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  1. Hey, we DO care about the rest of the Supression Squad! It's just that with so much happening at the same time, I personally and many others don't find them prioritary. We have reboots on StH, Scourge, the No Zone, and possibly Eggman Nega on SU, the Supression Squad can come at their own time. Also, how can he get a name if we haven't seen him yet? I'm sure once we do, we'll get a new name. And he already has a name- it's "Knuckles" Plus we've already been discussing in BKC how to name him. Bets went off on: Knuckles McKnuckles or Dreds McLocke

    1. azoo


      Danger Mouse? Where?!

    2. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      OMG YES! I love Danger Mouse!!


  4. Being a fan of jerk-ass Fleetway Sonic, I'm disappointed at this thread For starters, Heores can be jerks as well. Did you know that Churchill was an ass? And a racist? His actions speak louder, and so do Sonic's. Besides that, he's a symbol. this is especially pointed out in that story where Amy defeats the villain, but lets Sonic take the credit for it. It's Sonic who's the hero of the people. He's the symbol of freedom. There are two Sonics, if you will, and the Sonic that the public knows in Fleetway is more important than the jerk. And even then, he's not as much of a jerk as people like to imply. The Pixelbrain part, for an example. My brother used to tease me with nicknames like that; by my turn, I usually call my niece "frog". Is it an insult? No, it's a joke, a little nag, but it doesn't mean I hate her or dislike her in any ways. Sonic to Tails is still like that; Tails looks up to Sonic, and Sonic, being the COOL GUY he is, likes to tease him a lot. but in the end of the day, he'll still risk life and limb for his friends. Another detail about him is that he's COOL. And by that I mean 90's COOL. He forces himself so hard to be COOL that he often comes across as mean. There's that story where Porker wants to leave the Freedom Fighters and Sonic basically acts as an ass because of it. Why? Because deep down, Porker's his friend and he doesn't want him to go, but he's too COOL to know how to properly handle feelings like those. So basically, he's a 15-year-old with superpowers, responsabilities for basically an entire world, and a demonic-other-side in him, who still manages to fight for freedom and his friends. I think he deserves some slack being cut.
  5. I took it more to mean that he's his own characetr, now. He should be just another Sonic, but the Emerald changed him, and that makes hi different. Does he get his own Alternate-Universe Scourges now? Etc.
  6. I'd just like to say that I'm quite disappointed that RootingForTheEmpire apparently doesn't consider the Fleetway Robotnik worthy of analysis. Nor the OVA one.
  7. JESUS CHRIST Master Board, did you even read the article before insulting Ian like he was planning to rape your mother? guys, it's a reboot. a temporary one. Remember that issue where Green Knuckles was constantly rewriting continuity and returning it to normal? think that, for 4 issues.
  8. What I do consider is that the OP's username should be changed to "CanofWorms". Seriously, I imagine a guy living well on his house, thinking "well what topic can I do next that has a lot of potential to explode?"
  9. I'm a hobo from my broken home / nothing's gonna stop me now

  10. ... OK, more seriously. I love the Sonic Screensaver, Sonic Adventure (not Adventure 2, just Adventure) and current designs. They're all great, each for it's reason. Screensaver Sonic is a loveable character who doea a lot of things in a funky world. Adventure Sonic just exudes energy. Current Sonic is a cartoon character, more than Classic in my opinion, as classic is too cutesy and rounded to fit in well with Felix or Mickey- Felix and Mickey HAD more oval bodies, HAD longer limbs, HAD larger hands and shoes. To me, Classic = awesome cute, Adventure = awesome urban, Current = awesome cartoon. runners up: The Sonic Channel style (a bit too static for me).

  12. I'm still confused as to if by capitalizing the R you are saying "Sonic Retro brat", not just "retro brat". If you are, I personally take offense.
  13. I feel like trying to make some interesting Sonic fan designs. Please reply with suggestions for animals.

  14. Hmm. I guess that's a good reason, but it doesn't reconfort me in the slightest. :I if they can determine those things because they paid so much, I certainly expect them to exert pressure on how the story unfolds. "NOT ENOUGH SALLY WE PAID YOU GUYS DO IT" :I
  15. so basically, you(the team)'re full-on admitting this will be a SatAM fan film, then? fuck it, my interest just fell.
  16. YES EGGMAN I never managed to see how his suit looks like, since his official art has him crossing his arms! Magnificent!
  17. Ooh, nice. Loving it overall- Nicole's look, Ixis naugus the Shadowman, and poor Geoff McJerk

    1. eXtaticus


      He even mucks around with those who cannot bleat...

  19. ... Prelate? Enerjak has Prelate minions? ... Oh God Ian's adapting Chronicles.
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