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  1. I've been recently thinking that the Metal Virus would've been a good workaround for the Roboticizer Immunity.
  2. I only buy stuff off amazon, and they only have the Kindle edition.
  3. My comic shop guy's got a convention he's going to, so he'll try and acquire the issue, but I'm not holding my breath
  4. So...I missed out on getting the annual.
  5. I got the issue, and somewhere, Sticks the Badger is justified in ranting about the Robo-Apocalypse.
  6. I finally got issue 0 of Tangle and Whisper a week late, but my comic shop guy was shorted his shipment so now I won't get the annual for at least two weeks.
  7. Doesn't IDW reprint the old Star Trek comics? I think that might be what he's talking about.
  8. The series has lasted long then the Sonic Boom comic.
  9. Someone posted the full synopsis on the Sonic wiki
  10. Penders wouldn't get away with half the stuff he did nowadays.
  11. Question: Is the Sonic Forces digital comic considered canon to the IDW series?
  12. I like Knuckles' reaction when the Master Emerald popped out of Master Overlord's chest.
  13. So we're finally getting Mama Robotnik.
  14. This reminds me of Bunnie's Worst Nightmare in issue 37 of the Archie Comics.
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