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  1. You can totally see Lava Reef in that opening movie, at 0:50. That opening movie is FUCKING OUTSTANDING. Tyson Hesse, I love you. It's beautiful.
  2. I will take a Shadow of The Colossus movie directed by Hayao Miyazaki, please. A Sonic movie directed by George Miller (of Mad Max fame) would also be incredible - Miller really knows how to direct fast action in a clear sense, and that action is often stunning. I'm struggling to think of the best ever directorial fit for a Metal Gear Solid movie, though - Kojima's talents in direction are so tied to videogames and player agency, which doesn't translate into cinema, despite the obvious influence cinema has on Kojima. He straddles this weird line between arthouse fuckery and straight action movie cliche, with a twist of Japanese Anime heroics. Maybe he's gotten the best deal with Jordan Vogt-Roberts, who directed the superlative Kong Skull Island, but even writing that script should be a nightmare that even the Sonic screenwriters can look at and say 'guess we dodged a bullet there!'
  3. Bought this today, this game rules. Haven't played with analog controls, but motion controls are mostly fine - it has a bit of a problem with registering blocking in the heat of the moment, though. However, it feels very fluid in play, and I didn't have many issues with the 'Oh, I didn't want to do THAT' issue of motion controls. Many fuck ups were my own. The online is actually great, as a guy who didn't really fancy it. It even connected here in China (which is more than this website can say...) and the lobby system is very fast and matches a bunch of players easily. No voice chat, pretty balanced on launch, too many Ninja men, but each game felt fun. I got into a mini rivalry with some dude called Tetsuya (who had a mean Mechanica main and a Spring Man that had decent tech, but exploitable) who I ran into in 2 different lobbies. GG in all sincerity, Tetsuya, GG. If you're out there, friend me. I mained Twintelle (because She Thicc, but I may experiment more in the single player mode and find someone who actually has decent default arms) and the game is pretty balanced, although the arcade mode is weird on lower difficulties - some other combatants are bitch AI who wait to die, which surprised me when I got online when those same characters gave more hustle. That's more my fault for playing on baby difficulties and then jumping into online, I guess, but it was a lot of fun finding this out. I think this game might actually have legs. I was honestly surprised by the fact that this game has a bunch of traditional fighting game tech stuff that I can't do on a controller, and by the fact I could do it by motion controls! It's super fun to throw punches and have them land, or do shit like block your opponents super with your own super, or all die to the fucking Hedlock fights online, all by your own locomotion and power. I'm shocked by how much I like this game, Nintendo are on some next level shit here. Buy it.
  4. The vibe here seems very nitpicky and negative, but I'm still kinda hyped for this. So, things I like... Shadow being an antagonist is good by me - hopefully they can give him a better logic for his joining the dark side schtick than Sonic Boom. Sonic's villains are at their best when they can either match him with his speed or beat him in skills he hasn't mastered. Shadow, being a genetic mutation with alien dna fits that, I don't mind Shadow here. The idea that Sonic/Classic/Edgelord The Hedge is going through the stage whilst a wider fight is going on, with the ingame dialogue. I hope that this means the cutscenes will be very strong with appearances from everyone. Metal Sonic, fuck yeah. Chaos, Fuck Yeah. A being that Sonic can only kill in his Super Sonic form? Chaos is the true threat here. I like the way the stages play out so far, it is absolutely Generations 2, but then I will play Generations everyday. Game's a good'un. I want more of that. I fucking love that every Avatar stage has vocal tracks. That's a super dope touch. Things I dislike... What does Robotnik have to do with this story? If the Infinity dude has the true power, why is Robotnik there? How do they both play into the story? I am being teased and I don't like it. Is anyone hyped for Zavok? Too much 2D in Modern Sonic's Park Avenue - hopefully later stages incorporate the twitch-reaction gameplay of Generations/Unleashed rather than Colours, because Park Avenue doesn't have that so far. The Score Ranking music sounds like a Midi file that's going to be replaced by real music later. The scoring system in general seems to be too generous again - you're telling me some bozo from IGN can get an S-Rank on these? The way it seems, each character will go through every stage - there's probably Modern Sonic going through Green Hill that we haven't seen yet - and I'd rather see them put the effort into making some unique stages for each one. Given the expense of modern game development, it's not likely. But it's annoying all the same. Really, Zavok?
  5. Have I gone insane or did someone delete my autobiographical goof from the 'Why are u like Sonic' thread?

    1. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      Oh, a moderator believed it was posted in the wrong topic, but I see now that's not the case, so I've restored it.

    2. Hyp3hat


      Thank ye Monkey, for allowing my strange goof place on this forum.

      It's been a while, what's up with this place?

  6. Well, I was considered in the eighties, born in in the 90's, and from all accounts I was a pretty cool baby, although I wasn't around to really remember much before my second and third years, my late 90's were a blur until i was a pretty fun but rough around the edges pre-teen. My teenage years sort of went downhill culminating around 15/16 until I finally sorted my shit out and went to university in 2008, although that was a slow process with some inevitable hiccups and questionable choices. After that, my early 20's seemed to start well until I chose a poor living situation from roughly 2013 to early 2015 which made me question the gains from the university years. In 2016 I made some choices that are going to effect my career onwards, but I'm still not sure how they will play out until the spring of 2017 at least, but more likely the holiday season. So no, I don't see the resemblance...
  7. What is up, have had a strange couple of weeks, every single expat in China is fucking mental. Had multiple people address with 'Sup N****' after I sent them polite introductory messages on social media, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING PEOPLE

  8. So I bought a PS3 as a little birthday gift to myself, and it finally arrived yesterday - Turned it on, it works, but i need to update the firmware in order to sign in to PSN. When I install the new firmware, it completely shits up the console. Now nothing works, all of the safe mode features just work for a few seconds then go to a black screen forever. 


    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Sucks that had to happen. See if you can get it repaired under warranty.

  9. I played thru the Hero story of SA2 last night and I couldn't stop thinking about what would happen if, instead of the boring anime president, Dr Robotnik threatens Donald Trump with the eclipse cannon.

    There's still time, 2016.  

  10. I have made the single worst purchase of my life - a keyboard where the backspace key is tiny.

  11. 1) Aye, I thought so. I don't hate the idea of Sonic being the sole playable character, because the series has demonstrated that throwing a bunch of different of different playstyles at the same levels just drags the whole thing down - it worked in the Adventure games due to them thinking it through, but 06 shows how it can go horribly wrong. I'd like a system where beating the game unlocks Tails or Shadow, or another character where you don't have to drastically fuck up the level design to make them get from start to goal ring. 3) A Sonic CD esque thing would be a great thing post credits, but considering how short the game is it clearly wasn't feasible. 4) Sort of think seriousness was overdone at that point in the franchise - Where do you go from Dr Robotnik blowing up the earth in the opening cutscene? It was a nice pivot. Honestly, I think the last few years of light hearted romps have done a lot to mend the franchise, and Project 2017 should look better next to that. Again, questions of tone and things are something we're not going to convince each other on. Which is OK! For your last few points, if you're retooling the game to add a whole bunch of new wisps, which would be a drastic change with loads of new content... why not just make a new game? With all that stuff properly balanced? Colours is a fine game, in an nice minature sort of way.
  12. 'Sola Sonica'? A lot of my problems with Colours, such as they are, could simply be fixed with the bump in resolution an HD port would make - the camera zooms out so far at points that Sonic can disappear, which is a problem I don't have nearly as much in Dolphin. Sonic and Tails don't have a fight in Colours, either? The planets are corrupted, Eggman's put robots and shit all over them. Unless you think a factory with lasers is a native structure in Sweet Mountain, or giant robot fish live in the ocean of Aquarium Park. I will agree with you on the scoring system being slightly rebalanced, though. You shouldn't really have to mash quick step to get S ranks on boss fights. And, surprise, humour is subjective - I find Sonic and Tails being dorks in space fine, it's not ballbustingly funny but I don't hate it. I'd rather that than 'Sonic is serious action dude', being an egotistical doofus suits him... in my opinion, of course. I think adding more Wisps would be a mistake, because the Wisps in Lost World have a very different purpose to the ones in Colours. In Colours, they are unlocks that encourage you to replay levels and explore, and there are several different routes through some levels that you can't access without Frenzy or Drill or Spikes. They also encourage smarter play - some secrets need you to hang onto a wisp for a while until you get to the relevant section. They're nicely incorporated into the game in order to keep people playing past the credits. It worked for me... Lost World's wisps have none of that, they are simply alternate ways to get from A to B with no reward for using them except rings (not even points, as grades are no longer a thing). There is barely any advantage to using the Rhythm, Asteroid or Eagle Wisps (besides blissing the fuck out to the latters song), and in fact you are more easily killed by them. I suspect that they pared back their role in exploration due to the level design not being suited for it and the Wii U touchpad/gyro controls for them. I think if they did add a bunch more wisps, the game would have to be substantially redesigned in order for them to organically fit with the existing levels. And again imo, those new Wisps suck and would not be close to worth it. TL;DR it just needs an HD remaster and maybe some score balancing, no major changes necessary. It reviewed well for a reason, I guess.
  13. As an Englishman abroad, I cannot stress this enough - this event should be a catalyst for you Americans to mobilise, if even in a small way. Go ask your local Democratic office what you can do, go ask your local Planned Parenthood clinics how you can volunteer or assist, turn up and speak up at town hall meetings in your community, just go and do something. There's a lot of these places that could make a difference in your local community but for boots on the ground, and you could be those boots. This stuff beats apathy or misinformation, you have to get out there and help and educate these people. It doesn't have to be a big change, but you can do valuable work within your communities. I am personally gutted by the fact I cannot be that change back home - my career has taken me to China, so I cannot fight the tide of right-wing Brexit fuckery back in England even though I wish to, as I hate it with a sublime passion. I fled, I guess, although I was planning to go anyway. Now I catch myself wondering whether I want to go back and nothing makes me feel quite as sad. You have a duty to the Americans that Trump has left behind or demonised in his candidacy to stand by them during his presidency, and any small way you contribute can help. I welled up tonight thinking about the fact that I kept a copy of the paper from the day Barack Obama got elected, and how at the time I thought that moment finally put a lot of America's dark history straight into the dustbin. As I grew up, there was a lot I learnt that changed the naive picture I had, but I still hold onto that moment as a lovely vision of a future. You are still the country that elected Barack Obama twice, and you can make that change. I'm very sentimental tonight, I guess.
  14. Leonard Cohen just died. Why 2016 feels the need to twist the knife is beyond me. The worst fucking year. 

    1. SurrealBrain


      Sure wish I knew. The worst part is that we still have one more month of 2016 after this.

      I just hope 2017 won't be as bad as predicted.

  15. Is he saying to leave North Carolina's law the way it is, or leave alone the law (or whatever it is) permitting transgender people to use the bathroom they identify with? Oh my god, that is incomprehensible. This must be why he's such a good businessman, he'll be in the middle of a negotiation and suddenly just let forth with a stream of non-committal gibberish in response to a simple yes/no question, then sit back and watch his opponent collapse mentally as they attempt to parse it. Of course, he doesn't realise he's doing this, it all made sense in his head, and he's always right, ergo, Trump's the best at deals, you can't believe it, people come up to me and say 'Donald, you're so good at making deals', etc etc.
  16. Ok, what the hell is going on, America. It ain't over til it's over, but fucking hell lads could you not give me a fucking heart attack when I turn the news on. Cheers.
  17. I have to go to class and can't watch the results for the next two hours, which is good as I'd be injecting coffee into my veins and refreshing seven different forums, vote trackers and news broadcasts until results start coming in... Reports of high turnout and record breaking early voting are both promising signs, historically benefits Dems iirc.
    1. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Good Luck implies there's a positive outcome to all this

  18. I do like the idea that Rush Adventure takes place over months and years because Tails is building things like a battleship in real time, though. 'Sure Sonic, you got the materials, and I got blueprints, but this thing is going to take at least 6 months to build by hand, and thats if these weirdo koalas are going to help out. Go race that weird shark guy, i guess'
  19. 'Just 5 more minutes', says a sleepy Hyp3hat. Woke up an hour later, which doesn't mean I'm late for class, but does mean I don't really have a morning. Boo *sips coffee hurriedly*

    Buying a guitar today, which I am super psyched about. 

  20. Finally played Sonic Utopia, and I thought it was very good, unsurprisingly! He could run a little faster, but it felt very good to play. Hope the devs actually design some levels for it down the road

  21. Reviews aren't just for people like us, they're for people who buy 4 video games a year or purchased a PS4 or Xbone as a FIFA machine and want to pick up what scores well besides. There's a reason why companies like Bethesda are so touchy about their review scores, and about reviews by harsh critics (I heard about the Bethesda thing from Jim Sterling's video, where he mentions that he's greylisted by EA for their biggest titles, like Battlefield 1 etc), which is that positive reviews make for positive sales, and that it's very important to get a high metacritic score fast during your highest opportunity for sales. There are company bonuses tied to positive Metacritic reviews, after all - this is a pretty wide practice across the industry. There are millions people who will pick up the new CoD sight unseen, but even those who are being relatively savvy will check a review or two first. Or watch something on Youtube, which is why WB's PR forced Youtubers to do that manipulative agreement for Shadow Of Mordor. I mean, we know all too well what consistently poor reviews can do for a franchise, we're Sonic fans, and a publisher will do anything do to avoid this. Even doing some unethical shit. Bethesda are running scared - They are notorious for gamebreaking glitches and errors in their games at launch, and lots of these never get patched, or a patch will break something else, because their QA department is a goddamn joke. They are probably worried that, at some point, the press will just start marking games down immensely, because it's been nearly 15 years and a Bethesda openworld RPG is synonymous with 'bugs' that should not be acceptable at their budgets and price, and they should have fixed this shit by now. It's not an unreasonable request, but Bethesda make enough money with their buggy crap to sweep it under the rug. As for updating reviews with patch notes, unless a game is completely fucked upon launch (Hello, Arkham Knight on PC, or even No Man's Sky) it's worth an addendum to a review to note that its fixed. But most game patches do not change up the whole experience significantly, even after several iterations - MGS V is on 1.10, and whats changed is mostly balancing resources and loot stuff, for one example off the top of my head - but unless you're playing a MMO, like Destiny, a patch never seems to warrant a new review. These things are mostly for obscure bug fixing, stability and cleaning things up, not huge swingeing gameplay changes. No Man's Sky has been patched extensively, but the experience still seems as boring and spiritually bereft as it was when it was launched. As a contrast, Stardew Valley's recent 1.1 would warrant an edit of the original review because it adds a bunch of new content - but even though there's a lot of new content, that doesn't change the main experience of the game. That's the thing - reviews are about what experience the game is trying to communicate, and how effectively it does that. If bugs break that experience, and they get patched, you can just change the word document. Metacritic will only accept your score once (which is why people are reluctant to review Early Access games, among other things), but hey. But, for Stardew Valley, No Man's Sky, Destiny, or MGS V (and obviously a lot of games besides) the core things the games have you do don't change with patches or expansions.
  22. Why is everyone thinking the mystery new dude or dudette is 'Boom Sonic'? He's not a new character. Neither is Sticks. Smart money says we have a new villain, and that villain isn't just primordial monster #45. But yeah, I don't really want to talk about this game until we see or hear something actually concrete, rather than debating the trailer and how Modern Sonic is an absolute travesty because he came to my house and ate my Nutella, and SOnic Team said nothing and because they're cowards or whatever. but #b00st4lyf suckas
  23. Feeling sad and homesick, so I bought GTA V, Rise Of The Tomb Raider, Megaman Legacy Collection, Firewatch, Superhot and CLUSTERTRUCK.

    Stupid ridiculously cheap games due to Chinese currency. Clustertruck cheered me right up though, that game is fucking amazing

    1. goku262002


      ...Chinese? where are you?!

    2. Hyp3hat


      ... China1 I moved out here to work, hence the homesick part. Chinese currency is something of a joke compared to pounds, hence the ridiculous binge. 

  24. tfw when you want Sonic songs covered in a stupidly specific genre and youtube isn't helping you out

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