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  1. I wanna know the price before I am totally on board the Switch train, but it looks pretty dope tbh. 

    Only point of concern is that it mostly showed Wii U games as its selling points, but then Nintendo made some decent looking games for the Wii U that I never played because it's the Wii U, and if it had good third party support I'd be onboard. 

    But I'm so into the idea of a console you can literally shove into a bag and bring round a mates house to play some Mario Kart, like that's been my dream since I was 6. 

    1. Cyrus


      It's been said to be $399

    2. Hyp3hat


      I mean, my main issue is that I'm living in China for the forseeable and they only just started selling game consoles here for the first time in over ten years, so pricing may get crazy, but it may get crazy in a good way.

      We'll see. Like I say, I'm so very into the idea of the console (much more so than the Wii U, or even the Wii), but 3rd party support will be the thing that makes or breaks it, same as it ever was for Nintendo. 


    3. Cyrus


      I'm concerned about third party support too but who they have on board so far has me optimistic

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