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  1. REally yeah, the OVA may not be canon but it WAS headed by Sonic Team AND it does show the image of the franchise on the Japanese side of things. Sonic is a cocky bastard, Tails is cute and helpless and addicted to technology, Knuckles is an adventuring courageous fella with strong morals and determination and with a pinch for finding and exploring treasure, whose only difference is being free from duty (though with Angel Island's supposed size he can still do a lot of exploring and whatnot while keeping himself in the Island), and Eggman is a crazy old bastard who wants to destroy Sonic, conquer everything, and is lecherous- as to be expected from an old crazy fun evil scientist his age. Even Metal's personality disorder with him being perfectly synched to Sonic and killing himself because there could be no 2 Sonics while realizing he ISN'T Sonic sounds a lot like the schyzophrenic Neo Metal Sonic from Heroes, just like how Tails' Workshop in Adventure reminds me so much of the OVA.
  2. You're not really understand why people aren't liking this idea. Let's put it this way. I really love eating chocolate. I also love eating fish. I do not love eating chocolate and fish. This does not mean chocolate is bad, nor fish; but if my meal is meant to be chocolate (or fish), then I want it chocolate (or fish), exclusively. It also does not mean I can't add chocolate sauce to the fish or something, but that goes in another dish for experiencing, not on these ones. This is what's happening here. Sonic 4 is meant to be a Classic experience, and already has a strike mark for the Homing Attack. Sonic Colours and the rest are meant to be a Modern experience, and are good at it. Adding the Boost to Sonic 4 is forcing chocolate in the fish. Maybe it can work, but what I was promised was chocolate, not chocofish. Likewise, I wouldn't like Sonic Rush 3 to NOT have the boost because of Classic fans. If I'm being promised chocolate I don't want fish scales in it. However, maybe in another, separate meal we COULD try mixing the two? Maybe a new game can be devised with Classic physics and the Rush moveset? tl;dr- no boost in sonic 4.
  3. People would complain he's too stretchy. (Actual Naoto Ohshima work)
  4. There's no past being-- actually, that's exactly it, past is being replaced. To help people understand (even though by this point it should be obvious) what is going on, imagine you have a clay statue. Normally in a reboot you'd tear the clay statue down and start a new one. What Ian/Eggman did was instead smack the clay statue so much it ended up with a completely different shape.
  5. Hogfather- I am making that exact claim. Before 1999, according to what SEGA told us, the rabbit in Sonic 1 was named Johnny Lightfoot. Blue Blood- Again, that is what we know now. Do as I asked Flyboy to do- forget anything after 1999 ever existed. Unless you're from Japan or have contact with it's canon, the squirrel is Sally Acorn, as it says on the manuals, books authored by SEGA, everywhere. The same for Johnny Lightfoot, Porker Lewis, etc. Just like the villain was Robotnik. Unless you happened to read the obscure manual of Sonic Drift EDIT: I've already said I am not talking specifically about the SatAM Sally. I am talking about the concept, the idea, of Sally Acorn, as part of the Sonic franchise. Just like how the idea of Mighty was actually from Sonic 1 and not SEGASonic Arcade, or the cocnept of Vector was actually from Sonic 1 as well, or the concept of Amy was from the manga. EDIT EDIT: Show me Lew Stringer saying he based Shortfuse out of Ray and I'll accept it. Until then, you're being facetious.
  6. Oh come on, the moment you need to specify Spinball doesn't count the discussion can't go on. And I'll stick to what I say, though, that for all intents and purposes Sally WAS Ricky. Forget you're in any year after 1999. Forget you've ever had any contact with Sonic outside of what SoA gives you. The squirrel is named Sally Acorn.
  7. I actually always wondered- did the dirt name the planet or the planet name the dirt? I'd say Earth, in the sense of dirt, likely came before the very notion of a planet itself.
  8. I'll call you guys to something on Titan Metal Sonic there- it has eyelashes. And the muzzle is really not like Sonic's. Plus look at the back of the head- no spines, more like hair. Current theory is, since Badniks were reintroduced by Genesis, Sally is being used as a power battery for a Sonic badnik. I'll call you guys to something on Titan Metal Sonic there- it has eyelashes. And the muzzle is really not like Sonic's. Plus look at the back of the head- no spines, more like hair. Current theory is, since Badniks were reintroduced by Genesis, Sally is being used as a power battery for a Sonic badnik.
  9. True. She is, however, canon, copyrighted, and completely a SEGA concept, and up until Sonic Adventure yes, she was a part of the game world, no matter how tacked on it was. @Hogfather- I don't see how it can be misleading. I forgot to add an image I found later of Sally in the SatAM storyboards, but other than that you'll find no lie in there, and the only assumption is on some of the dates. Ricky WAS Sally Acorn in the West, and there's no arguing that. @Julian- ... Did you get the image from a couple of pages back, or is that thing circulating the internet? because if it is, I wannt make something better looking
  10. ... Verte, this is not religion. It's not about believing. SEGA released those stories and that's that. Do they make sense with one another? No? Don't matter. That's like complaining that the 2009 Spider-Man cartoon didn't follow the 1990's Spider-Man cartoon. Each of the three SEGAs did it's own story at the time. Then, SEGA of Japan took over, and a new story was made based on SoJ's. But that doesn't mean the others aren't valid. Notice I never said canon, though, I say valid. As in, franchise-wise valid. Transformers Comics in the US are official, and so are the UK ones and the IDW ones and the Dreamwave ones. Marvel Adventures Spider-Man is as official as Ultimate Spider-Man.
  11. Seems like a brilliant idea. I mean, for one, Walt has nothing to say here- believe it or not, Snow White was not created by Disney. Then, Ninjas are not chinese- and remember, this seems to be appealing at the China market. Consider the most successful American film in China recently- Kung-Fu Panda. This is not as bad as you guys are whining it to be, really, but as it's Disney and it's different from your childhood, BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW
  12. Look at the thread, I've posted images that show the evolution. Basically, they decided she had to be a princess because... the 80's were fresh? then they started evolving her, making her as tall as Sonic, then drawing her more Saturday Cartoonish more and more, a bit of Don Bluth really. The only time in which you really can't look at Sally, squint, and see Ricky (and vice versa) is in the StC-shown Proto SatAM, in which she looks like a furry Madonna (the Sonic character, not the singer). I have no idea what happened there, but it's strange.
  13. Yes, that's a Ricky. That's from what, 2005? EDIT: Let me be more clear. (though I don't think I can be, considering the two walls of text and various visual evidence to support what I say.) SEGA of America determined that is a Sally Acorn. SEGA of Japan determined that is a Ricky. Nowadays, SEGA of Japan wins. But SEGA of America had the entire 90's to make Sally Acorn. Sally Acorn, her Ricky-with-bow form, her SatAM form, her Archie form, her simple Ricky form those are all variations of the same character- Sally Acorn, a concept (female anthropomorphic squirrel) that SEGA created and owns. The thread asks if Sally Acorn is a SEGA character. I say she not only is, but she can be considered a game character, even. Doesn't make her any better a character, though.
  14. Why can't we do that? I can concede at most considering Ricky and Sally different characters, since when West merged with East, we were left with those two names. Unless Archie renames Sally to the nickname Sally "Ricky" Acorn. but really, in StC Knuckles looked different than in Archie, and from the games. Or even better, Amy is definitely different in Archie, StC and the Games. Why not conclude what they are- different interpretations of the same SEGA-owned character?
  15. Even in Japan, there were always humans in Sonic's world. Add to that the references to Christmas Island and South Island, and it can be extrapolated that the games, the classic ones at least, happen in an alternate Earth much like our own but stranger. This notion starts to break with Shadow the Hedgehog, when we get to see a world map in the GUN Headquarters; and gets annihilated by Unleashed, ironically the game both closest to Earth and furthest away.
  16. Thing is, until Sonic Adventure there was no Ricky in the west. There was a "Sally Acorn". They're the same entity- just translation, like King Koopa or King Bowser. My point is, the idea of Sally Acorn- the germ of it- was in the Sonic Franchise before the idea of Amy Rose; At least until Oshima comes out and specifies she was based directly on Madonna or something. And Verte, sorry for naming you then As for Spinball being canon, it's done in such a way it really doesn't affect the story- much like all the other games. Looking at the games, it has as much going for it as SEGASonic the Hedgehog (arcade) has. I personally like to think both are canon, but eh.
  17. Sally Acorn was a part of the franchise long before Amy. Notice however I am saying FRANCHISE, not canon, as there really was no canon at the time- SoJ constantly changed theirs, SoA constantly changed theirs (despite what was argued earlier that SatAM=/= SoA canon, they did actively try to adopt SatAM as official canon after it's success), and in the end I think only SoE kept firm on their canon, which was actually SoA's. Also, someone here, I think Verte, complained that Sonic Spinball isn't canon because it's from SEGA Technical Institute, which he even classified as a "third-party". 1- That's thoroughly wrong- STI was first-party, just like Sonic Team. 2- STI made Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic and Knuckles. I suppose then that they aren't canon?
  18. But again, believe it or not, this is not something new or exclusive. See the debates of Classic Doctor Who vs New Doctor Who vs Moffatt Doctor Who vs Audioplay Doctor Who, or the debate of G1 Transformers vs Film Transformers vs Marvel US Transformers vs Marvel UK Transformers etc. EDIT: Oh God Tornado I had completely forgotten about that. GENERATION 3 POKÉMON SUCK!!!! NO THEY DON'T THEY'RE THE BEST THEY'RE ORIGINAL DESIGNS!!!!
  19. You've all seen it. Likely even said it. It's something we share as a fandom, sort of a pride, actually. I am, of course, talking about the notion we're the worst fandom ever. WHY ARE WE THE ONLY FANBASE TO DISCUSS GREEN EYES LOLOLOL UGH WE MUST BE THE ONLY FANBASE TO DISCUSS MOUTHS OH WOW, NO OTHER FRANCHISE DECIDES WHETHER TO BUY THE GAMES BECAUSE OF THE CHARACTER BEING FAT LAWL This is something that annoys me immensely. The way people say it, it's like WE'RE WORSE AND THAT'S WHAT WE ARE, DOOD. National Sonic Institution- be a furry in love with Sally. For a more recent example, check the "wtf is wrong with Sonic's mouth" thread. Why is this? Why are we so obsessed with this idea and so convinced we are unique? Guys: - Try and get a Zelda forum to discuss the split timeline. - Try and get a Transformers forum to discuss the films. - Try and get a Doctor Who forum to discuss if RTD is better than Moffat or who's the best companion or the best Doctor. - Go to a Mega Man forum and say your favourite game is Mega Man 2 and Mega Man shouldn've never left 8-bits. Or even better, say you're tired of 8-bits Mega Man. Really guys, we're not the best fandom around, but to be honest I've found much worse examples around. So let's all get off our high horses here, guys, and stop flooding certain threads with WHY I CAN'T EVEN BELIEVE WE'RE DISCUSSING THIS, TRULY WE ARE THE WORSTEST FANBASE TROLLOLOLOL ~~The KKM
  20. Yeah, when people complain about the mouth it's just because SEGA insists on giving him those strange lips which either make his mouth look like genitalia do to being sideways, or makes him look pouty all the time. All the rest is good.
  21. Considering that in Bumbleking Ian said that so far no-one managed to guess what's happening in 230, I'm betting it's a bit more complex than simply SALLY'S ALIVE YAY NAY.
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