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  1. funny thing about jump ultimate stars? it kinda only uses characters from shonen jump. in other words, not really comparable licensing-wise to the myriad crossovers PSO2 has had. A better comparison point would be, say, the non-original generation Super Robot Wars games that feature franchises from different companies all together. ...oh.
  2. Figured SSMB's discussion would tendentially be against the result. Some of you might find this interesting, then: https://medium.com/@oliverhumpage/i-want-to-stop-something-exploitative-divisive-and-dishonest-conversation-with-a-leaver-af77afb1773f http://archive.is/jnnJV (archive link in case the medium one doesn't work- seems to be finnicky)
  3. Then they'd have milked those news for all they're worth already.
  4. Again, if so, I really do believe y now we'd be seeing some bit of some arc logo as they tend to do in recent years.
  5. I'll be surprised if this specific image is more than a variant. Anything else and by this point we'd be starting to see some sort of arc logo.
  6. >all these journos, devs, and goons salty at the sonic account for mocking mighty no 9

    time to get ready for the next two years of sonic games to be considered shit regardless of their quality :^)

    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      that's to imply that this isn't already the standard of sonic games 

    2. Dizcrybe


      What, everyone else in the gaming community was pissing all over it for months now, but when the SONIC twitter does it, now it's suddenly not okay?

      *throws hands up*

  7. " Nicolas Cage Buying A Million Dollars Worth Of Comics And A Ghost Rider Painting At Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con… "

    1. Toby


      I wish I had money to do stupid stuff with.

  8. oooooh don't tease me toby the future could never be so golden
  9. inafune's game is doing iron man numbers and he doesn't care anymore

  10. Fair enough, but I think that's what people mean when they're talking about the anniversary game- a big mainline game by ST :V
  11. You've mistyped the thread title :V
  12. is prog rock meme music

    1. Osmium



    2. The KKM

      The KKM

      thank you, shroomtony zantano

  13. Disney's had this market cornered before cucumber mouths came long, darling
  14. Right now, from all we have available? Boom Eggman's the closest to perfect. Archie Eggman pretends to be good goofy Eggman, but it doesn't have balance- Eggman needs to be humane and have good in him as much as he needs to be beastly and have bad in him, and Archie Eggman just doesn't. Reduces things to the old "Why doesn't Batman kill the Joker" situation which is such an awful place to take the relation between Sonic and Eggman into. Boom Sonic's not my favourite take on Sonic (although I'd also like to see Archie Sonic written like him so long as he's in the FF), but Boom Eggman's certainly the best Eggman we seem to have had since, well, Lost World I suppose.
  15. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    1. Ryannumber1Santa



    2. RosaRosaRosalina



  16. oh my god I've just now realised that by BOTW you guys mean the zelda game and not the redlettermedia show

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Best of the Worst>>>>>>>>Breath of the Wild

  17. It specifically mentions it's a 3D "reprint" of a blue hedgehog character from the old days. EDIT: interpreting google translate, so likely full of errors: "Highly popular in the old days, a blue-headed aloof character features in a famous game, involved in a 3d game reprint!"
  19. "The Legend of Zelda: We Want the Shadow of the Colossus Audience"

  20. I think she's right in pointing out that according to the usual way we use these terms, they are completely contradictory, though. EDIT: unless of course we take the Taxman route. I suppose those games were both remasters and made from the ground up. In which case I think the most likely scenario here isn't a Ratchet and Clank-tier remake, nor even a Jet Set Radio-tier port, but pretty much the port we saw at the end of the latest Uncharted. Just that, but the entire game.
  21. The death of Crash Hype was the most hilarious part of this whole thing the stage's set, looks beautiful, music plays, guy comes in with his shadow being a digital crash, the crowd erupts "Yes that's right, with the help of our partners at Activision--" And I swear if you'd cut to the crowd at that sentence you'd have seen everyone's joy just suddenly sucked up as if by a ghost it's been what, 2 years of constant hype leading to this, now? lol
  22. I've always liked "CLOPS" from Lucky Luke when someone's punched. Feels visceral.
  23. yo do you have a link to a bigger version of your avatar

    1. WhoWhatMan


      Well it's a commission that somebody did for me but I do have it posted it on my Twitter 


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