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  1. Humans are present since ever in Sonic. We had his human girlfriend, Madonna. We had lots of humans serving as backgrounds in the Sonic Screensaver arts. I like humans in Sonic in the same way I like them in Disney comics (even if they're dognoses there): It's background filler, and as Sonic and friends keep being furries, it calls attention to them and says "pay attention to these guys and not the rest". I think Unleashed was the best in this. Each human looked nice and unique, but the focus was still Sonic.
  2. Not yet. Wait for Miyamoto to kick the bucket first.
  3. I still want Sonic to call him Pixel Brain, though.
  4. Instant top speed. I'm planning for it to be a quite useful move on the long run. EDIT: I meant, instant AND constant top speed. Spin Dash slows down with time. EDIT EDIT:
  5. So yeah, I figured if I want to have C&C etc. on the concepts I'm arranging for my fangame, I'd have to open a thread. EDIT: Also, expect unrelated hacks and whatnot to appear of a sudden as I try and learn my way. SONIC STARS Intended product in the end- 32xCD 2D Sonic game, with 5 playable characters, huge levels with lots of exploration (Sonic CD in a Sonic 3K scale). REMISE: A star-shaped spaceship falls near Dr. Robotnik's base. Studying it, he discovers the ship has immense power, and uses it to fuel a whole new army of badniks. SONIC & TAILS: They witness the ship falling, and later on Robotnik's attack of the Floating Island, so they decide to stop him. KNUCKLES: Robotnik attacks the Floating Island as revenge for the events of Sonic 3K. Knuckles leaves the Island in order to stop him. He also gets the more fights with Nack. AMY: Using her mystic powers, Amy recieves a call for help from the stasis-mode alien trapped inside the starship, and goes to rescue him. NACK (as a boss): Hired by Dr. Robotnik to bring down the heroes. NACK (playable character): After the events of the game (á lá Knuckles in Sonic & Knuckles) one of Robotnik's Eggrobos decides to try himself and lead the badniks to conquest. Nack is hired by Robotnik to bring them down. CHARACTER MOVESETS: CONCEPT ART: So yeah, all I got for now. Comments on Sonic's Moveset and button disposition would be appreciated.
  6. Very nice! Loving this thread. And yeah, SSMB is a terrible place for art threads
  7. They probably were separate models or something absurd like that
  8. Way I figured, 2 characters should be allowed the use of weapons á lá ShTH. Fang and Bean. Fang is Fang, weapons, etc. Bean is based on Dynamite Dux, which had a "pick up weapon, blow up everything" gameplay style.
  9. YES I love this comic. Such brilliance and fun with clichés xD
  10. HERE'S A SIMPLE SOLUTION Chaotix 2. Have Knuckles go on an adventure or something with the Chaotix. Reveal he's been paying them in antiques from the Island for them to protect the Emerald when needed.
  11. The art is, as said, by Nigel Dobbyn, official StC artist, and found here: Amy Rose Lineart
  12. The only thing I'd point out is that Miles manages to both not look like a dog and look like Oswald's ears bent. I'd suggest looking at more old cartoons other than Ub Iwerks', and trying some new designing. Test clothing and assecories as well, consider what was the normal clothing in the 1920ies, is your character from the country (Ub Iwerks' and Walt Disney's characters mostly are, so they dress as lowly farmers) or the city (Betty Boop, for an example)? You show great potential though. How old are you? You remember me of myself some 6, 8 years ago.
  13. Did a series of photoshop edits

  14. colouring Kid Notorious' lineart Also, I AM taking commissions. Remember that.
  15. I scanned my Moleskine. Please do click on these images to check it.
  16. Mahzes, you the man now :D

  17. Hey, here to bump with a shitty image and promises of lots of sketches! First, it's just a sketch for a future larger (and better) image, with a redeisgned Loot the Chameleon (from one one-shot Tails story from Sonic the Comic. Yeah, I'm going obscure.) Second, I'd like you to suggest more and more characters. I'll do a list on the first post and keep on increasing it with your suggestions. Also, the more obscure the character, the more I'll need references. Basically, suggest ANY Sonic character from ANY medium- comics, books, games, tv shows, whatever.
  18. Also, this next one is noteworthy as being the first time I drew Yoshi!
  19. I still have somewhere on a sketchbook a sketch to give you of a Sonic Adventure-esque Sonic drinking tea. I've really gotta find my college's scanner
  20. Octarine, don't you mean a Iadashi Tizuka?

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