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  1. they're really not "fairly balanced out". Classic, every single main game was a hit, and even the questionable side stuff were, in their majority, good. "Dreamcast era", Sonic Team's only hits were the Adventures, which are also generally agreed to be immensely flawed due to the multiple gameplay styles. You don't fish in Sonic 3. Beyond that, Heroes sold on the strength of being the first big multiplatformer, and Shadow is laughable. The only hits on this era are the side games. Modern era, Sonic Team's back to doing the hits themselves, but even then, they're not as big hits as Classic (and also they open the era with Sonic 06), and Lost World was considered a failure overall. Boom then worsens this, and there's not even side mobile games to balance it out. So Classic - Good main titles, good to mediocre to occasional bad side titles Dreamcast- Mediocre to bad main titles, good to mediocre side titles Modern- Good to mediocre and one bad main title, mediocre to bad side titles The only way you can consider this in any way balanced is if you think Sonic Advance is as important or relevant to the franchise as Sonic 2.
  2. Oh yes, because everything else we see about Boom even before the exclusivity contract looks so great. You damned Easterners, how dare you have deprived us of budget-Jak-and-Daxter?!
  3. unknown.png

    learning how to draw duck this time around. seems appropriate for today

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Great work, as usual!

      Can you imagine how unintelligible Donald would be drunk, considering how hard it is to make out what he's saying while sober? (Also, fun fact: The current voices of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are all great friends and frequently go out drinking together)


  4. Ducktales trailer has the kids sound too old and the butts too square (looks weird) but I'm cautiously optimistic.

    1. PaddyFancy


      People like square butts on Lego

  5. tumblr_olsv3bTA0R1qjhcfso1_1280.png








    disney doodles

    ducks are still too hard for me, but I'm genuinely happy with my grasp on mice and others now. those brazillian characters in the last image in particular look great to me

    1. FaultyWindmill


      VERY Impressive! Great work!

    2. Thigolf


      Awesome job, man!

    3. Teospooker


      The first two drawings remind me a lot of the italian Disney comics authors. Very impressive.

    4. The KKM

      The KKM

      I should hope so, while I'm trying to not just use them as influence, italian Disney comics are generally my favourites.

      namely the mickeys in the first two drawings are a mix of Mickey's 50s appearances, Romano Scarpa, and Massimo de Vita.

  6. Not that there's many characters to compare to in the first place, but if you do want to do bust size comparisons for some reason, Amy is easily 2nd largest. Considering the others are Rouge (who will obviously have big breasts as per being a femme fatale), Blaze (who specifically has to be flat chested per her personality and also racing about), Wave (who is a bird) and Cream (who is a kiddo), not sure Amy's bust size is of much relevance, though- she'd always naturally have the 2nd biggest ones by sheer virtue of near everyone else having no reason to have breasts at all.
  7. Sonic was 16 in classic material, Knuckles 15, they switched ages. Stop caring for these details, you're demanding of the franchise and lore something it's not interested in giving you.
  8. tumblr_olej1injVm1qjhcfso1_540.png

    I drew three cats

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      always love your work, and always love honey. meow! <3

    2. Kiah


      So cute! It's purrfect! ^_^ 

    3. Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      Honey and Blaze look like in their classic/sonic the fighters style, and that's a neat touch.

      Honestly thought Blaze's cloak thing was gonna be purple though

    4. The KKM

      The KKM

      Big is also mostly based on concept art- it's my take on a "classic" Big the Cat.


      Blaze's cloak in concept art was white, and I just like it like this, I guess.

  9. Pardon the quick off-topic, but just to mention, the new canon solves this by having him have to say the word with meaning and good intentions to transform. If he just says it as another word, it doesn't do anything. Pardon the quick off-topic, but just to mention, the new canon solves this by having him have to say the word with meaning and good intentions to transform. If he just says it as another word, it doesn't do anything.
  10. I was referring to Dr. Who, yes. The point of which wasn't, much in the same way as rarely people demand this of the comic, "don't create new characters", it's "there's two, maybe three main characters, constantly having new adventures, meeting new people, instead of a team of 10 Furry Avengers".
  11. There's a certain TV show that mostly focuses on serialised storytelling about a main character and a couple recurring secondary ones facing off multiple villains and having adventures and meeting new characters, new settings, repeatedly, and it's recently celebrated 50 years. It's also ironically been the msot critically backlashed at recently when it started trying to chain itself more to characters instead of continuing the usual format. Don't tell me the format can't have longevity or that it's somehow that difficult to pull off.
  12. tumblr_ol13046taO1qjhcfso1_1280.jpg

    drew a bunch of sonics - pink sonic, robot sonic, wolf sonic, another robot sonic, cat sonic, bird sonic, white sonic, red sonic, black knuckles, old sonic

    1. Tara


      Daft Sonic is a cute touch!

    2. Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      Demonic Frenzy Ultima

      Blaze looks so cool!

      Nice art!

    3. Heckboy


      Yeah, Blaze looks great! Her cloak is based on concept art, I think. It's a nice touch.

  13. What Ian states is that female-centric issues sell less, just that. He doesn't give as much context as I'd want- he was talking about it in the context of Spark of Life. How does Amy fare? Just the same, or better? Because Spark of Life has the added angle of, you know, it's Sally, not a game character. That said, shouldn't be that surprising (although I dispute Ian's remark that it's because of "bitter teenagers")- it's young kids buying the comics, often boys, I can see the issues with the pink girl thing in the cover therefore selling less.
  14. Of course they're not enough, but they can certainly be enough as main cast. You could have a thousand different formats for a Sonic comic that doesn't NEED to be about the FF. They can just as easily be just characters in the mix, like the Chaotix or Honey the Cat.
  15. You're dooming this potential new comic before it even exists. Isn't one of the things that's celebrated about Archie Sonic how it proved various concepts can work despite naysayers (see, for an example, the love our own CSS has for Big in the comics)? Isn't that evidence enough that a comic primarily focused on the games' lore can work, and rejecting the idea already as "bland and wrong" is just kneejerking? EDIT: I don't even like Mega Drive that much, but isnt the reception it's having evidence of what I'm saying here in the first place, even? Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, Eggman, Metal Sonic. Works fine.
  16. since this is starting to make the rounds on tumblr, I was commissioned a bit back to design badniks for a fan comic


    1. Osmium


      damn, those are great. 

      I like how you kept the googly eyes for every design too.

    2. Heckboy
  17. He's not arguing it's not in limbo, he's arguing that the info available at the time was notable enough to deserve coverage.
  18. 5 year old me   25 year old me

    1. Ferno


      scream guns

  19. ah not tan neet are not tan neet centimeter

  20. I'm seeing two Max Landis products in that list of stuff this production company's made get him on this and I'll be interested
  21. Not even in the translated ones? Because I'm really really sure I remember "Robo Sonic" from somewhere as a kid...
  22. I'm pretty sure one of the European Sonic 2 manuals used the term RoboSonic back in 1992 already.
  23. and also yardley! likely being called to fill in for the other artists at the last minute.
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