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  1. Fair enough, but I think that's what people mean when they're talking about the anniversary game- a big mainline game by ST :V
  2. You've mistyped the thread title :V
  3. is prog rock meme music

    1. Osmium



    2. The KKM

      The KKM

      thank you, shroomtony zantano

  4. Disney's had this market cornered before cucumber mouths came long, darling
  5. Right now, from all we have available? Boom Eggman's the closest to perfect. Archie Eggman pretends to be good goofy Eggman, but it doesn't have balance- Eggman needs to be humane and have good in him as much as he needs to be beastly and have bad in him, and Archie Eggman just doesn't. Reduces things to the old "Why doesn't Batman kill the Joker" situation which is such an awful place to take the relation between Sonic and Eggman into. Boom Sonic's not my favourite take on Sonic (although I'd also like to see Archie Sonic written like him so long as he's in the FF), but Boom Eggman's certainly the best Eggman we seem to have had since, well, Lost World I suppose.
  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  7. oh my god I've just now realised that by BOTW you guys mean the zelda game and not the redlettermedia show

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Best of the Worst>>>>>>>>Breath of the Wild

  8. It specifically mentions it's a 3D "reprint" of a blue hedgehog character from the old days. EDIT: interpreting google translate, so likely full of errors: "Highly popular in the old days, a blue-headed aloof character features in a famous game, involved in a 3d game reprint!"
  10. "The Legend of Zelda: We Want the Shadow of the Colossus Audience"

  11. I think she's right in pointing out that according to the usual way we use these terms, they are completely contradictory, though. EDIT: unless of course we take the Taxman route. I suppose those games were both remasters and made from the ground up. In which case I think the most likely scenario here isn't a Ratchet and Clank-tier remake, nor even a Jet Set Radio-tier port, but pretty much the port we saw at the end of the latest Uncharted. Just that, but the entire game.
  12. The death of Crash Hype was the most hilarious part of this whole thing the stage's set, looks beautiful, music plays, guy comes in with his shadow being a digital crash, the crowd erupts "Yes that's right, with the help of our partners at Activision--" And I swear if you'd cut to the crowd at that sentence you'd have seen everyone's joy just suddenly sucked up as if by a ghost it's been what, 2 years of constant hype leading to this, now? lol
  13. I've always liked "CLOPS" from Lucky Luke when someone's punched. Feels visceral.
  14. yo do you have a link to a bigger version of your avatar

    1. WhoWhatMan


      Well it's a commission that somebody did for me but I do have it posted it on my Twitter 


  15. I've seen the first Lego Dimensions and I know Lego's been doing this shit for a good while, but since I happen to care more for Sonic than, say, the Simpsons, I point it out now and not then. Sonic was not built or designed to fit these proportions. And while you can grab something more realistic and stylise it as a toy and have it work, doing the reverse just makes it look like... look, images. This intends to look like this, and doesn't. What it does look like, is this. Like with Funko Pop figures or those really stupid Disney vinyl figures that all have Mickey ears, any line that consists of "let's grab as many art styles as possible and massacre them to fit the same proportions" is a really dumb idea art-wise and just ends up with Sonic looking the same as Batman, except with a Sonic head on. Switch this guy's body with someone with a snazzy jacket and you'll more easily have a figure of a Hotline Miami character with a Sonic mask. Figures like Gollum at least get a custom body part to fit better their original proportions. This is more like if the Jurassic Park sets had the velociraptors look like humans with dino heads.
  16. this looks stupid as stupid as a funko pop figure you can't just shove cartoon characters with wildly different constructions and proportions into a lego body bah
  17. "George Soros (/ˈsɔːroʊs/[3] or /ˈsɔːrɒs/; Hungarian: Soros György; Hungarian: [ˈʃoroʃ]; born August 12, 1930, as Schwartz György) is a Hungarian-American business magnate,[4][5] investor, philanthropist, and author who is of Jewish-Hungarian ancestry and holds dual citizenship (Hungary and the United States).[a] He is chairman of Soros Fund Management. Soros is one of the 30 richest people in the world."







  18. I'm not understanding if Westone is involved with this, but I assume they are if the IP's being outright used. Good to see and here's hoping this leads to more remakes, especially Monster World IV, I'd love to see that remade like this
  19. ... the same games where Eggman works alone/with robots only? :V Just saying, under that argument, it's equally as confusing for newcomers- "wait since when does Eggman have a whole gallery of random people working for him?"
  20. did a dumb thing about quicksilver. forced to upload it to tumblr and not youtube due to copyright :V


  21. https://picarto.tv/TheKKM

    streaming myself drawing. doodling a bit and then am going to draw commission

  22. Fixit being a Gizoid and Chronicles establishing well that the Gizoids are Echidna tech, any attempt to expand on any Gizoid character without showing echidnas would be laborious, which seems to me to be what Ian's referring to.
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