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  1. Ok, @Hyp3hat Sonic's theme from Sonic The fighters would be super kicking with an organ cover (for reference, here it is)

    Tricky part is the tempo, but not impossible. Other thing that differentiates an Organ and a keyboard, is the one I getting each keyboard, the pedals, and the drum pedal(does cymbals, kickdrum, etc; only has 4-6 different instruments) can be a different instrument/sound set at the same time, and the former 3 have around 10 apeice, and you can change while your playing. Requires a lot of coordination, but you can pull off some amazing music

    1. Hyp3hat


      This would probably sound dope on the real thing, as opposed to midi - you also have a lot of leeway to solo over it, you could get wild with the Hammond if you knew what you were doing. 

      IDK how coordinating the different sounds would work, it might be worth your time to record each of them separately into Audacity or the like. That way you could really make each part work, rather than a lot of frustration with live takes. 

    2. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      True, that and there is 3 instruments worth of sounds in the song(well there's a organ line, rhythm line(closer to keyboard, but you could do it with the right sound type), and a base line. especially while I'm learning doing each keyboard and pedals separate is good practice. Also again it's nice that I have a few options on the sound output(if there isn't a direct line out I'll use the cassette recorder as an output; heck microphone pickup is always an option too).

      Admittedly doing all the inputs at the same time would be tricky, but you got 4 limbs, but doing a keyboard with one of the pedals shouldn't be too hard, but doing it piece by piece especially with that tempo is a good way to practive

      Actually, most of the Fighters soundtrack would work well on organ, they are a mix of various high paced tunes, and actually quite a few use other Sonic songs as a basis. I think I hear a bit of chemical plant in this one

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