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  1. I don't really think that would happen anytime soon. I mean, all we've had for 3D fan developers are either engine after engine of Classic moves on a Modern Sonic model, or we have someone reusing an engine and making one ginourmous level with a subpar to no flow and level design. If anything, 2D would be more accepted simply because 2D fan developers usually have a much, much higher standard to quality.

  2. My favorite would have to go to Sonic Unleashed. My first playing of this game was at my uncle's house 4 years back if not more (yeah probably 5) I started it up expecting Sonic 2 but it looks cooler (because this was literally my second Sonic game) and I was blown away. It looked heavenly, had this cool new thing where at the press of a button you could be ULTRA FAST and had this other thing where you could walk around and talk to people in some city and it was done for me. I loved that game. I only got to play act 1 and 2 of Apotos before we left but I wanted the game soooo badly. And after a couple years I got it... Except for Wii.But that never stopped it, all it did was make even more challenging and thrilling to me with less boost and lives to unlock(?) and there were more stages. I played that game more than anything else in my life. And then A couple years later (a year back from now) I got the game for PS3 and noticed that this was the real deal. My speed game from my uncle's house had finally returned to me. Having already played Unwiished and having that tiny bit of memory playing it back then It was a breeze getting back to it. I play through it and had the time of my life. There was quickstepping and drifting and all sorts of things that were there in later 3d Sonic games that I played, but all that would had never come if not for Unleashed.

    My second favorite game Sonic the Hedgehog wise has to go Sonic 2. The game seems to have the perfect sense of flow and the difficulty rises in a nice, slow and fair way that really invites you into the game. From the rush of speed you get in Emerald Hill, to the terror of getting crush in Mystic Cave Zone it still gets the title of my favorite Sonic game even when they make more. It was what introduced me into Sonic the Hedgehog in the first place and won a place in my heart.

    I'm 14 and I've been playing Sonic the Hedgehog games since I was 8 years old. I've been playing Sonic games for 6 years and I love all of them, old or new.

  3. But Chris, why would only one species be able to pick up rings and not others? Why would (I think it was wolves) they be the only species to pick up rings? It seems so random to just have a random species do something that our blue blur has been doing since sonic 1. I think that it is just a random power up that they slapped onto one and just made sure others couldn't grab them.

    1 hour ago, Indigo Rush said:

    You can't pick up dropped rings in Sonic Unleashed [PS3/360]



    Also this

  4. We all have the mixed opinion about what sonic songs have been good or bad, but with Forces' Green Hill Zone(Classic) there has been a mixed bag of saying that the music sounds like it was ripped right out of the cat-tastrophy that is Sonic 4's music, to saying that it doesn't sound like it fits in with a sonic game. This genuinely surprised me as I thought it actually did sonic like it could be from a sonic game (that game being Sonic 4). I have even heard this claim on Windy Hill Zone Act 1 and although it sounds more like some vocal song without the vocals it does sound like sonic music if listen to it not thinking that. So this makes the topic and the question of said topic: What makes a song a "Sonic Song"? Is there a certain flow to be met? Might there be a rhythm to fit the tune?

  5. 4 minutes ago, Chris Knopps said:

    Well, sick of solo-Sonic for one thing I suppose.

    Because of that very reason basically. It has never been encouraged like this before. Once consumers start tinkering with Forces and spending enough time with it, I can see people picturing their character over Sonic in future titles simply out of being sick of Sonic himself as an only option by and large.

    Being honest... I wouldn't be surprised if some people have already put their hands up and said "f@$k it, I'm playing as Shadow/Blaze/etc." by now using their imaginations. Mods actually insert who they want in a literal sense though.

    So... With mods in mind especially, people HAVE been diving into this territory frequently.

    People have been sick of solo Sonic since forever but that does not mean SEGA completely kicks Sonic to the curb as an option. Mods exist and even if they do why would this change their mind at all.

    Plus the story would be completely MURDERED if Sonic is replaced by Blank the Blank. 

  6. 12 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    Yeah, I feel kinda vindicated that more people are starting to noticed and be bothered by it nowadays. I remember pointing it out in Sonic 4, Colours, and Generations, and people told me I was just looking for reasons to hate on the games. It won't bother everyone that the games work like this, but I can't imagine that it would bother anyone if the games were built in such a way that scripting wasn't necessary. Or even if it wasn't there at every point for no reason, like it is with the booster and springs in Forces Green Hill.

    Momentarily. Try hitting a spring, with or without the homing attack, and don't hold any directional input. Sonic will cease all horizontal movement very quickly. Or heck, just watch this trailer at 0:28. Sonic 4 is a totally different engine to the Generations/Forces (obviously) so it does things differently. But springs in that game are still pretty much the same as the are in the 3D games - they neuter player control until the scripted event is over. 

    Mission completed and that is an upwards facing spring

  7. 2 minutes ago, Blue Blood said:

    This is literally how it's been in every game since Unleashed (or Adventure even, to a slightly lesser extent). It's one of the big problems with Sonic 4 too. It's not to do with how Sonic controls though, but instead it's just because the springs are scripted events rather than objects that push Sonic in a certain direction like in the Classics. The springs that you're talking about in Green Hill are basically dash pads that are pointed upwards. It's so shiiiiiiiit and I'd be much more open to Forces if Sonic Team could learn to create a proper engine and level design that don't require everything to be scripted. 

    I'd have to disagree because Sonic 4 had  it where when you were going  enough and homing attacked a spring you would go diagonally. It doesn't happen , probably like 4 times because of level layout but still.

  8. 54 minutes ago, Chris Knopps said:

    Keep in mind Heroes had to run on the GameCube which was inferior to the PS2 so I blame that on Heroes graphics.

    The Jak and Daxter series is a better power/capability comparison example. When you consider what the PS2 did with 3D environments with THAT wide a range of rendering savvy and such, condensing all that power into a mere 2D plain does make stages like Green Hill in Forces plausible on the PS2.

    maxresdefault.jpgthat is literally the simplest point  gameplay in that game other than the start of every level

  9. Two things that turn me off with that playthrough is that HUGE speed boost sonic gets from the booster is not kept at all. You really can't defend it either because he's on the ground the entire time, gets the boost, then slows down immediately to normal speed cap.

    The other thing is that after springs he falls faster than usual but I could get used to that.

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