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  1. Hmmmmm…. Infinite’s illusion powers are dependent on fear. It’s why he’s obsessed with stroking as much terror in people as possible. It’s after the avatar character and everyone else doesn’t fear him anymore, Infinite poofs out of existence. By taking out Sonic briefly, public morale took a huge hit, allowing Infinite to coax the populace into an illusion of a several month war, but in reality not much time has passed. Eggman buys into this illusion as a dream come true. It's only after Sonic’s triumphant return spouting words of cheesy encouragement does the war suddenly turn around. Sonic and Shadow are rattled by their encounter with infinite but they are also used to fighting beings like him. Shadow even shrugged him off as a mild inconvenience at first. Sonic and Shadow are not consumed by his illusion as readily, so to them, their torture and tactical retreat felt like lot less time went by.
  2. Hey Deja, I do remember being a noob and posting the one one the upper left. I had changed my user name to match my other accounts since then. =p
  3. Let’s see if I worded this right. Shadow has rejected his past, but hasn’t necessarily moved on from it. He wants nothing to do with what he once was, yet lacks the humility to accept his mistakes. After all, while pre-amnesia Shadow was weirdly content sacrificing himself and the planet over possibly fake memories, post-amnesia Shadow definitely wasn’t. The confusing relationship with his dead creator doesn't help matters. While he hasn’t buried the hatchet, he has matured to the point where he’s beginning to question his parental figures and looks back on his upbringing in a different light. Did Gerald seriously need to build chaos creatures and teleporting hedgehogs with comet alien DNA to find a cure? Did part of the professor just need to see how far the pursuit of knowledge could take him? The Ark was active during either a massive war or an arms race. While Gerald was certainly a family man and perceived as a savior, behind closed doors, the professor was disillusioned by the state of the planet. Even before snapping he was convinced that humanity was destined to one day bring about its own destruction. With Shadow’s emotions towards his past slowly changing, so would his feelings towards Maria. Once a nostalgic voice of guidance, she’s become a source of confusion and alienation. She represents a part of his life he can’t bring himself to confront, either because it dredges up regrets, or stirs up fears of him slipping back into a suicidal drone. Due to the fact that past Shadow willingly swore to fulfill his promise to Maria even if it was under false pretenses, Shadow blames himself for giving in to any possible mind alteration. His distance from people not only stems from a fear of loss, but a fear of being manipulated. Being deceived by people he could care less about has become less threatening than the same from people he does care about. Thus why taking jobs from the army that ruined his life is easier for him than making friends.
  4. Of course I'm only speaking as a lowly penciler. If the ad is from Archie, real, and released when intended after proper confirmation. Then the art is not a leak. If not, then the art its self is a leak but the circumstances it’s been presented could be misleading or outright false. An ad being prepared before ironing out details or getting any confirmations but accidentally being released is one possible scenario. (Similar things have happened) We will continue to work hard to not answer your questions.
  5. For context, since I don’t wanna to give the wrong idea. I haven't contacted anyone or have been contacted about it. My parroting wasn't me cryptically tiptoeing around an NDA. I've been suspicious of the rumors but I also don’t have a good track record of calling things. I briefly noted this in my barely updated tumblr, but I personally learned that the Sonic Boom comic was ending while penciling the final issue, and only through Archie’s twitter. However the sentiment that it would be strange to immediately stop subscriptions when there’s evidence of future issues would be correct. I've seen no delays or gaps in production on the server for any of the books and certainly no sign of things wrapping up. When the last two books ended there wasn't unused art for four planned issues hanging around. I mean there’s a cancelation and then there’s a last second quarantine FBI cover up to stop a flesh eating virus. You may all carry on with your uncertainty.
  6. I don't have a clue what's actually happening, so I probably shouldn't say anything.
  7. I think its time I come clean on that. Literally my first rookie mistake on the job was reading the first few pages of the script listing “genesis sonic” and assuming they were referring to “classic sonic”. So for the first few pages I drew classic sonic and had to make the adjustments later. Turned out “genesis sonic” was the younger Sonic in the Archie continuity, differences including green eyes, buckles on his shoes, and a light touch of sonic CD influence. To make things even more confusing both Genesis Sonic and Classic Sonic had both appeared in the comic before then. I recall most of the characters' younger selves are preceded with the word "genesis" with the exception of Breezie... who's just called "classic Breezie" for some reason. However for the classic variant featuring Sonic that was revealed recently I was instructed to "do what I did in Champions" and pencil classic sonic with green eyes and buckles. Things were straightened out apparently as someone else removed the buckles and painted in the eyes reverting him back to "classic sonic". So to recap, there are two versions of young sonic running around, one with different eye color, only appears in stories that involve time travel, and may or may not be mute. All possibly adding credibility to the mainstream misconception that Classic sonic is actually Modern Sonic’s son… or perhaps the other way around.
  8. Ah! Never mind then. I still don't buy the "Frisk dies" thing for reasons others have already mentioned.
  9. Though the more I think about it, the fact that it’s a neutral run ending implies that you have killed at least one monster up until that point. (And got EXP and LUV from it)
  10. Going off of my interactions with Hasbro when they offered me a job, I think this is less conspiracy not to anger fans and more Hasbro just being Hasbro.
  11. Honestly? There are times where theres a reference sheet without a signature or credit on it, this being one of those cases. I'm guessing it was a collaboration.
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