. Barry the Nomad

      Barry the Nomad

      put it towards Binary Domain!

    2. Vemus


      get 20 things from the dollar store

  17. The only problem I have with this show nowadays is simply that they failed the one thing SEGA tried to keep common in all Sonics throughout the world in the 90's- that it was a colourful, surreal world. SatAM only knows browns and dark blues, and it's really annoying.
  18. Pfff-hold on, Nicoshi's going to SoS? *readies brass knuckles*

    1. Big Boss (legendsneverdie)

      Big Boss (legendsneverdie)

      Be nice, I'm sure that he's at least tolerable IRL.

    2. Lady Soniko

      Lady Soniko

      wait.. seriously? i bet they won't use their online alias and turn up as anonymous guest

    3. The KKM

      The KKM

      Nah, but chances are someone added the name to the SoS attendees list for a laugh. Wasn't he supposed to be in Japan?

  19. I know that, we all know that. Doesn't mean we can't have fun trying to come up with justifications for it.
  20. Oh hey, this thread! I had a lot of my art on the Retro version, some of it without I even noticing it, but here's the design I use for my personal uses: Someone mentioned Classic Sonic is best because he's timeless, bouncy, cartoony. I ask- why not add that to Modern instead of going back to Classic? Not that that's what I've done here, my own design is basically "I like the OVA's face and Adventure's body". Now Amy? There's something I'd redesign.
  21. I'm a bit saddened by this, all our experience with Japanese games people rising the ranks points to the fact he'll now be stuck with paperwork and not be able to do the stuff he likes. Here's hoping I'm wrong.
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