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  1. Anyone else having trouble downloading Sonic Utopia? Or is my internet just junk?

  2. Somehow this version runs even worse on my pc than the last one. My problems still persist, with what little I could play - everything's too small (I got hit several times by enemies I couldn't see, which didn't happen last time), homing attacking seems broken now (trying to attack the orb enemies is impossible), and the mach state is still too finicky = roll into a ball and you cannot steer, run and you steer far too quickly, killing momentum. I mean, this is probably due to my PC not being strong enough for it, but if they go any further with this, they need to fix that problem. It's kind of a shitty barrier to entry.
  3. Ok, I'll bite - in vaguely release order, only stuff I've played. Sonic 1 - 7/10 (Everything's there, just... not quite right) Sonic 2 - 9.5/10 (Masterpiece, imo) Sonic 3&K - 8/10 (As good as Sonic 2, but with overly long levels, crappy special stages, and a few other problems making it not my fave). Sonic CD - 7/10 (A nice spin on Sonic 1, but I'd hesitate to call it more fun, or better) Sonic 3D Blast - 2/10 (Nauseating to play, poor slippery controls, isometric sprites look crap, only a few good songs on the (Megadrive) OST, rubbish) Sonic Spinball - 3/10 (It's a game for somebody. That somebody isn't me. 3 poiints for Toxic Caves being a stonecold jam) Knuckles Chaotix - 4/10 (A nice idea, shame about the absolute lack of challenge or exploration of that idea. Too long, nothing to do) Sonic R - 5/10 (Astounding and best game ever of my childhood in theory, clunky and short in practice. Soundtrack is dope as hell, mind, but last time I tried playing it I couldn't get on with it at all) Sonic Adventure - 8/10 (Has aged poorly, but the word to use is 'charming', I think. Sort of dopily grins through its problems,and the basic gameplay is fun enough to excuse some of the presentation, or Big and Gamma's presence) Sonic Adventure 2 - 7.5/10 (Takes great strides ahead from SA1, only to make some regrettable steps backward. Most heinous crime is either forcing you to play levels you don't want to in the story, or bringing back mech gameplay, because Gamma was everybodies favourite, only to make it slower and insanely platform heavy.) Sonic Heroes - 4/10 (Oh dear. A nice idea, with lazy level design, and the requirement to play the entire game 4 times with no variation in level order or anything else destroying any goodwill that idea engendered in the first place. Also, the voice acting is absolutely dreadful. Also, Charmy fucking Bee.) Shadow The Hedgehog - I REJECT YOUR ARBITRARY RANKING SYSTEM, THIS IS WHO I AM/10 (I loved this game when i was a teenager, which I am so ashamed of. For a game with such hilarious nonsense in it, it's so unfunny. At least SA2 had a sense of humour about it. But everything in this game is murky, boring, slippery garbage, taking Heroes' worst game mode and making it even worse. Also, Charmy fucking Bee.) Sonic Advances - 7/10, 7.5/10, 4/10 (Didn't get much time with any of these, sadly, but I had the most fun with 2, the least with 3, and 1 was a pleasant way to waste an afternoon) Sonic 06 - 1.5/10 (I gave it a point because, honestly, this game is hilarious after a drink, but in any other situation it is risible. I also gave it half a point because it doesn't have Charmy fucking Bee in it) Sonic Chronicles - 1/10 (At least Sonic 06 has made me laugh) Sonic Rush - 8/10 (When I succeed at doing things in this game, I feel like the coolest motherfucker on earth, also Hideki Naganuma is jesus. Even when you do poorly, this game is a lot of fun, and instinctively thrilling) Sonic Rush Adventure - 6/10 (The song remains the same, and I even don't mind the boat minigames, but the cutscenes destroy any feeling of pace or levity or joy or even reward for beating a level. Also, Sonic can get Tails to build a giant Sonic statue on the island) Sonic UnWiished - 3/10 (Everything in this game works in conflict with everything else. Fundamentally misjudged) Sonic Unleashed - 6/10 (What's good is the best Sonic's been since Adventure 2, what's bad is derivative and dull. Insane replay value of day stages gives it an extra point for me) Sonic & All Stars Racing - 7/10 (Functionally amazing, addictive racer, that you can't help shake the nagging doubt in your mind that you really should have bought a console that can play Mario Kart instead) Sonic Colours 8/10 (Smartly designed, visually striking, fun, Sonic's a complete dork, encourages repeat play, but controls still aren't quite there yet, and some gameplay decisions don't work. Actually the best that Sonic's been since Adventure 2, taken as a whole) Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed - 7.5/10 (Functionally amazing, addictive racer, that you can't shake the nagging doubt in your mind that you should buy an N64 off ebay and play Diddy Kong Racing instead, which I played way more than Mario Kart, hence the extra half point.) Sonic 4 Ep 1 - 4.5/10 (I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time. Feels, to all intents and purposes, like a bootleg Sonic knockoff.) Sonic Generations - 8.5/10 (Fuck. yes. Hits right in the endorphins, has only really two dodgy things in an entire game, and whilst the game is short, mod support is a lifesaver. Docked a point for Charmy fucking Bee, but Vector rescues half a point with his utterly absurd challenge. On the whole, satisfying and plays like a joy) Sonic 4 Ep 2 - 6/10 (I guess they fixed some of it, and visually it's pretty impressive, but enough of the problems of Ep 1 exist to not really be thrilled by it) Sonic Lost World - 5.5/10 (Oh dear. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, this one. Weird controls, unexplained mechanics, writing that literally depresses me, repeated level designs. Gets by on dope score, some charming moments and set pieces, and the sheer joy in kicking the shit out of the Deadly Six.
  4. I wanna know the price before I am totally on board the Switch train, but it looks pretty dope tbh. 

    Only point of concern is that it mostly showed Wii U games as its selling points, but then Nintendo made some decent looking games for the Wii U that I never played because it's the Wii U, and if it had good third party support I'd be onboard. 

    But I'm so into the idea of a console you can literally shove into a bag and bring round a mates house to play some Mario Kart, like that's been my dream since I was 6. 

    1. Cyrus


      It's been said to be $399

    2. Hyp3hat


      I mean, my main issue is that I'm living in China for the forseeable and they only just started selling game consoles here for the first time in over ten years, so pricing may get crazy, but it may get crazy in a good way.

      We'll see. Like I say, I'm so very into the idea of the console (much more so than the Wii U, or even the Wii), but 3rd party support will be the thing that makes or breaks it, same as it ever was for Nintendo. 


    3. Cyrus


      I'm concerned about third party support too but who they have on board so far has me optimistic

  5. Check the preorder - if clicking on it takes you to full correct page for the CE, then no need to cancel. If it's still showing a placeholder or something else, then cancel.
  6. Anyone savvy with console regions? Idly thinking of picking up a cheap PS3 in China (want to play MGS Legacy Collection/other things i bought over the years) but thanks to the Great Firewall PSN is region locked. So, if I bought a secondhand PS3, presumably Chinese, would I be able to log in/buy/download games with my UK PSN account?

  7. Weird shit they do in China #78 They do absolutely horrific things in the name of Pizza here. Last night, a colleague ordered some with our dinner and it was a thin cracker, with lukewarm fruit chunks (like, apple or something, not pineapple which is vaguely acceptable) on top covered in a thick layer of what was supposed to be cheese. No tomato sauce, no meats or toppings of any kind, just those three ingredients. 

    War crimes, imo.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      I've heard of Chinese bootleg merchandise, but bootleg food?!

  8. Was there ever any reason why RDR was never put on PC? Like, every other major Rockstar game is there, it's a weird omission. That said, pretty glad this is happening - it can't really be a sequel, as by then you'd be a cowboy in the 1910's/1920's and that would be getting a bit strange, to say nothing of that being a major theme of Redemption (The west dying out, no place for people like John any more, etc). That and I hated his kid - I loved the ending, but it pretty much ruined any motivation to dick around in the open world after the credits rolled. Another story set in the same universe though? Sign me up.
  9. Have I told you guys how much I love Sonic Adventure? It's videogaming comfort food to me. It's aged poorly, but it's just a big goofy mess and I can't really get mad at it. 


    But damn, the Dreamcast version looks so much better than DX - much more subdued and natural, as opposed to glossy character models and overly light textures. And that little Sonic character model is a nice pudgy lad. 

    1. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      Sonic Adventure is one of my all time favourites. I even like it more than Adventure 2. Dreamcast version is best.

    2. The Very Inactive One

      The Very Inactive One

      I like Adventure 1 even though, I only ever played the HD rereleases.

    3. skull902


      I also prefer the Dreamcast version of SA1 and love both games quite a bit. I like SA2 more (with the GameCube version being my favorite,) but I think 1 is better in terms of gameplay.

  10. He starts off well, but in SA2 something happens and then by Heroes he's complete trash.
  11. I don't hate it as much as the OG, but like I said, Zebrahead can't really rescue the song from it's own inherent rubbishness. They certainly give it a good try, but the song's beyond saving imo.
  12. @Sir Laptop @FantasticMrRobb Ech, stupid trackpad The Zebrahead version certainly gives it a lot of welly, Crush 40 seems to do all the things I hate about Crush 40 - too much slap bass, takin it too seriously - without any of the things I love about Crush 40, but it's telling that both versions change the original rather a lot (The Crush 40 lyrics are completely different, right? Besides the chorus). The original composition is just very undercooked, with the chorus melody dragging like fuck. To see what I mean, listen to the version that plays during the Solaris boss fight - just those long hanging notes on the 'woooooorld' part of the chorus really ruin it for me. Also, changed lyrics or not, the words in any version are still pretty dumb. I appreciate you trying to change my mind, though. But still the worst Sonic vocal song that springs to mind, would listen to A New Venture over these any day of the week.
  13. I'm with the people who posit that remaking Sonic 06 would require outright changing so many elements of the game that the exercise would be useless. The game sort of collapses in on itself with flaws impacting other design decisions which go on and on and on. The decision to have every character go through every single level in the game affects level design, story, and glitchiness. This is best seen in Sonic's own story, in which nothing is learned, events repeat themselves several times besides Elise getting constantly kidnapped (Eggman monologing about the flames of disaster, Sonic and Elise have a moment in a field, etc), and it doesn't even begin to impact the greater plot. But this happens in the rest of the game too - everyone gets thrown to the future for some reason so they can play Crisis City and Flame Core, even though going to the future does nothing for the plot or the characters, every return to Emerald Coast is redundant, villains literally disappear in a puff of smoke so the main character can go back to the hub world... Look at it this way - how stupid would Sonic Adventure have ended up being if Knuckles, Tails, Amy and Big had to play every single level in the game? For instance, there's no reason why Sonic should be playing Aquatic Base - it's a pivotal story mission for Shadow and Silver, but Sonic? You mean Dr Robotnik has been literally hiding under everyone's nose for the entire game, just popping out in the Egg Carrier from underneath the fucking city to kidnap the Princess? Having every character play each level also makes the levels suffer, mostly thanks to Silver. They attempt to get around this by switching to Blaze during sections that Silver could not possibly complete, but they appear to have built the levels with the slowest character in mind for the most part - there aren't many huge set pieces in the game besides huge loops or the mach speed section. As for glitches... White Acropolis' Snowboarding section is pretty much the worst fucking thing in the game. It is impossible to control with any grace or elan, it is busted. Of course, it's not designed for snowboarding - it's a running section, Blaze and Shadow deal with it just fine. But Sonic had to snowboard for some reason, and they had no other place in the level for Sonic to snowboard. Shadow suffers a lot with this too, in relation to Sonic - his driving section in Crisis City is clearly designed for the snowboard, as the physics are nigh on uncontrollable on that surface, same with the bike in Radical Train. The idea of each character having their own villain - Sonic with Eggman, Shadow with Meph, Silver with Iblis - also fails because, for one, Eggman has even less to do with the plot than Sonic. His plan for the Princess just seems to be kidnap her, and talk constantly, maybe in a bid to drive her to tears with his ponderous, repetitive dialogue. Then, with Silver and Shadow, it would have been smarter for them to interact more after the time travel nonsense - They realise they are fighting the same thing... and then never talk to each other again. Silver decides to go hang with Sonic and save the Princess, despite the fact that he realises Meph is evil, and that he's the same as the thing destroying the future. This all contributes to the games general clunkiness - characters going through missions not designed for them is a recipe for 'Those enemies are protecting that cage for some reason, I'd better defeat them first' tedium at best and characters flying off loops or clipping through geometry at worst. That said, I'm not sure how easy gameplay would be fixed - The Generations mod is pretty unplayable with Modern Sonic's speed, as the levels are based on a slow character, but even with the right speed I'd hesitate to call the basic action of playing 06 'fun'. There's a lot of mandatory 'beat up the enemy' rooms, the game keeps stopping you from moving forward, and there isn't much finesse to it - you spend two thirds of the game just mashing the homing attack. Fixing that would require changing the game fundamentally, so again I'm not sure if it's worth it. Also His World is fucking garbage and one of the worst songs i've ever heard.
  14. I've been away for a while, what's the latest hedgehog discourse

  15. I am well aware of this! Not begrudging anyone for being hyped for it, mind.
  16. Haha, It's not quite like that.... It's not like I dislike 'Bare Necessities' and 'I Wanna Be Like You' as songs (they are some of my favourite Disney jams), but I just thought they were totally jarring in The Jungle Book remake, especially the latter with its dumb new verse. That whole scene with King Louie is very foreboding except when he bursts into song, it just ruins the scene. That, and the songs in The Lion King are pretty lame, so they would stick out like a sore, stupid thumb with terrible lyrics.
  17. IMO, the worst thing about the new Jungle Book was the songs, so I hope they ditch them for this. Especially since the songs in The Lion King suck. That said, I have always thought The Lion King was a bit rubbish, probably because of the super dumb music. I'm just waiting for them to get the balls to remake Dumbo.
  18. Aye, P & G can only work with what they get from Japan, and writing is generally given quite low priority when developing any game so they aren't consulting on the projects. Yet, they get all the blame for no extra characters, light weight plots, goofy antics in cutscenes, etc. Do they also write the stuff for Dimps? That might explain why Colours DS has tonnes of other characters in there.
  19. Isn't it supposed to be a console you can use as a handheld? £350 is certainly console pricing... Wish they'd just fucking announce this confusing, console/handheld hybrid or whatever it is already.
  20. Told a bunch of Chinese kids my favourite game ever was Sonic 2. They had no idea who Sonic was ;_;

    1. Teoskaven


      Have you then told them to get off your lawn?

    2. Hyp3hat


      These kids and their legs of legends and underwatches, why i oughta...

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      Tbf, who among us truly knows what a Sonic is?

    4. Hyp3hat


      That is true, for when they asked me what a Sonic was, I looked deep within myself and could not give them an answer, and I could only shed a tear and ask 'What is a Sonic, indeed?'

  21. So sad I couldn't make it to this - the time difference in China meant it started at midnight. I hope everyone had a great time!
  22. I think they really are doing that - Writers bouncing between 2 or 3 products, cash in licenses (Minecraft being the biggest culprit, although Batman and GoT probably fall into this category too), and just too many things going on. They seem to be stuck at this terrible intersection of overworked and uninspired. I think the best thing Telltale could do right now is just focus on one thing at a time - the games are getting less daring, with less meaningful choices, with boring, ill fitting licences. The Wolf Among Us, Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead are a perfect fit for their style, but Batman, Borderlands and Minecraft? Contrasting recent Telltale output with Life Is Strange is very telling, as the latter has very clearly defined narrative choices, loads of detail in the world and presentation, and some very daring and gutpunching events in the story. Telltale hasn't done anything like that since, well, The Walking Dead.
  23. So I'm trying to add a photo to my signature, but the resizer in the signature thingy also doesn't work, every time it says it's too large. 

    1. Corviknight


      You gotta crop it or resize it

      Pick your poison

      Just make sure its around 450x200

    2. Zaysho


      What Crow said.

      Pixel size is 450x200, but I think there's also an image size limit of 400kb combined with the avatar.

    3. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      You have to resize the image itself. Even if you change it to be the right size with the resizer, it won't work unless the original file was the right size.

    4. Hyp3hat


      Ah ok, I thought the resizer would do that. Ta for yr help

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