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  1. ... nnnno, those clearly aren't "new sprites modelled after that appearance". They added more frames, different animations, and reshaded it all, but it's still at its base very clearly the Sonic 2 sprite. We can even specifically say "Sonic 2" and not "Sonic 1/CD" due to how his head is highlighted. From that, jumps to logic Tails will probably be an expansion on the sheet Taxman made for his CD port, and Knuckles, much as I'd wish they did him based on Chaotix, will be based on Sonic 3.
  2. general vague feelings of unease aside, boooooo and rotten eggs for sonic's design in the 2017 teaser. lost world's looked so much better. the torso's too small, the spines too big, look like they're drowning his head

  3. honestly, just seeing reused assets ("jesus christ this is just the generations death egg robot" was my first reaction), a more "fight endless enemy mooks" tone, and an insistence on "multiple characters" combined with Iizuka going "this is not a sequel", Sonic Team's drive to do different stuff every time, and how more and more games are just aiming to add online co-op multiplayer stuff. And then yeah, to tie it off, "join the resistance" definitely came across to me as a stock "YOU join this game, make your character, whatever" marketing phrase. Overall, Classic Sonic was ironically the only thing I liked in the end in this trailer,
  4. trailer raised a thousand red flags to me. expecting some sort of half-assed mmo attempt. if anything, classic sonic here was the best part of the trailer- a chain to sanity.
  5. I wasn't talking about whether Sonic should be a wanderer or not, I was talking about Soniman's implication that he had to stop being one because comics can't support wandering stories. I wasn't talking continuity, adaptations, or anything, I was saying Soniman was limiting what comics as a medium can do for no reason. I specifically said I didn't want to get into the "Sonic must be like this" discussion again.
  6. don't want to get into the old argument again of whether archie did right or wrong with these choices, just that this justification is kinda bullshit since, you know there's nothing inherent to comics that says characters must stay in one place there's specifically lots of comics about the exact opposite it's an argument that irks me because it feels ignorant of the actual history and possibilities of comics, when you blame archie's choices not on their own choices but on the medium
  7. The use of Super-Badnik alone together with what Lovallo said points to this being a flashback in the comic's continuity, yes.
  8. They have toes if relevant to the shoes they're wearing. Like cartoons.
  9. Ian's repeatedly said Thrash is perfectly usable under any legal logic. He just can't think of how to do it since he was so connected to a set of circumstances that aren't around anymore; and for the effort he'd put on reinventing Thrash, he'd rather make new characters.
  10. I think they're just meant to be random fantasy fruit, but they kinda remind me of durians.

  12. Archie was the one to decide to derail things for four months with Genesis.
  13. Oh, I really doubt they divided it later on as well. But "neat surprise"? That's a very kind way of seeing the more likely "pretend there's no part 2 in order to incentivise the purchase of part 1, despite planning for part 2 from the start" No, hope rides alone. And Archie's reprints? They are the dead.
  14. I know he has, I paid him to, so he's probably up for it if Archie were to contact him :V
  15. if it doesn't wrap up it better go into an actual issue 2 instead of them pretending they're doing more "sequels"
  16. That reminds me. I know it'd be a really niche thing, but I'd really love to see Archie sometime do some StC cover variants. Like, it wouldn't be able to literally be variants about Sonic the Comic (IE with Tekno and AoSTH Robotnik and Grrl Power Amy), but seeing guys like Richard Elson or Nigel Kitching asked to do variant covers. It'd be a nice homage. (I probably already expressed this desire here and forgot about it)
  17. IDW's trying to return to having holiday specials, I'd enjoy that here too. Maybe just a Summer one since I dunno how feasible two 48 page specials a year would be. EDIT: sorry, meant IDW's trying to return to holiday specials on Disney Comics. Forgot to specify.
  18. looking back on it, of these new one-page sonic channel web manga, I think the star of the first one was meant to be Sonic, not Cream; therefore, I'm now waiting for the Cream-specific comic to come :P

  19. Megadrive. Writing: Flat. The art doesn't help here, but basically while the interactions were cute, the overall feel of the book is less "Ian writes a genuine classic Sonic adventure!" and more "Ian looks at Tyson Hesse's "Nipples the Enchilada comics"- says he can do that too!". Everyone's just busy joking and doing their best internet references from a decade ago, there's no feel of "this is worth reading" writing-wise. It's as if Ian can only go on extremes for some reason, which confuses me as he had a better tone going on in Genesis. Art: Great, but. Hesse and Herms are a great combo, the action's great, great designs on the levels and badniks. But it's so exaggerated (and it feels weird for me to say this) that it kinda detracted from the book to me? Like, Knuckles only gets one panel where he's not doing his best I WILL BECOME AN INTERNET MEME face. Not so much at the first half, but the second half combined with the writing just definitely felt like "WE CAN BE FUNNYMEN TOO (we'll stop short of having knuckles thank ken penders)". Didn't help that I recently re-read Boxer Hockey (Tyson Hesse's webcomic currently on a kinda hiatus), so stuff like Tails' expressions which many found cute only made me go "why's he acting just like young Rittz"? Publishing: Scummy as all hell. This book is definitely not a standalone. So, either they were planning from the start to make it a multi-part story, and thus the whole talk of "this is a one-off! Only if there's many sales will there be sequels :^) " was bullshit, or the story was edited at the last minute, which doesn't make much sense. Just makes me wonder- what if there hadn't been enough sales to justify Next Level. Would we legit just have a comic consisting of "lololol we're going through levels and joking, Knuckles u so dumb, TO BE CONTINUED"? Eesh. Overall: Bought it for the art. It's cute, especially the first half. Amy is 10/10. I hope Next Level feels like they took it a bit more seriously and doesn't instead have something like Metal Sonic quoting Duane and Brand0.
  20. 99462b11127c4dc8a1f0bb5d8f8c76c3.png

    1. Toby


      Good taste in pokemon you got there.

  21. let's hope lots of people entered and the system's just not displaying then if only to stop me from cringing so hard at my own idiocy
  22. goddamn it I'm beating myself over this 1 hour in premiere rambling about how I totally am the great sonic fan because I've bought crap on amazon or something and it'd have won me a vacation on san diego time extension pls
  23. Sonic 1 is an arcade game that wasn't made for arcades. Bonus stages were important parts of arcade games where you broke a bit from the main campaign and were rewarded, for your skill, with goodies, including the coveted extra-lives which'd allow you to not have to shove more coins into the machine to continue later on.
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