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  1. ah not tan neet are not tan neet centimeter

  2. I'm seeing two Max Landis products in that list of stuff this production company's made get him on this and I'll be interested
  3. Not even in the translated ones? Because I'm really really sure I remember "Robo Sonic" from somewhere as a kid...
  4. I'm pretty sure one of the European Sonic 2 manuals used the term RoboSonic back in 1992 already.
  5. and also yardley! likely being called to fill in for the other artists at the last minute.
  6. if you're so out of touch with the medium you think really common cartoony anime comedic takes are so out-there that it's desperate meme-baiting... you probably should've stopped watching the pokemon anime a long time ago, or at least expanded your horizons a lot more beyond it. if you're so out of touch with the medium you think really common cartoony anime comedic takes are so out-there that it's desperate meme-baiting... you probably should've stopped watching the pokemon anime a long time ago, or at least expanded your horizons a lot more beyond it.
  7. The first foreign dub of DB Super's started- Ep 1 aired today in Portugal. It's awful, which is exactly what everyone wanted- they kept the same actors (as much as possible since some died) as the old shows, they kept the dumb voices, the limited actors having to do 20 voices each, the same old names, the old jokes to Portuguese culture, etc. It's only worse because the delivery feels stilted- probably before they'd all work in one booth together, dunno.
  8. comrade corbyn's victory must be celebrated, sure, but all who opposed him must now be sent to the gulags for the good of the nation's economy.

  9. also these are fictional characters in a fictional world worth remembering that did you actually watch eva, or just go with hearsay? or watch it when you were like 12 and just scoff at it all?
  10. for what's depicting, that inking's actually just fine. it's the colouring that's not keeping pace.
  11. Yeah, was just about to ask if there was any reason you kept mentioning Uekawa :V Judging by art style, I'd wager this is the guy who does the Sonic manga in recent years- Unleashed, Colours, Generations.
  12. >sloppy looking jesus christ why bother adding any joy into animation, any cartooning, if every attempt just gets treated as "sloppy"
  13. >looks like absolute shit It's the freshest and most interesting the anime's looked in years. The animation had taken a big improvement lately, now the designs are catching up.
  14. best james bond theme?

















    (any answer that's not duran duran's view to a kill is wrong)






  15. it probably was and I mixed them up since jampole helped peppers back in worlds collide (or was it unite? the time when peppers had to go to the hospital so jampole had to take over?) point is, it was visible, and if you like skelly's usual more manic cartooning like I do, the last issue of champions suddenly looked... not necessarily "a lot", but distinctly more lowkey and boring in its layouts and posing
  16. >Skelly's not doing the whole thing well thanks this was fun bye sigh ABT's not bad and I'm glad he's getting a lot of work since for his first year a lot of his commentary in social media was "I'm doing this with another job because I can't sustain myself on comics yet but I want to", and he's got a lot of talent and ambition but dammit I want to see a 100% skelly arc from start to finish at some point ;____; (and no, champions wasn't one- peppers did layouts in the final issue, which was very apparent)
  17. I'm not particularly a fan of theirs, I just don't get the argument that gets brought up over and over and over of "what would this character even do they're useless there's no stories to be told" when the comic, especially under Ian, for better and for worse, has just proven that which really shouldn't need to be proven in the first place, "there's more stories to be told if someone writes them". But here, what can they do involving Babylon- we know Babylon was a great civilisation, lasted probably centuries, rules a vast area with the garden as it's source, caused some unnamed figure to become ultrapowerful and rule the world (hey, maybe it's the guy in the Naugus flashbacks?). That's material for years of stories.
  18. ... how about the 8 ideas you just had? Why are you even trying to make the point "these characters are now useless and there's no more stories to be told with them" when not only that's been disproven before repeatedly, you're disproving it in your very post
  19. Nate Morgan falls onto the same deal of being mentioned in the SatAM Bible but not usable as we qnow him, since he's actually pretty different and we even have concept art of him - a tall wizard.
  20. doesnt sound that dumb to me. only reason I see it not being plausible is that being a recent addition to the lore, Ian'll probably be hesitant to play with them too much in case he gets contradicted.
  21. reminder that there's a theme connecting the names of articuno, zapdos, and moltres...

    1. The KKM

      The KKM






    2. Green Eyes

      Green Eyes

      It took this for me to notice the uno dos tres and now I'm embararassed

  22. ha ha hA HA HA ANNO YOU MADMAN

    1. Briraka


      From what spoilers I've read, the people behind this movie are madmen and I love it.

  23. his Chaotix sprite is roughly the same size as Sonic 3's (and Sonic's size is the same in all five games - 39 pixels, IIRC), he just somehow looks shorter visually- I think something to do with the longer torso. Anyway, what I wish they'd do is, as you say, use the Chaotix sprite as a base (although it'd need a lot more work than Sonic 3's- the ring throws a problem in the animations, and the sprites often times are just very rough and kinda crappy, with shades blending together and a person not managing to understand where an arm is and a dreadlock is). The Sonic 3 sprite is more recognizable though, and it's already what ended up used in Sonic 2 and StealthTax' ports, so I think they'll really probably go with it.
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