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  1. Ok, so I'm not going to watch this (fuck a 2AM), so I'm just going to list all the ways tonight could go wrong.

    1. Wisp spin-off game is announced.

    2. Everyone onstage is drunk.

    3. Aaron resigns live onstage.

    4. MLP crossover is announced.

    5. Yuji Naka gets onstage, delivers scathing and all too personal rant about SEGA executives, to stunned awkward silence.

    6. Sonic 06 is ported to PC.

    7. Too many 'House Of BLUES, get it, because Sonic is BLUE' jokes.

    8. People in Sonic costumes onstage. Rapping.

    9. 'Ladies and Gentlemen... DIMPS!' 

    10. Powerpoint crashes, revealing internal SEGA memo which simply reads 'How can we kill Sonic The Hedgehog'.

    11. Pachinko Machines.

    12. Bigs Fishing Adventure 3 is cancelled.

    13. The mere presence of Charmy Bee.

    14. A hostile takeover by TrueSonicSpirit.

    15. The actual Dr Robotnik shows up, starts turning attendees into robots.

    16. Iizuka snaps and screams at the crowd 'You'll never get Sonic Adventure 3, STOP.'

    17. 'Ladies & Gentlemen, BIG RED BUTTON!'

    18. A live playthough of Sonic Dreams Collection.

    19. 'Nintendo exclusivity'.

    20 Goodie bags contain personally selected Sonic Fanfiction.

    1. QuantumEdge


      LOL, I love this.  Also, don't forget Sonichu being announced as the new mascot for Sega. with Chris Chandler being made creative director of future products.

    2. RosaRosaRosalina


      i for one would enjoy seeing all of these happen 


      at at the same time 

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