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  1. So does anyone know what is said right near the end of the song? There is the sound of a sentence being said right near the end. It's possibly Japanese but it's said real fast so I can't confirm what is said

  2. There actually is a lot of stuff that could be in modern Sonic that could actually change up how he plays:

    Have enemies hit him immediately if he tries to boost into them, making the player either have to dodge these enemies completely or take them out by sliding or drifting,

    The floating purple enemies normally used in homing attack chains to cross pits can move, so now the player has to either predict where they are going to be at (faster but more dangerous) or wait them out in the air for a sec,

    Instead of having these circular invisible walls, include the occasional alleyway or hidden hallway that includes a reward and even a shortcut of some sort to condition the player to be more exploring,

    The boost pads can still be automated but have a different sort where instead of being flung, now the player just uses it for speed and can finally control after hitting one,

    Coming right off the boost pads, have slopes that can be jumped off of after hitting one or boosting to lead to other parts of the level, once again rewarding exploration.


    This was going to be a reply to a status but it went missing (probably deleted) so I made my own


  3. Any excitement for Forces has died for me. It just looks horribly boring and more linear than Unleashed, not even getting to Classic Sonic's levels looking more of a chore to play than fun.

    1. Ferno


      Unleashed's boost stages while also straight lines, just flowed better in general. The way the game moved between 2D and 3D sections just flowed like butter, and every game after that has felt a little more like rough and stilted imitations by comparison. I like the boost, but if they're gonna miss the point and not gonna go all the way with it anymore then I'd prefer new directions and experiments like Lost Word again.

    2. A 3 KINGS Heavy engine

      A 3 KINGS Heavy engine

      I like unleashed in that way as well but that's one sonic game I wasn't very good at. 

      What I meant was good at finding all the secrets and paths on the day stages because of my reflexes.

    3. Ming Ming Hatsune

      Ming Ming Hatsune

      Unleashed IMO is still the best boost era game. Barely any 2D crap and Wisps that Colors introduced.

  4. (tweet) also prepare for your mind to be blown


    1. Ruby Havoc

      Ruby Havoc

      step your bait game up snc

    2. Partridge in a Dee Tree

      Partridge in a Dee Tree

      *was about to blow a fuse but then found out it's a parody account*


    3. Dr. Jack

      Dr. Jack

      Already deconfirmed by City Heights lmao.

    4. Zorua & Flare
  5. Racing someone as Amy in SA2 is hilarious

    1. JosepHenry





    2. Zorua & Flare

      Zorua & Flare

      And then there's her time stop and the fact that her specials come out every 10 rings

  6. Anyone have Skullgirls for PS3 or PS4?

    1. Failinhearts


      Got it PS4 and Vita.

    2. Zorua & Flare
    3. Failinhearts


      I don't have PS Plus for online.

    4. Zorua & Flare

      Zorua & Flare

      I don't have PS plus and I play online just fine. Is that a new PS4 thing?

    5. Failinhearts


      Huh. I'm pretty sure PS Plus is needed for online on PS4.

    6. Zorua & Flare

      Zorua & Flare

      I'm on a PS3 so I was hoping there was some kind of crossplay between PS3 and PS4. 

    7. Failinhearts


      I heard it does, but I need PS Plus to even access online.

      And since I don't really ever play online, I don't find PS Plus worth it.

    8. Zorua & Flare

      Zorua & Flare

      Oh well dang :(

    9. Failinhearts


      Yeah. Sorry.

  7. Chamomile

    I love this little series. It's something I look forward to. Keep up that awesome work.
  8. Poll: SSMB's favourite Sonic game?

    My favorite would have to go to Sonic Unleashed. My first playing of this game was at my uncle's house 4 years back if not more (yeah probably 5) I started it up expecting Sonic 2 but it looks cooler (because this was literally my second Sonic game) and I was blown away. It looked heavenly, had this cool new thing where at the press of a button you could be ULTRA FAST and had this other thing where you could walk around and talk to people in some city and it was done for me. I loved that game. I only got to play act 1 and 2 of Apotos before we left but I wanted the game soooo badly. And after a couple years I got it... Except for Wii.But that never stopped it, all it did was make even more challenging and thrilling to me with less boost and lives to unlock(?) and there were more stages. I played that game more than anything else in my life. And then A couple years later (a year back from now) I got the game for PS3 and noticed that this was the real deal. My speed game from my uncle's house had finally returned to me. Having already played Unwiished and having that tiny bit of memory playing it back then It was a breeze getting back to it. I play through it and had the time of my life. There was quickstepping and drifting and all sorts of things that were there in later 3d Sonic games that I played, but all that would had never come if not for Unleashed. My second favorite game Sonic the Hedgehog wise has to go Sonic 2. The game seems to have the perfect sense of flow and the difficulty rises in a nice, slow and fair way that really invites you into the game. From the rush of speed you get in Emerald Hill, to the terror of getting crush in Mystic Cave Zone it still gets the title of my favorite Sonic game even when they make more. It was what introduced me into Sonic the Hedgehog in the first place and won a place in my heart. I'm 14 and I've been playing Sonic the Hedgehog games since I was 8 years old. I've been playing Sonic games for 6 years and I love all of them, old or new.
  9. This is not SSMB



  10. I hope bring a new 3d gameplay similar to adventure to the table for the next game. Boost is literally a mechanic away from being Sonic dash (that mechanic being drifting)

    1. Nepenthe


      Well, there's also the fact that Dash is an auto-runner.

    2. Zorua & Flare

      Zorua & Flare

      But that's the thing, when I play generations now if I don't slow down to try to find a glitch or two, it really does feel like Sonic dash with drifting. Almost never running out of boost and barely trying. It gets annoying when it's every stage too.

    3. Jetronic


      Even with a stage like sky sanctuary? with all of its paths to take?

    4. Zorua & Flare

      Zorua & Flare

      Okay I exaggerated a bit, it's certain level. Thanks @Jetronic

  11. Why do almost all of the games on the Gameboy Advance have absolutely beautiful music?

    1. PaulyBFromDaNorthP


      Cause Advance

    2. E-122-Psi


      Game Boy Advance games had more limited sound than most consoles it ported from, so usually enhanced the melody to compensate for it.

      There should be more mash up remixes made of original and GBA soundtracks.

  12. I've been watching the Ken Lenders topic for a few months and I have to say his work is just 👎

  13. Exodus: A Cycles-Accurate Genesis Emulator

    So this is retroarch but only for SEGA consoles I'm assuming?
  14. The World Is Dead In Sonic Forces

    But Chris, why would only one species be able to pick up rings and not others? Why would (I think it was wolves) they be the only species to pick up rings? It seems so random to just have a random species do something that our blue blur has been doing since sonic 1. I think that it is just a random power up that they slapped onto one and just made sure others couldn't grab them. Also this