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  1. You get teleported with the Infinite sound effect to an ethereal new stage with infinite purple clouds in the BG and Sonic floating. EDIT: No name's given though, so it's implied to still be Titanic Monarch? Dunno.
  2. Hold on, hold on. What "spoiler specific thing"? There's nothing on the spoilers that indicates why they'd delay the PC version. Especially since the leaks were of the Switch. Stop panicking and hyperbolising, christ. There's something wrong in how the game's playing on PC, so they're delaying. That's all.
  3. Owner of 8ch's /v/ board, New Yorker, all the trappings of what's commonly called a lolcow except he's too aware of his status. He eats a giant cake every year on his board's birthday posting photos of it on a thread as people mock him. He was part of the trolling of Shia LaBoeuf's He Will Not Divide Us, coming in to shout things like "I'm Batman, I'm an autist, I'm the law, I'm the law, I'm the law". He's overall a complete idiot with no social skills who is also great as kind of a mascot to be amazed at. VK seems to have some issues with some people. I heard people talk about updating Flash and making sure there's an exception added to it to allow VK to play, dunno.
  4. 8ch in this case, not 4chan. As to what is it with 8ch getting shit right, shit, dunno, man. Karma laughing, I don't know. Why of everyone on Earth it had to be Mark getting to do this I've no idea, but proves God has a sense of humour.
  5. Is the Sonic going into a submarine bit supposed to be a reference to Sonic Adventure 2?
  6. Sonic's shot from one of those giant guns to Oil Ocean which is in the horizon.
  7. The Mirage Salloon Heavy transforms into illusions of Bean, Bark, and Fang. So they're not really appearing, it's just a great cameo.
  8. Well not really- this isn't a Sonic Team game, after all. We already saw references such as 8-bit Mecha Sonic and, well, the Hooligans being in posters in the first place.
  9. Might be one of those "wait for it to play" things and he didn't wait.
  10. Well, I think that's it for today, he's just going to play it on mobile mode as he goes to get food :V
  11. No need to link to 8ch here (don't want to risk mods banning you :^) ) any new stream will be reposted here. That said he's gone silent for now.
  12. >not only there WAS a ninja hbh, his shurikens are asterion badniks from sonic 2 good job
  13. how can a man be this shit at blue spheres
  14. I'm laughing so hard. Anyone know other streaming services? Because he likely won't give up until he's exhausted all options.
  15. https://vk.com/id441884807?z=video441884807_456239017%2F2a6033cba99a1d07cb%2Fpl_wall_441884807 AND HERE WE GO, HERE WE GO, HERE WE GO AGAIN WHOOOOOO AND HERE WE GO AGAIN
  16. He is a legitimate autist and a jew, at least IIRC, who also does his best to live up to internet stereotypes of what being an autist and being a jew mean. Youtube "He will not divide us Mark" for footage of him interrupting Shia's stuff from earlier this year to shout "I am Batman I am an autist I am an autist I'm batmaaan" and so on. I love Mark but maaaaaaan. He's not exactly the easiest person for the average person to watch. Anyway enough about him it's getting off-thread.
  17. I was laughing so hard at seeing all these people get to meet Mark's unique personality I wasn't even paying attention to the video
  18. image.thumb.png.0342ee7e457fa98c532c9faf27f2a5b1.png

    (alarm noises)

  19. There's at least one documented instance right now of someone who got the Mania CE managing to play it already:

    (video shows just the intro screen and starting the game)

    So be warned, spoilers and leaks will start appearing.

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