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  1. Sometimes I feel like the only person on earth who just could not give a shit about Overwatch, which makes me feel very jaded and cynical. Bah. 

    1. Briraka


      Don't worry, I don't care too much about Overwatch... or online multiplayer FPSs in general. Character designs look cool, but that's about it.

    2. Gregzilla


      I really think the characters are awesome, I just can't get into competitive FPSs that much because I'm awful at them and get frustrated, so I just sorta admire from afar

    3. Boomer


      Overwatch <3

    4. Strickerx5


      It's ok to not like something man (coming from he guy who hates Animal Crossing :p).

      @GregzillaI found the game to be fairly friendly to newcomers honestly. Though, now with competitive mode I'm not sure how the climate has changed in quick play fully yet.

    5. Hyp3hat


      Yeah, I think have residual trauma from playing Xbox Live in the early noughts as a kid so the biggest, newest shooters being always online is just super frustrating. Like, I'd love to play Star Wars Battefront, or Destiny, but the grind, man, the grind. The MOBAisation of the whole genre is just super shit. Like, maybe I don't want to play your game for 120 hours so I can shoot things better and get dumb costumes that I'll never see. 

      Anyone who buys skins in an FPS is an idiot. [/crankyoldman]

    6. Briraka


      MOBA? What's does that mean/stad for?

    7. Hyp3hat


      Massively Online... something. It's the genre that League of Legends and DOTA are, that sort of game that they expect you to grind forever in promise of loot and trinkets. 

    8. Gregzilla


      I played the beta and I enjoyed it quite a bit, I don't think learning how to play is an issue, it's just that I die every two seconds in games like this and I can't quite muster the energy to get better.

    9. Briraka


      Just looked it up on Google. It stands for Massive Online Battle Arena.

      ... is SSMB a MOBA? :o

    10. Strickerx5


      That's what I thought too Greg but there are literally heroes in there built for people who just want to lay back and have a good time while helping out the team. From there the knowledge just builds upon itself because you'll be gaming with all the other heroes and seeing their abilities as well. You pick it all up in no time honestly.

    11. Boomer


      Games like Batlefront, Destiny and Overwatch really aren't MOBAs aha.

      Like unlocking new weapons or abilities is part of progression, the constant carrot on a stick.

      Battleborn recently tried mixing an FPS and a MOBA and crashed miserably.

    12. Strickerx5


      Also, Overwatch comes with just about every gameplay feature unlocked outside of cosmetic items. You can just jump right in.

    13. Ferno


      ive always just assumed that its like team fortress 2 but everyone's hot

    14. Hyp3hat


      It's less rigid genre classification and more companies trying to blend the long term play elements from MOBAs/MMORPGS/Any sort of game that has a long term, monetised player base with the FPS. They may not be straight up MOBAs, but they have enough in common.

      Destiny is pretty nakedly an attempt to fuse the genres together - MMOFPS is the term that gets bandied about. With that and Overwatch there's a constant focus on grinding, legendary gear, loot drops, different classes and specialties, monetisation of it all, etc, which is prioritised over traditional content, like campaigns or local multiplayer. You even see elements creeping into Halo nowadays, that has 'card packs' - buffs and items that either dropped randomly or paid for. 

      I mentioned Battlefront mostly because it looks cool as shit and I want to play but it's online only, so I won't. 

    15. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      You're not alone. I too could not give a rats ass about over(rated)watch.

    16. Hyp3hat


      @Strickerx5 I listened to the Super Best Friends podcast recently and they talked about how many loot crates they were buying. The games are geared towards, and encourage you to buy these things, regardless of how much content they provide. It's some slick psychological shit.

    17. Boomer


      That sort of progression isn't inherently unique to MOBAs, it existed before them.

      Like if just having loot drops makes you relate the two then that's insane.

      Like imagine someone calling Gta Online a MOBA, yes there's monetisation and grinding so you level up but the game itself is a wide open third person sandbox game.

      MOBA is it's own genre entirely. Which revolves around leading minions to attack bases etc.

    18. Hyp3hat


      Again, it's not about what you're doing in the moment to moment gameplay. I'm not suggesting LoL, WoW and Destiny are remotely similar in how they play, but they encourage players to engage with the game in very similar ways. Encouraging and rewarding constant play with more trinkets, levelling as its own reward, rare items to entice you, etc. Mobile games work in similar ways, just look at the Sonic Runners thread. 

      The idea is to get a core base of players just constantly going at it, dropping money in occasionally, through a dopamine drip that's not dissimilar to how casinos work. No-one needs a new Tracer skin, but if the game drops enough subtle hints, they may think - why not? There might be one in this loot box, and if not... maybe just one more. 

      And lots of games can borrow those mechanics, but Overwatch and Destiny lean on it more heavily than GTA Online. 

    19. Strickerx5


      One thing I keep in mind that keeps me from buying crates is that they are rewarded to you with every level unlock. It gives you even more incentive to play. If you buy too many of them then there will come a point where you won't get anything for gaining a level and who wants to be in that situation.

      Could just be me, but I like waiting a bit for full satisfaction rather than just putting real world cash down and getting it instantly. It's there for people who don't care, but it's far from a necessary part of the game.

      GTA Online on the other hand makes it near impossible to buy the good shit without buying a card.

      And Destiny... yeah no. Fuck those random number generators it's sporting. What makes it worse is that it usually is a bad call to choose the good looking armor and weapons as that's usually at a lower level than the stupid looking ones 90% of the time.

      Overwatch is far from that territory honestly.

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